12 Beginner Tips To Become A Technical Content Writer

12 Beginner Tips To Become A Technical Content Writer

It’s no news that the internet is now filled with much jargon and the need for technical content writers is greatly demanded.

The problem is that not everyone understands the meaning and idea of what they write about.

Many people are only replicating copy and paste the content that their mentors give to them – just to make money online.

This has caused many novices in a particular area of study to get confused when they read some content online.

So, you and I can drill ourselves to be a very good content writer and write technically for people to understand.

Writing valuable content can be published on your social media pages and also on blog pages.

Before we move further, let us look at what being a Technical Content Writer means.


What is Technical Content Writing? 

Technical Content Writing is the ability of a writer to simplify complicated marketing gimmicks on the print and media into a more understanding manner that gets a layman to comprehend without any difficulty.

Just like I stated at the beginning of this guide. It now becomes very difficult to understand some content when reading.

If some are not making it difficult from their big vocabularies – they decide to write about things that they don’t know about.

It might be cool to write in big words to a level because you have to know that some people will find it difficult to read.

Although, most of the content writers who write in big vocabularies on the internet claim that they only care about the audience who understands them.

But is this sense-making? Can we consider them technical writers for making things difficult for their readers to understand?

I doubt that – we can’t call them a technical Content Writer. They can claim to be an expert in their field. But…

…making things very complicated to read is a NO NO…and they should try to reduce the way they write to a layman level.

We have some effective tips that can help an ordinary writer to become a Technical Content Writer without any stress.

Let’s Go!!!


How To Become An Effective Technical Writer

  1. Article Simplicity.
  2. Reading Promptly.
  3. Asking Questions.
  4. Dig Your Audience.
  5. Understand Before Writing.
  6. Redefine The Jargons.
  7. Practice To Be Perfect.
  8. Build Your Blocks.
  9. Literacy.
  10. Sense of Humor.
  11. Ability To Focus.
  12. Content Management.


Article Simplicity:

Oh yes! You guess right. That will be the first tip we will make mention in this article.

A good article writer must be able to turn a very hard-to-understand topic into very simple content.

That’s how you become a very good technical content writer.

You see, there are many topics on the internet that many people are finding answers to.

But only a few people are intelligent enough to provide a very detailed answer to the topics. Even some among those who are intelligent decide to make it look difficult.

Thereby causing many people to get frustrated as to whether there is even a solution to the problem.

That’s why when you watch some videos on YouTube sometimes and you go to the comment section.

You will see some people thanking the Video Content Creator that they have been searching for that kind of answer for a long time…

…and they just found it on the creator’s channel. The funny thing is that the topic in particular might have hundreds of content created around it.

But just because there are fewer technical content creators – people who are looking for answers find it difficult.

You can solve that problem and see the way money keeps rolling in your account. Make your content very simple to understand.


Reading Promptly:

You have to inculcate the attitude of reading – this might sound a little difficult. But it’s worth the effort.

Aside from writing because you want people to understand. You have to be a chapter ahead of your audience.

There are some people whom you can be in the same level of intelligence today in your field of expertise.

Just immediately you read just 1-2 chapters of a particular book. You have already passed those people.

So, immediately you create content and write a detailed article concerning just that chapter…

…they will give you your respect and adore you as their coach.

So, you have to make sure that you read a lot – try to read at least 1-2 chapters a book in your area of expertise.

If you’re someone who finds it difficult to read – you can get audiobooks of the book that you’re willing to read.

But as a content writer who you are and someone willing to turn a Technical one as such.

You should discipline yourself to read books in your field because it also helps you know-how expertise in your field writes.

Which will make you brush out your style of writing and perfect it to your tone.


Asking Questions:

Another thing that a very good technical content writer does to increase their expertise is asking questions.

If you remember while we are in high school. Most of the bright students ask questions concerning what’s confusing them a lot.

That’s how it works in content writing also. You should be free to ask questions – no matter how stupid others feel it looks.

Just go ahead and ask because this is how you can stay high above others in your field.

When you ask questions – you know better and find peace with whatever is bothering you.

Luckily for you and me – there are hundreds of groups out there that we can join and relate with people in our circle.

If you’re someone who is picky and doesn’t like anyhow community. You can do your research very deeply and pick from the few good ones.

The thing is that most online communities are filled with trash and when you start joining groups.

You might find yourself in trash groups but with time – you will keep penetrating the better and best groups that you can find those who are earning and have experience more than you.

Just keep pushing and ask questions as you like. It will help you to simplify your writing skills and get your readers to stay with you.


Dig Your Audience:

Another important key point to note when trying to become a good technical content writer is digging out the prospect you want to write to.

Different audiences have different approaches. This is what makes the top marketers make money from their content.

One thing you have to know is that some people are a novice in what you are talking about.

So, the way you will write to them must be different from the way you write to Intermediate and expert in that field.

For example, if I write JV in my write-up. A novice will find it difficult to denote the meaning as “Joint Venture“.

That’s why it’s always better to write in full. Also, if you’re writing something that’s a word and not an abbreviation.

You can put the synonyms at the front. For example, if write something like Traffic in my write-up.

I will add (people) at the front. So that a novice won’t feel like I am talking about the vehicle traffic.

So, you should always write directly and put yourself in your audience’s shoes.

That’s how you can convert a cold prospect to become a hot buyer.

Sometimes, I see some adverts on my sister’s Facebook feed. She’s a novice who doesn’t know anything about making money online.

But that is not the point of this aspect, the point is that I saw one advert on her feed one day that talked about funnel.

The ad owner wrote about teaching people how to use a funnel to make money.

But that’s not a good approach because the ad’s owner will lose out on a lot of cold prospects.

Instead of saying “Funnel”…Why not use a layman term that they can quickly understand.

Then, once they get into your landing page. She can explain more on “Funnel” and even talk about funnel as she likes.

So always dig deeper.


Understand Before Writing:

You have to know very well before writing. Don’t just go to start writing on a particular niche just because of the money involved.

You will later find it difficult to continue writing after few years. That’s why you see some people quit writing.

It has happened to me before. I wanted to start writing and reviewing Amazon products.

After doing my research, I realize that the Automotive niche has less competition and can quickly rank my articles on google.

But it becomes difficult for me to write on that topic because I don’t know much about Automotives.

Even when my car has a fault – I call the mechanic. I don’t know anything.

I didn’t study Mechanical Engineering in college. I studied Marketing.

So, it becomes difficult for me to write on that topic. I had to keep going to groups and doing the research before I can write a complete article on a topic in the automotive niche.

I struggled a lot and I have to quit the website later when I couldn’t continue to write.

But compared to this niche which I am writing about “The Online Marketing Niche”.

It’s something that I know a lot because I have made several mistakes and I have a lot of experience in it.

I can even share my experience freely in my article which I cannot do in the automotive.

So, this is what being a technical content writer denotes. It’s better to write in the aspect you’re very good at.

Don’t because of the money and write on what you don’t have any idea on. You won’t spend long before you quit.

Stick with what you love best and create content around it. That way, you can be able to write a lot and talk straight to your audience.



As a technical writer. It is very important to have good literacy skills. It’s important because it will be needed whenever you’re writing your content.

Even though the internet is filled with Jargons. You have to ensure that you are good at the language you’re using to disseminate the information.

So that your readers can read and understand. Most of the Jargons online is also in the language you’re using.

But you have to find a way to reconstruct their craps. That’s why a technical writer needs to be good in the English language.

Even though the English language is my second language. I have to try as much as possible to learn more and build my English skills.

Although it depends on who you’re writing to. But I am certain that for you to be reading this article.

It means that you understand the English language. So, you should try to build your writing skills.

You will see some Jargon on the internet written properly in English. So, for you to make sure you overpower them.

You also need to be very literate and have very good communication skills that can draw your readers closer to you.

So, this is important. There are many top influencers out there in their niches who don’t understand English from the onset.

But they had to go learn it because they know the challenges they will face when they are trying to solve people’s problems.

So, try as much as possible to become literate.


Sense of Humor:

Although being funny doesn’t justify that you’re making a lot of sense. But it’s also part of what you can include in your technical writing skill.

Many writers don’t have a sense of humor and it’s affecting the way people would have loved to draw more closer to them.

Someone like me who reads a lot. I tend to like writers who have a sense of humor the more.

I feel cool and connected with them just because they are unique and I am certain that’s how other readers feel also.

I have been in event webinars where the anchor crack jokes while teaching their profession and viewers love them the more.

The truth is that people like something that will make them laugh and feel happy.

The world is filled with challenges that are disturbing and hindering many people from moving forward.

They also came into the reader your content because they are looking for a solution to their problem.

So, if you can become unique and add a sense of humor to your content. It will draw your readers to you the more and get them to engage.

Now, the thing is that – not everyone is good with adding a sense of humor to their content.

Someone like me does it base on my mood. You know that as a writer… you have to write either you’re in a good or bad mood.

So, adding a sense of humor is based on mood for me. And I am sure it’s also like that to other writers.

So, I am not saying you should force yourself to add something funny to your content when writing.

You cannot force it… it has to come naturally when you’re writing.

But trying to say is that – if you have this sense of humor and you know how to make people around you laugh.

Why not add it to your content… it will make you unique among other writers and draw more readers.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have any sense of humor. You can just stick with your writing and give value.

Another thing is that you can develop it by joining groups where people talk funny things and comment on funny things.

You will find it easy to compose.


Ability to Focus:

As a technical writer. You have to develop the ability to focus.

Oh yes! It’s good to add a sense of humor to your content and look unique. But another thing is getting lost while providing value.

If you’re not focused enough on what you’re writing. You will join others who are writing craps.

You will lose your badge as a technical content writer. So, it’s necessary that you focus well and don’t lose it.

Writing is something that needs an open mind. Most especially if you’re someone who writes like you’re speaking.

That is why someone like me prefers to write in a very quiet environment. An environment that doesn’t have noise.

This will make me focus on what I am writing. It’s very easy for you to get distracted by what you’re doing.

Getting focused also involves you jotting down what you plan on writing about.

You have to plan and stay Concentrated. What you will see many writers do is just bounce on keywords and start typing.

It will become very hard that way, you will forget some of the things you should have added.

But when you highlight the things that you plan on writing. You will be able to focus hard and not forget what you’re about writing on.


Content Planning:

Another thing you have to note as a technical content writer is the ability to have good content planning.

You have to be able to arrange content in a manner that your audience will audience it quite well.

Make it look in a manner that takes them step by step into solving the exact problem that they came looking for.

Planning is needed in every part of business and every sphere of life.

Even God made plans before prophesying for everything to be in existence. He didn’t just wake up and decide to found.

Planning is very important because it makes writing and composition to become very easy for any writer.

When you plan well – you can easily know what to talk about next. You don’t have to keep racking your brain on what’s next.

I notice that when I make plans and arrange my content before going deep into writing.

I always write well and finish writing my content easily. But if I just decide to write without any plan.

It becomes difficult and I will keep procrastinating until I force myself to just write.

But planning makes your writing easier as a technical writer. It makes you write in command and not thinking of what else to write.


Build your blocks:

When it comes to building blocks. You won’t know the relevance until you start making a boom out of the blocks.

Building blocks means making sure to write content that corresponds with one another.

This means you can be discussing a particular topic and just give a recommendation to your readers to read another content concerning the topic.

This is very effective because it gives you an edge as a technical content writer over an ordinary content writer.

These blocks are previous posts on your website or social media pages that you have written for a long time.

But you just flash people back to it and make them understand the relevance to today’s thought.

Top influencers in several niches do this… Which is advantageous to many people.

But content writers always forget to value this. So, you always have to make sure that you value your previous content.

Because that is what will build you a mansion of content that will skyrocket you to the future.

Even if you’re someone who drops content on social media. You will have some followers who will dig back and look into your previous content.

They can just feel like to be motivated the more and they will go back to your previous content and keep reading.

If they read your current content and they enjoy it…The next is to look for more content in your domain to read.

If you have experienced this before – you will know how enjoyable it is.

Some content might only have 80 Likes when you wrote them. A few years later… you can see it skyrocket to 200 Likes.

That’s the power of building blocks – because you can refer to them.


Redefine the Jargons:

Oh yes, you have to redefine the craps on the internet and prints. As a technical content writer, your first motive is to make sure that you repurpose every jargon flying around.

I don’t know if I am the only one, but if you are someone who watches YouTube videos a lot.

In the comment section, you will see some people thanking the Coach for finding answers to that particular topic and they just got it on his or her channel.

It also happens on blog posts where you will see some readers thank the writer for searching for the answer to that problem for a long time and they just got it from his or her writing.

It’s because the person clears and redefines the Jargons.

The funniest thing about all these topics is that you will see tons of content created on it.

But they’re mostly Jargons. Content writers are only writing it to rank for Google and YouTube AdSense.

There is less care about what the users are seeking answers to.

Some might even create content on the topic to pitch people into buying their courses.

That’s how it works. But if you can redefine it and make it easy for people to see it as a solution.

You’re a technical content writer and people will value you.


Practice To Become Perfect:

Practise is perfection. The more you practice – the more you will be very good at what you do.

Being a technical writer doesn’t mean you have to write once in a blue moon. No!!

It requires you to write promptly and get addicted to writing because that’s what you should be used to doing.

When you practice a lot – you will get to be used to all the tips I have been giving you in this guide.

Writing and rebuilding the internet Jargons needs you to stay up to date with your audience.

They want to hear and feel from you every day. You always have to be there for them.

The only way you can build your blocks and get a reaction from previous content is by showing up daily.

It doesn’t have to be you updating content every day. You can update your content according to your convenience.

You can even give yourself a challenge and force yourself to write every day.

So, get used to giving value and you will become a top-class technical content writer that people sought after.


Differences Between Technical Writer and Content Writer

Many people have been asking and wondering if there is a difference between a technical content writer and an ordinary content writer.

The truth is that they have their differences and we are going to discuss them in the next line.


Level of Expertise:

You compare the level of expertise of a technical writer with that of an ordinary content writer.

There are many tutorials out there that are teaching people how to become a content writer and rank for SEO.

So, someone who doesn’t even have enough idea or primary knowledge about real estate can just decide to launch a real estate website and start writing content.

You’re asking me how they will know what they will write about, right?

Well, the internet is there. They can look at blogs that have written the same topic and read and rewrite.

So, being a content writer can make you write on anything. You can just decide to write on a topic…

…and all you need to do is to look at other articles around that topic and just read and rewrite.

But what if questions are being asked around that topic. What happens? Problem arises.

Also, some people claim to be content writers for emails. But they’re mostly making use of ready-made templates.

Now, is using templates bad as a content writer. No! I even have an email template I do recommend to my readers who want to start email marketing.

But you cannot consider yourself a technical content writer if you’re using other people’s templates.

So, this is why technical writers are experts in their fields and they can write a million words on several topics in their niche.

You can’t expect someone who learned about skill and has had many up and downs not to be able to give a detailed explanation about a topic.

Those are the technical content writer that we are talking about because they can go all day writing about that topic.

But normal content writers might not necessarily have an idea about what they are saying.

They might not be experts in their field of writing but they only join a content writing course and start writing about a topic.

That’s why I do talk about one of my websites I once launched and I was talking about Automotives.

I don’t have any idea about Automotives and I kept writing. I had to quit along the way.

Compared to internet marketing that is my niche and my love. I can write for a long time in this niche without getting tired.

That’s what expertise is all about.


The purpose for writing:

The reason why a technical writer writes is different from the reason why an ordinary content writer writes.

Majority of the content writer writes just for making money. Don’t get me wrong.

In anything you do, you have to find a way to make money from it. That is how you can keep getting the energy to continue for a long time.

But making money should be the last mindset of a technical writer. Making money from writing is the least mindset of a technical writer.

Unlike a content writer…The first aim is to make money. They are writing to monetize for ad sense and make money.

Ordinary writers don’t care if it’s their niche. They just want to watch the view and make money.

But the technical writer is far from that… They write to give value to people and make them get a solution to their problems.

When I was writing about Automotives – I realize that it is a niche that is not that saturated.

And I feel like I can get my content to have many views and rank for Google AdSense.

My only aim is to make money and not to provide enough value.

Compared to internet marketing where I aim to provide value and happy that I am giving value.

This is because internet marketing is what I cherish a lot and I love it so much that I can write tons of content on it.

So, content Writers write for the primary purpose of earning money.

While the technical writers write for providing value to their readers.


Leadership Role:

The role of a content writer is for views. They don’t always have the mindset of becoming a leader in that field.

I will still make use of the automotive example that I was involved in – in this section.

When I was writing then, I never had the mindset that I want to become a leader in that niche.

I just want to have views and enough readers who will come to my website so that I can have traffic.

I never thought about being a leader in the niche because I know full well that it’s not what I knew about.

I don’t know anything about vehicles and even if I have a problem with my car. I will take it to the mechanic.

So, I know less about what I was writing. I never thought about being a leader.

But when you’re a technical writer – you will have the mindset of being a leader and being seen as a guru in that field.

Imagine when you get so obsessed in your field and you just keep dominating a social media platform concerning that niche.

You keep writing content and clearing all the online Jargon concerning that niche.

Then people will start seeing you as a leader and follow you along.

That’s what a technical writer possesses that an ordinary content writer doesn’t think about.



Being a technical writer gives you an edge to becoming a leader in your niche.

If you have any vast idea in a niche and you can see some Jargon flowing around the spaces concerning that niche.

Stand up and help people who are interested in that niche by providing enough value to them.

People are seeking your knowledge and will be glad to be your follower if you can just move out of your comfort zone.

So, it’s time for the technical content writers to stay ahead of the ordinary content writers and clear all the internet Jargons. Technical writing is important.

Give value and become a leader.

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