How to write a business proposal: Eye-Opening Guide

How to write a business proposal

Writing a business proposal doesn’t take much time but it only requires a little research before writing.

One has to be very careful with what he or she has to write about to not waste time creating the content.

Writing of business proposal involves several steps but what you have to know is that you need to make it majorly about your prospect.

Business proposal write up

Your proposal must be focused on the company that you want to pitch and less focus on yourself.

Although, it shouldn’t limit you from also talking about yourself and your business.

But you just have to emphasize your prospect because they only care about themselves.

Now, let us quickly look at the ways you can construct a very good business proposal to get that job secured.


1. Have a headline/Title:

Your business proposal needs to have a title behind your content. This is what they will look at – to know the reason for your proposal.

In everything we do, the headline and title are very important because even while you are about to read this guide.

You read the title or headline before thinking of engaging with the content.

So, your headline will also be accompanied by the introduction of who you are and what you are doing.

Although, you shouldn’t make everything about yourself – but introducing yourself to your prospect is not bad.

At least they will want to know who you are and where you come from specifically.

Your Introduction should comprise the title, introduction, and summary of the purpose of your writing.

You will have to tell them the main reason why you are writing the Proposal at first before trying to elaborate deeper.

This is what will keep them hanging to see what you want to offer next in your proposal.

So, you can just craft your proposal carefully and make the headline to be very catchy and captivating.

Make them stay hooked before going deeper into the content you want to share with them.


2. You Have To Highlight The Challenges that the Brand Is Facing:

The next line of action is to tell them the challenges that they are facing which you plan to solve for them.

The main reason why you are giving them a proposal is to help them solve a problem.

So, you are required to highlight the problems before they can even give you any attention.

Sometimes, they might not even know that such a problem exists or maybe they didn’t put many minds to it.

But you as an expert in your field knows the positive significance of helping them solve these challenges.

So, if you can easily list out the challenges and make them know about them without being too pushy.

Listing and highlighting out the challenges means that you have done thorough research on their brand.

Doing thorough research will give you the chance to know exactly what they are lacking.

And because you have done this research by yourself or outsourced – you have been able to hold them.

They will give you their attention unlike just going straight to start pitching them about why you are best.

What the majority of the people out there do is just start pitching people as to why they are the best.

But everyone has a problem that they are facing and they are also looking for people to help them solve it for free.

So, if you can be the best plug that will highlight out all these challenges for them and make them aware.

There is a high assurance that you might have even close the deal before they are done with the proposal.


3. Your Proposal Will Now Introduce Your Solution:

So, after you are done highlighting the problems and telling them where they are weak.

The next thing is to recommend your expertise as your solution.

Because since you have listed out the problems that you see their brand facing.

It is now important for you to inform them about why you are the best fit for the problems they are facing.

You have to inform them about why you know what you are revealing to them.

You can even share with them your previous works which you have done for some clients and what their responses were.

Business proposal

You have to take them from the point of pain to the point of satisfaction just like you are writing a sales copy.

You are to make the benefit and solution that you are offering to them become corresponding with the problems.

If it doesn’t correspond with the problems or challenges that you have listed – they won’t put your mind to it.

By the way, it’s even absurd for you to write a proposal without the benefits correspond with the problems.

So, there is no need to explain much on that – but just make sure that your benefits are superb.

Remember that you might not be the only one writing the Proposal and many people might have written before you.

So, you have to follow this step to make your proposal to be worth every time the person consuming it is investing.

You don’t want to list the problems and later start writing about another stuff that doesn’t compliment.


4. The next step is your closing:

After you have stated the benefits that you will be offering them and why you’re the perfect fit.

The next aspect is your closing – you want to give them a final summary of what you are writing them about.

Always make sure to remind them of your reason for writing the business proposal and your objective.

But still, try to maintain the objective of proposing to be all about them.

Just be plain in the way you are writing the Proposal because you should know that it is someone behind the reading of the proposal.

How to write a business proposal

So, you should close it by wishing them well in all endeavors and also providing a way for them to get in touch with you.

You can drop your contact number and a private message account.

But the best to use is to give them your professional email which they can contact you on.

This shows professionalism when the email is even a corporate email address that comes from your domain name.

Unlike just sending to a normal email address that is a Gmail.

A corporate email address is something like [email protected].

Unlike [email protected] – since Gmail is a general email address that everyone uses.

Although, don’t let that be a barrier for you – if you don’t have a domain email address. Just go straight to use Gmail.

But if you have one – don’t hesitate to make use of it.

You can also include some call to action if it’s a digital proposal that can be clicked.

You can tell them if it will be cool to create an appointment with them or something.


Recap Tip

One thing you have to take note of which is important is the simplicity of your proposal and how exact it is.

Don’t just stuff your proposal with unnecessary talks since the reader won’t have enough time to read much.

You must write as if the person is just in a hurry to read what you have to write and give a conclusion.

Although, this doesn’t mean that you have to write jargon and empty content just because you want to sound quick.

But you just have to lessen your time spent on what you are writing.

Also, make it look professional and get the business proposal read by up to 5 people before sending it.

Correct every error that might cause you to get ignored.

Because you have written it yourself – you might not see the mistakes.

But if you review it like the third day and also give some people to review – you will see the relevance.

They will be able to give you the correction that you need and what you should change and shouldn’t.



This brings us to the end of this guide – if you are someone thinking of writing a business proposal.

You can apply the tips given in this article to start writing a catchy proposal.

Although, this article is now backed up with diagrams you can use the explanation given to understand how it works.

So, make sure that you make that proposal to be a killer one that will get you a quick result.

And always make sure to use a business domain or any place they can reach out to you easily.

Also, don’t forget to share with several people for them to help you review your proposal before sending it.

If you enjoy this guide – don’t forget to share this guide with your friends and family on your social media platform.

Also, if you have written a business proposal before – kindly hit the comment below to tell us what you thought should be added to this guide.

Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses: Beginners’ Guide

Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses

Running a social media marketing account for your business as a small business owner is never a bad idea for anyone.

Because social media is now the fastest way to reach the audience who are online to catch fun and learn more.

People are always on social media 24/7 – the moment they wake up from their slumber…

…majority will carry their mobile phone to check up on what is going on in their social media accounts.

Many people now even favor their Facebook or Instagram followers more than any other thing they plan to achieve in life.

Their main goal is just to get a lot of likes for their posts and start using them to build a celebrity lifestyle.

These are the goals that many people now desire these days. Also, some people who don’t even fancy posting are online to see what is going on around them.

What they can learn from the internet or what they can watch or read that can make them laugh.

These are the reasons why social media is a good place to meet all these people because social media is now everyone’s friend.

Someone can be indoor for a day and don’t even bother to check out what is going outside their abode.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

So, let us quickly check out what social media marketing means and more in-depth guide into why you should start leveraging it to market your products and services.

Social Media Management

What Is Social Media Marketing

Now, I know the next question you might be longing to ask is what social media marketing means.

Social Media Marketing is the act of reaching a wide number of people who are in your target market just with the use of a platform where people come to catch fun.

You can even be among those who also go to one of these social media platforms just to catch fun.

But because you are reading this guide today – you will start leveraging it to make money for yourself by marketing your brand.

Because we have been able to discuss what social media marketing means very briefly

Let us discuss the benefits that you will enjoy when you start leveraging social media as your source of generating a lot of sales through its marketing.

Doing Social Media Marketing As A Small Business


Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Below are the benefits that you will enjoy from using social media as your source of generating sales for your small business.


1. Build More Awareness:

One of the benefits, why it is essential to start using social media as your marketing technique of getting a customer, is the awareness it gives your brand.

People go on social media and are active all the time.

Over 1 billion people are always on the Facebook platform active every day.

People are there to see what is going on and if you can also become a producer of content surrounding your brand.

People will follow you and will be ready to buy what you have to offer for them.

The majority of those who are on social media is the consumer of content and products.

That is why it is also very important for you to start leveraging social media marketing and start building more awareness for your brand.

This is how you can gain global recognition because everyone from different parts of the world uses social media.

And you can reach them from the comfort of your home without commuting from one place to another.


2. Creates Good Authority:

Another reason why social media is beneficial to you as a small business is that it gives you authority over your competitors.

That is why it is very good to leverage social media because that is where people can feel from you all the time.

Your audience cannot be coming to your website every day except if you are bringing them in yourself.

Also, another thing you have to know is that the time they spend on social media will be more than the time they can spend on your website.

They can spend hours scrolling on social media but will barely spend 8 minutes on your website.

So, you have to know this to buy your brand and have an edge over your competitors who are not leveraging social media marketing.

Don’t be scared of the competition you found on social media – just focus on who you want to serve.


3. Serves As Brand Advocate:

Social Media marketing serves as a brand advocate for many small businesses out there.

You don’t even need to promote yourself for a long time – you will keep earning money from your previous efforts.

When starting out with social media marketing – it will be a little bit difficult at first and this can lead to quitting.

But those who don’t quit with social media marketing and keep doing it will always earn from their previous efforts.

This happens in a way that some content they have created previously in their career will keep selling for them.

It is this content that will keep serving as an advocate for them and keep making them a lot of money from sales.

That’s why those who are doing social media marketing and are already to top brands online do see many tractions from their previous content.

Some content can be only 20 comments when you post it but a few years later – you will see it has 200 Comments.

That’s because social media serves as a brand advocate that sells your product for you.


4. Tells Brand Story:

Social Media helps in telling the story of a brand – just from your copy – you can easily tell people your story.

Most of the time – this is more effective than your website.

Although you can easily tell your brand story at the about section of your blog this is majorly once-in-a-lifetime stuff.

But social media is something that you can keep writing about the story of your brand for a whole week.

Also, the day of your getting low engagement to the days of your getting high engagement is a story on its own.

You don’t even have to tell much about yourself because when you become successful – people will go to dig out your old stuff.

They will now use it as a motivation towards their success story.

This is what achieving greatness is and social media is always there to help a brand tell its story.


5. Serves As Customer Support:

Social Media is also a platform that can be used to interact one on one with your customers.

That’s why many top brands make use of social media to interact directly with their customers.

Most times, customers prefer to work directly and ask for support through social media than email.

They prefer to ask what bothers them and expect the brand to be available to give them an answer.

So social media is a good place to serve as customer support to many small businesses out there.

And as a small business that wants to attain a high level. Customer support is very important for you to grow big.

Social Media

Determining Your Social Media Marketing Goals

Every marketing journey without a specific goal is certain to fail.

So, you should always have a goal when doing social media marketing.

But what you have to know is that your goal must be something that you can control and not a goal that you cannot control.

Some people will be aiming for 1,000 Likes on their posts in the first month of starting their social media marketing.

That is not something you can control because you are not in charge of the distribution process.

Each platform knows how they distribute their users’ posts across their platform.

So, you are not in control. You should only have a goal for stuff you can control because it is that goal that will lead to the goal of stuff that you cannot control.

And I like to call my social media marketing goal the ENVELOPE GOAL.

The Envelope Goal is something that you can easily control and they are just Four Goals that will lead to the achievement of the goal that you can’t control.


1. Knowing Your Target Audience:

The first of the goals is to know who your target audience is. Because this is something that you can determine yourself.

When you know your target audience – it will be easy for you to know who your message is going to.

When you know your target audience and you are specific to them in the content that you are posting.

Your ENVELOPE GOAL is sure to be achieved because you are not just marketing to everybody.

You are marketing to a specific segment of a marketplace and not everybody.

So, you have to know your target audience and that should be your first goal before doing anything else.


2. Problems You Want To Solve:

The next in your ENVELOPE GOAL should be the problem you want to solve for this target audience.

What is the reason why you want to serve them and also make them see you as their savior?

You need to solve a problem for them or many problems for them.

You need to take them from the point of pain to their point of satisfaction and make them throw rocks at their enemy.

You can help them solve their financial problems by teaching them how to make more money.

Or you can help them eradicate their shame by teaching them how to stay fit or how to stay away from debt.

This is another goal among your ENVELOPE GOAL which you must have in mind when doing your social media marketing.


3. Determining The Platform Use:

The 3rd Goal in your ENVELOPE is the platform that you want to use in doing your social media marketing.

Each social media platform has what they are focused on and the content that you can post on their page.

A platform like Tiktok only focuses on video content and the creation of short and precise video content.

A platform like Twitter focuses on short written content that will be short and straight to the point.

A platform like Facebook focuses on both video and written content but more on the written content on the platform.

And so many other social media platforms like that. So, you only have to choose the one that best suits your purpose.

You will go with the one that can help you market your products and services the best because it is what you are good at.


4. Having A Timely Estimated Post Number:

Having a daily challenge is very important when it comes to achieving your goal.

And that is why a monthly post number is important when applying the ENVELOPE GOAL.

You need to have a timely estimation of the number of posts that you want to make daily and monthly.

You need to focus and be consistent with the timeframe at which you post your content on social media.

Because it is this ENVELOPE GOAL that will help you quickly achieve what you plan on achieving in a year.

If you are just posting without any Time frame of when you are to be posting.

You will get discouraged along the way once you see that you are not quickly getting engagements.

Social Media Accounts and Platforms for Marketing Small Businesses

Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Since we are done with the Goal that you should set for yourself when trying to achieve good social media marketing success for your small business.

You now have to derive a strategy that you should have in mind when trying to achieve this goal.

This is like a plan which you will be setting for yourself to achieve your goal.

This strategy is called the LONG TAIL STRATEGY which you can make use of in growing a successful social media marketing brand.


1. How Many Times Do You Want To Post Daily?

The first strategy that you should attain is the times that you want to post daily.

Just like I made mention of in the first aspect of goals that you should achieve.

You need to have a strategy that will help you to be posting daily.

It now depends on the number of days in a week that you want to post your content.

It can be twice a week or almost every day of the week.

Anyhow you desire to do your posting – you just have to derive a means of achieving that goal.

That is why your first strategy should be on how you can achieve your daily posting.

You can make use of some automated tools that can help you schedule your content and publish it on your behalf.


2. How Many Followers Do You Want To Get Daily?

Although, the number of followers you can have daily is not something you can control.

You can control how many posts you want to be publishing – but you can’t control the number of followers you desire to be having.

The reason is that if you want to be too pushy with it – the platform can penalize you and ban you.

So, you need to be careful. But with the LONG TAIK STRATEGY at your hand.

You can easily follow a certain number of people daily to also get a follow back.

Since it is social media – there are other people like you who are desiring to also have a lot of followers.

So you can easily engage with them and make them follow you. Also, you can post on some groups to get follow back.

Following for following back is not a bad idea – just make sure that you are careful with the way you are doing it.

Don’t overdo it or else you will get penalized for doing it.


3. Which Type of Content Do You Want To Channel Most?

Although, if you are on a platform that focuses fully on a certain type of content.

You have no choice but to focus fully on the content that is being posted on the platform.

But because you are using the LONG TAIL STRATEGY – You need to have your signature and create a type of content for your brand.

A type of content that you don’t have to tell people that you are the one before they know who is posting.

You have to derive your signature in a way that they haven’t looked at your name but they already know what’s up.

It can be from the way you put gaps in your content.

Or the way you add humor to your posts on social media.

Or the intro of your videos and how catchy it keeps looking.

These are the signature that you must have to differentiate you from other people who are also posting content in your niche.

The LONG TAIL STRATEGY is what can help you easily achieve a fast result in your social media marketing.

Small Businesses In Social Media

Social Media Marketing Budget

Running social media adverts is also a nice strategy that can make you reach a wide range of people within the shortest period.

Unlike the days when our founding marketers who have a small business have to reply on radio, tv, and post adverts.

They have to do that before they can reach a very wide range of people for them to start making sales.

Just with a paid advert that is boosted on any social media platform you are leveraging – you can reach a wide number of people.

And the amazing thing is that you can easily achieve this without spending a lot of money.

Although, having a high budget is also a very good way for you to quickly make money from your business.

But you can easily start with as low as $100 to run your advert.

Your ad spent depends on the timeframe and the objective of your advert which you are using.

It also depends on the location you are targeting in your advert.

No one can specifically tell you the amount you can spend on social media ads because it depends.

But just know that you can start as low as $10 depending on what you aim to achieve with ads.


Best Social Media Marketing Platforms for Small Business

Although, there are many social media platforms out there that you can join – but it is very okay to join the ones that are hot and engaging.

You don’t want to join a social media platform that you will need to be the founding member of the platform.

You will need to join an ocean that is blue and has big fish you can catch to make money for yourself.

Below are the few social media platforms that you can join and start using to promote your business.

1. Facebook:

The first one on the list of social media with the highest number of daily users is FACEBOOK.

I am sure you already know about this platform or you have heard about Facebook somewhere.

This platform is good and useful for anyone who wants to grow his or her business to a high-income business.

You can decide to share both video and text content on this platform.

It is available for anyone who is good at any type of content and can be consistent with posting.

So, you can easily join the Facebook platform and start using it to promote your business.


2. YouTube:

Another platform that is very effective for small business to promote their business is YouTube.

YouTube is a video-sharing platform where you can express yourself in video format.

If you are someone who is not camera shy and can share videos of yourself online for people to see.

Also, if you are someone who is vocal and can speak your language fluently – you might not necessarily need to shoot a video of yourself.

You can just share your screen and provide value to people.

Also, some don’t even share their face nor use their voice but only make use of bot voice or typing.

And they are making a lot of sales and money from their YouTube channel.

So, you can open your YouTube and start using YouTube for your small business.


3. TikTok:

TikTok is another platform that is also a video platform like YouTube.

The only difference between the two is just that duration matters a lot when trying to use the platform for marketing.

Unlike YouTube where you can post a 5minutes long video while starting to post.

Even some can post 10minutes long videos just to give value or promote your business as a small business owner.

You will only be limited to 59seconds long video on TikTok for a start before you can start posting 5 minutes video.

But Tiktok is also a platform that had turned many small business people into TikTok influencers.

They have been making a lot of money and promoting their small business easily just by using TikTok for marketing.

So, Tiktok is a platform that you can also leverage if you are someone cool with video displays.


4. Instagram:

Instagram is another platform that is very effective for small business owners.

Instagram is a part of the Facebook brand that works hand in hand together since they are owned by one person.

So, running paid adverts and doing some internal marketing can be done correspondingly on both platforms.

You can make use of several features like Instagram Reels, IGTV, Hashtags, Instagram Live, and some other features on this platform.

You can use this platform for almost anything you want that is relating to creating content.

You can turn your advert into an Image carousel that people can keep scrolling to read or just shoot videos on IG reels.

So, many amazing features that will make you become a big brand and promote your small brand.


5. Twitter:

Twitter is also social media platform that small businesses can leverage to start booming their businesses.

It’s a short text content platform that calls its content “Tweets”.

You can easily post your tweets on Twitter and start generating traffic to your business.

Twitter is a fun place that if you leverage perfectly – you can easily boost your business and gain authority.

Many people are on Twitter who can serve as your brand advocate and help you make enough money.

They will help retweet your posts which will get shared with their audience and get more engagements.

You can start leveraging Twitter by signing an account and start using it to promote your small business.


6. Clubhouse:

The clubhouse is a new social media marketing platform that came into the limelight in the late last year 2020.

Many internet marketers have started leveraging this platform to grow more audiences and promoting their business.

It is an audio room platform where many people are gathered in a room to discuss business.

Although, it is presently available for iPhone devices alone and hopefully gets access on Android very soon.

You can create an account on clubhouse on iOS and start leveraging it to boom your business.

It is one of the new and trending social media platforms that you can use to promote your business since its algorithm is easy to handle.


Can You Outsource Your Social Media Marketing?

A major question that many people ask all the time is the possibility of outsourcing their social media marketing.

Oh yes, you can decide to outsource your social media marketing to several freelancers or ordinary social media managers out there.

There are so many social media managers out there who help small and big businesses to manage their social media account.

This will also help you to have more time to focus on other things that are moving the money needle.

All you have to do is to designate several tasks for a whole week by batch producing them for the social media manager.

Then they will help you to keep posting them one by one over a week or two weeks.

Another way you can do this is by making use of social media management tools.

That will help you to automate things and make it very easy for you to focus on other things.

This is what I will advise any small business to involve in and we will discuss that below.

Social Media Marketing

Best Social Media Management Tools

  1. Hootsuite
  2. Buffer
  3. Sprout Social
  4. TweetDeck
  5. Social Pilot


1. Hootsuite:

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that you can use to automate your social media content.

You can schedule and publish your content from a single dashboard of your account.

You can enjoy their 30 days free trial period to see whether it’s a nice platform that you can use.

The Hootsuite free plan gives its users the ability to schedule 5 posts per day.

This means you can schedule 5 posts in a day – but only 5 posts.

Once you go beyond that – you won’t be allowed to post.

They also have some paid plans that you will get charged for which ranges from $19 and above base on the plan you want to use.

You will enjoy more unlimited features with the paid plan of Hootsuite.

Check out the Hootsuite platform and start using them to promote your small business with their automated sequence.


2. Buffer:

Buffer is your engagement tool for a wide range of social media management features just like Hootsuite.

You can enjoy a 14-day free trial to enjoy all their features and use it to test out whether it is a nice tool to use.

All your activities will also be controlled from one dashboard and you can schedule posts for many social media accounts from just a single dashboard.

You can add 10 schedule posts when using the buffer’s free plan and can also connect 3 social media accounts.

They also have a paid plan that ranges from $15 per month.

You can try out Buffer to see if it’s a better alternative to solving your social media marketing.


3. Sprout Social:

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management tool that also helps you to automate your posts like the ones discussed above.

Just that Sprout Social has a different feature than the ones that are listed above.

They have their free trial which you can make use of when trying to see what suits your need.

You will enjoy 30 days of free trial without a credit card required.

Its lowest plan starts with as high as 10 scheduled posts per day.

You will also enjoy some more unlimited features which will allow you to grow successfully in your social media journey.

You can always automate your content in a calendar that helps you get things done easily.

Just go straight to the Sprout Social website and register with an account to start using.


4. TweetDeck:

The TweetDeck is a mobile application that you can use to manage your Twitter accounts.

If you are someone who makes use of Twitter for the marketing of your small business.

Then you have to consider using this application because it is worth it in every way.

You can use it to track your engagement and know your statistics rate on Twitter.

TweetDeck was owned by an independent person before Twitter purchased it officially.

You can download the TweetDeck application and start using it to automate your Twitter accounts.

Make life easy for yourself on Twitter by using this application to handle your Twitter accounts.


5. Social Pilot:

The last product that we will review in this guide is Social Pilot.

You can use this platform to perform the features that the majority of the managers listed above can do.

But you can always try Social Pilot out to see if it can also suit your needs.

Since trying to publish posts all the time can be very strenuous and time-consuming.

You can easily automate things with this tool and use it to control a wide range of social media accounts.

Social Pilot also has a free trial which you can test out but their services start from $50/month.

Although you will be handle to use it to handle many social media profiles like you to 25 accounts.

So, you can try them out and use them for your social media marketing purpose.


Start Marketing on Social Media Now

The best time for you to start your social media marketing is now because many marketers are using it to scale their brands.

So, if you are a small business owner or an independent marketer that is thinking of doing social media marketing.

Just start right away because the best time for you to do that is now and there is no right time.

The right time doesn’t exist – because if it exists – it would have been easy for everyone to know when to involve in something.

Everyone would have started at the right time and quickly engage in a lot of success stories.

But because the right time will never show itself to anyone – that is the main reason why your right time to start social media marketing is now.

So, are you a small business owner? Start social media marketing now!!!


Social Media Marketing for Small Business

This brings us to the end of this guide.

You and I have been able to discuss what social media marketing means.

The benefits with some goals and strategies that you can use to achieve a good social media marketing result.

Also, we look at some platforms that you can leverage with the tools that you can use to make life easy for your social media marketing.

So, if this is something that you enjoy and find very valuable – don’t hesitate to share this guide with your friends on social media.

Because there are a lot of small businesses out there that are just scrolling aimlessly on their social media.

They haven’t thought about using it to promote their businesses – so, if they can read this guide.

They can know exactly what to do and what they are missing out on.



So, are you making use of social media for your business?

If social media is what you make use of every day to get a lot of sales for your business.

Kindly hit the comment box and tell us your experience with social media marketing and why you will recommend it for other small businesses to use.

Also, if you haven’t started using social media for the marketing of your small business.

Tell us your reason why you haven’t started using it.


6 Evergreen Funnel Secrets That Millionaire Marketers Are Using

6 Evergreen Funnel Secrets That Millionaire Marketers Are Using

If you are wondering how millionaire online marketers are building a 6 figure or 7 figure business just from the internet.

The secret is in their Evergreen Funnel because that is the secret that they have been using for a long time to make money.

Sometimes, when I see some courses saying that a marketer will reveal a secret that they have been using to make money online…

…there is no much secret to anything. Why don’t you look at how they are promoting their courses.

That is the secret they will also reveal to you in building a successful empire.

It is just like me telling you the secret to writing content – why don’t you just look at my content and know how I write it?

That is why the main thing I can pay for on the internet is mentorship and not just some crappy courses out there.

But that is not the purpose of this guide – the purpose is to teach you how you can also create an evergreen funnel for your product or services.

Let us quickly look at what an Evergreen Funnel means.

What Is An Evergreen Funnel?

What Is An Evergreen Funnel?

An evergreen funnel is a stage that you take a prospect to – from the point of novice to the point of purchase, primarily through the use of email.

This means that when you launch your evergreen funnel – you are trying to create some email sequences that take a prospect from being a stranger to being a buyer.

There are many approaches through which your Evergreen Funnel can kickstart.

It can be that you run a paid advert and you give out free resources just to get people’s email addresses.

Or you have a website where you give out a free lead magnet where you get people’s email addresses.

Also, it can be other methods that you are using – maybe you give out a book but charge them money to pay for the shipping.

They are all part of the processes to start your Evergreen Funnel.

But how can you take a prospect from this certain point in their lives when they don’t know about your product to the point of purchase.

Let us look at the steps involved below for you to launch a successful Evergreen Funnel.

I am sure that you already know the requirements that are needed for you to launch your successful Evergreen Funnel?

If you don’t know them – kindly click here to navigate to the section.

Evergreen Funnel Steps That Works

Evergreen Funnel Steps That Works

  • Giving Out A Free Resource.
  • Send Your Introduction Note.
  • Launching The Welcome Series.
  • Showing Proof of Previous Testimonials.
  • Pitch.


# Giving Out A Free Resource:

Before someone can ever join your evergreen funnel and become a hot prospect.

They have to join the process and follow along with you. You cannot want to launch an Evergreen Funnel and rely heavily on running ads.

That is not an ideal way of running a successful Evergreen Funnel. You have to collect their email address.

So, this involves giving out a freebie – just like I stated earlier. You can run an advert for a freebie.

Once you run an advert to a freebie – you will make them give you their email address before they can receive the freebie.

But always make sure that you put enough energy on the landing page that you will be creating for the freebie.

Don’t believe it because you are giving it out for free – then you wouldn’t have to put enough copywriting skill in it.

Always try your best to write a good copy because you are also running an advert for it.

So, once you finish it up – you will collect their email address and give them their freebie.

What thing you can do is that you can decide to put the freebie in your first email in their inbox.

This will make them first open your email and this will give a positive note to Gmail that this person is interested in your emails.

Or you can decide to just create a “Thank You Page” for the freebie and show it once they finish submitting their email.

But I prefer the download email approach – since we are using email for the Evergreen Funnel process.

Why shouldn’t we just make use of email straight away?


# Send Your Introduction Note:

After the download email has been sent to them as a means for them to open your first email.

The next thing you need to do is to send them your introductory note telling them about who you are.

This is the email that will follow few hours after you have sent out your first email – which is the download email.

The introductory note has to tell them about who you are and what you have experienced in the business.

Always make sure that your introductory note sounds real and plain – always try to bring out the pains you have experienced.

What many marketers don’t know is that people enjoy it when they see that you have also experienced pains.

The internet has made us believe that everything came out cool for everybody who is making a lot of money online.

Little did many people know that most successful people have been struggling for a long time before they became famously known.

But not everyone wants to talk about their struggling days. Also, because you are just starting with your funnel.

You might feel that what will the essence of your rollercoaster moment be about. But the truth is that you have also experienced some failures…

…those are the things that you will use as your struggling moment even if it was only once.

Use that as one of your struggling moments and tell them in your introductory email.

State your name clearly and what you are an expert in – because this will make them know if you’re going to be their leader.

Then, make sure to always make them anticipate your next email by telling them what you will be sending them tomorrow.

Always give them a reason to open your next email because that is how they can follow your nurturing series.


# Launching The Welcome/Nurturing Series:

After you are done with the introduction and telling them who you are – you are required to involve in some other steps.

You will need to show them more and tell them more about who you are and what you are capable of.

That is what the nurturing series of your evergreen funnel is going to comprise.

So, let us look at some other steps and tricks that your email should comprise of when sending out your nurturing series.


Where did you come from?

One of the first things that should be in your email is where you come from.

When we talk about where you come from – it doesn’t necessarily need to be what city you come from.

Although, you can add that to it – but if you don’t want to include that – it is fine and no problem.

But where you come from in this aspect is when we talk about where you come from in the internet business.

Since when have you been existing and when did you ever thought about starting the business that made you who you are.

This is about telling them stories of when you started. You know in the welcome email – you told them about your rollercoaster.

But because it is very short and you don’t have the chance to explain yourself very well – this is where you will buttress more.

Your subscribers want to know if it’s not that you just wake up from somewhere and start a business.

These days – people are now learning online marketing and starting to teach people stuff the next day.

That is why you will see an internet coach teaching you how to coach other people – it is more of selling courses to teach other people to sell courses and earn.

So, you need to look different in your approach and let them know where you come from in this online journey.

But always make sure that they anticipate the next email by telling them what you will be sending them next.


What did you do?

Now, don’t get confused. But you should know that when you were talking about where you come from.

You would be explaining more about when you started and how the journey has been for you.

That is what you were talking about in the previous aspect of your Evergreen Funnel.

But you still haven’t told them what you did to change your story and get the answers to the questions you have been looking for.

Remember, don’t tell them how you got the answer yet. Don’t tell them the process of getting the answer.

You will only make them know that after you have been struggling for a long time – you finally got the answer.

After getting the answer – you will make them know how you felt and what changed in you.

This is just a way of making them wish to hear more from you and know how you got the answer.

Now, once they keep reading your email – they will be expecting you to reveal the way you got the answer.

But what happens? You will promise to tell them that in the next email which they need to anticipate and read.

I believe you can see how your email sequence keeps going? It is just to build a relationship with them and keep them engaged.


How did you do it?

This is now where you will reveal to them how you did it and finally got an answer to your questions.

They need an answer – so, you will give it to them by telling them how you got the answer.

It is more like revealing to them the bridges that you crossed to be able to be where you are.

Look, when you are writing this – you don’t have to lie. Okay? Always keep it plain and truthful.

Even though you don’t rank million dollars yet – you are truly earning something.

And what you are quietly earning now is what other people wish that they earn also.

So, you will tell them the process through which you got the answer that you have been searching for.

Tell them the platform through wish you got it and even the name of the scholar who gave you the secret.

You can see how easy it is? This is what you will put in your email. It doesn’t look easier than this.

Always make sure to write in a friendly tone that talks directly to your subscribers and not in a tone that looks business.

You can study the way I am writing this guide and using “You” to also write your emails.


# Showing Proof of Previous Testimonials:

Now, one thing you have to always take note of is that you always need to help others for free.

The need for gathering Testimonials is very important when it comes to doing Evergreen Funnel and using it to make millions.

Many people need proof – think about the course that you bought. I am very sure you bought it because you saw a proof.

That is why it is always necessary that you help people out by testing out your knowledge with someone for free.

You can decide to put just 5 people in a group and teach them your methods for free and once they got an excellent result from the knowledge collect testimonials.

Just request testimonials from them as a payback – they will do that because you have helped them for free and you are collecting only their review.

If I were you – I will prefer that they make It a video recording of how they feel about the product.

So, once you already have enough testimonials – then the emails below will start going out.


Who did you do it for?

After you have shown and told them how you did it and become who you are at your present moment.

You will now tell them about whom you have done it for and they have seen results from your knowledge.

This is what this email will comprise of and you should try and add a screenshot to your emails.

Show screenshots of what others whom you have helped are saying about your knowledge and the product that they bought.

It is all these positive notes that will convince them into buying your program without showing panic.

Also, if you don’t have enough knowledge in email deliverability and you are struggling with it.

You can just make it a link containing the email and share it in your email to them.

The reason is that – most of the time when your email comprises many images.

It will always go to the promotion folder which is not good for email deliverability.

So, this is how you can handle this aspect of the email.


How could you do it for them?

Their next question which they will be asking in their mind when they read your email concerning those who have gotten a good result from your knowledge is “How can he/she do it for me?”.

That is when your next email will be about helping them achieve the knowledge that you are about to give them.

What you should do is not just sell directly. You can decide to give them the tactics of the knowledge and sell the strategy.

What I am saying is that – your next email will be about telling them how they will benefit from your knowledge just like other people did.

You will remind them of the previous email you sent to them and those who have seen the result and are still seeing the result from your knowledge.

Then, you will inform them that you want to do a free webinar.

I will advise that you do a webinar because it makes them come live with you and see you on screen.

You can use Facebook Live or Instagram Live Or YouTube Streaming for this.

You don’t necessarily need to use a webinar tool for this. Since you already follow the evergreen email sequence.

Facebook Live or anything is fine with this.

So, you can just set aside a date where you will go Live and share the secret for free on how they can make ABC results.

In the free webinar, make sure you only share the framework and the tactics on how they can do it.

Then, you will now sell the implementation.

It will be something like teaching them the hard way and selling them the easy way of doing it.

Or you can just brush through how they can do it and sell them the strategy of how they can do it.

More on this below in the next aspect.


# Pitch:

When it comes to pitching your prospects. You always have to provide value ahead before expecting something in return.

The internet world is now filled with many pitchers who shout “Buy” at the top of their voices all the time.

So, you have to be different and the way you can be different is by providing value ahead before pitching.

That is why I talked about doing a live webinar with them and make them come in attendance.

But one thing you need to have in mind is that when you inform them about the webinar in the previous email.

Your next emails before the webinar date should always be reminding them about the webinar.

Because if you fix a date and thinking they will remember – you like because they would have forgotten.

So, you have to keep sending reminder emails to keep them updated and remind them of not forgetting the date.

Also, on the day of the webinar – make sure you remind them in the morning and immediately when the webinar starts.

Just copy the link of the platform that you are going Live and send it to them in your email for them to join you live.

So, make sure to provide value to them in the webinar by giving them the framework.

Just brush through some main aspects of what you will be teaching them and make them hungry for more.

Also, during the webinar – always make sure that they respond by telling them to type in the comment box.

Make it a very friendly and responsive live class that looks like you are chatting and speaking with your friend on a video call.

This is how perfectly you can then pitch them your product as a solution to make things easy for them.

You should also make them know that it helps them to work with you.

People like it when they want to work with a superior in their field because they will feel safe and secured.

Tools Needed For A Successful Evergreen Funnel

Tools Needed For A Successful Evergreen Funnel

You will be needing some tools and platforms to run a successful Evergreen Funnel that makes you money.

Doing this depends on how buoyant you are with cash because there are many tools out there that are designed for funnels.

So you can just make use of anyone. But I will be talking about a few here and explain how you can use them and grow successfully.

But one thing I like a lot is doing things on autopilot and making it work for you every during your absence.

So, below are some requirements that are effective for a successful Evergreen Funnel.


#1. Email Marketing Machine:

Doing an Evergreen Funnel without an email marketing machine will cost you a lot of money.

Marketing is 98% retargeting which means that you need to follow up with your prospects all the time before they can buy.

That is why an evergreen funnel is initiated to make things very easy for marketers in closing prospects.

So, you need email automation software like ConvertKit, Getresponse, Active Campaign, and some others out there.

They are what you will use to automate and follow back with your prospects in sending all the emails stated above.

You need email automation software to send your Evergreen Funnel emails because that is what will help you send the emails.

Also, to collect the emails of these prospects and follow up with them. You need to use email marketing software to collect it.

It is this software that will give you a code that you will put on the landing page where they will input their email address.

Without this software – you will have to keep emailing your leads(prospects) manually which will be very tiring for you.

So, go now and get an email software machine like the ones I stated above. Just with something around $30 every month.

You will be able to register an account after your 30-Days free trial.

Once you have this software – all you have to do is to load all your automated emails into the software.

They are web applications that don’t need you to install on your computer but just your browser.


#2. Landing Page Builder:

You will not only need the email marketing software to make things work out very well.

You need a landing page builder where you will be creating all your funnels and squeeze pages.

Because to create a squeeze page and also input your email autoresponder code where you will put opt-in form.

It is through the opt-in form that you will gather the email of people but you will also have to launch in on a platform.

And the platform is a landing page that you will build through a landing page builder.

Also, you will need to drive people to a landing page because that is where they will see what you are offering.

Also, if you are to pitch them with your product after you are done with your webinar.
It is through the landing page.

It is the landing page link of your product that you will share with them where they will purchase your product.

There are many things involved in having a landing page. To create a landing page – all your need is a website and a page builder like Thrive Architect.

Also, some platforms can help you create landing pages and host your website on the platform.

This means you don’t need to have a website anymore – you can just create your landing page on their platform and share the link.

So, even if you are not techy and don’t know anything about creating a website. Just use a platform like “Clickfunnels” to create a page without having a website.

You can also use Clickfunnels for creating all your Funnels – which you can check out this article on the webinar funnel.


#3. Social Media Account:

Oh yeah…So, what else? You need a social media account.

Just like I stated above – you don’t necessarily need to use an automated webinar tool for your webinars.

Although, that is also cool because it makes it automated and you can keep earning even while not there.

So, if you want easy stuff and you have enough budget. You can use webinar tools like “”.

But if you don’t have much budget and you are looking for a free and easy means to go live with people and pitch.

Then your social media pages are already cool and ready for you to quickly start earning from webinars.

Kinds of Stuff like Facebook Live, Instagram Reels, YouTube Streams are cool tools that can help you go live.

Also, you can decide to just save the webinar and make it accessible for those who are not online to watch.

To be frank with you, the best thing you can do in this situation is to open a Facebook group and gather them there.

It is a cool way of going live in a gathering. You can open a free Facebook account and go live on the group.

This way, you can still keep sending people to this group to watch the videos because you have already recorded them there.

If you just go live on your Facebook account – it won’t be professional because you would have posted more stuff.

Also, the other content on your page can distract them from the value that you are about to give.

Also, if you should use a Facebook page – your reach will be less and not encouraging compared to a Facebook group.

But the Facebook group is just like the landing page and specially designed for the value you are about to give.

Who Is Evergreen Funnel Useful For?

Who Is Evergreen Funnel Useful For?

The main question you might be having in mind is if this Evergreen Funnel will be a perfect fit for your business.

The truth is that it is a perfect fit for every online business. It requires you to know a little bit about email marketing.

But email marketing is needed in every business on the internet because it gives you the ability to reach your customers without spending any further money on ads.

So, if you have any business that sells any product on the internet. You need the Evergreen Funnel to market and sell your products.

It is a more reliable method of selling your products or services without having to shout “Buy! Buy!!” all the time.

So, if your business is selling anything ranging from E-commerce products, Courses, Software, and anything that involves selling.

Then, you need this strategy of selling products online because this is also what the top marketers on the internet do.

Final Thought On Evergreen Funnel

Final Thought On Evergreen Funnel

I believe this guide has been impactful – you can make use of all the strategies and tools I revealed in this guide.

Some tools can help you automated all your webinars and create a perfect evergreen funnel for you which I mentioned in the guide.

So, you can always come back to study this guide once more to understand and get in-depth knowledge about Evergreen Funnel.

If you are using an Evergreen Funnel for your business – kindly drop your experience about it below.

Also, if you learn one or two things from this guide – don’t forget to share your thoughts below.

Share this guide with your friends on social media to help friends.

Squarespace Circle Membership | Should You Join Or Not?

There is always this inner motivation that envelope the administrators of a brand like “Squarespace Circle” when they see a rapid increase in their daily, monthly, and yearly users.

That’s what happened to Squarespace – the rapid increase in their product users and the

The testimonials they got concerning their products made them decide to launch the Squarespace Circle.

This program was birthed by this brand to encourage their users more and get more engagements from their users.

I believe this to be a nice approach because it’s engineered towards encouraging struggling entrepreneurs to never give up.

As we all know that human beings like a circle where they can showcase their expertise.

They like something that can show proof of their result and like to be tagged a particular member of a circle.

This is the reason why the Squarespace Circle is a nice idea and which has grown serious in the mind of their users.

Below Are The Things We Will Be Discussing In This Content;


What Is The Squarespace Circle All About?

What Is The Squarespace Circle All About? 

The Squarespace Circle is founded by the Squarespace brand to bring out the best return on investment for their users.

The Circle project is to upgrade their users and get them to associate with more top users who are making it big with Squarespace products and also have the privilege of getting new information concerning what is happening in the online market.

It’s also like a forum where like-minded people who are using the Squarespace products can discuss and learn from one another with an open mind.

What You Need To Become A Squarespace Circle Member

What You Need To Become A Squarespace Circle Member.

Becoming a Squarespace Circle Member is easy and all you need is to have 3 or more websites created with Squarespace.

This is cool for someone who’s a dedicated user of Squarespace products for his or her website.

So, if you have 3 or more websites that you have created using Squarespace.

You can just go ahead and register a FREE membership account here.

But if you don’t have 3 or more websites created with Squarespace yet. Maybe it’s time you elevate the hustle and create more websites to join the top league.

Note: You must be a Squarespace user who builds a website on their platform to become a member.

Even if you have 3 or more websites but it’s created on another platform and not Squarespace.

You won’t have the privilege to join the Squarespace Circle.

Since we are a little bit through with that. Let us discuss more on what you stand to gain most by joining this Circle.


Benefits Of Squarespace Circle

Benefits Of Squarespace Circle 

  1. Exposure
  2. Six-month Free Trial
  3. Get Notified Of New Trends
  4. Upgraded Portfolio
  5. 20% off schedule
  6. Sophisticated Resources
  7. Elevated Customer Care
  8. Novice Gets Expert Guides


1. Exposure:

There’s this saying that states that:
Your Network Is Your Net Worth.

That’s how the online and offline business rolls and depending on the people you move and reason with.

That’s what will determine how much you will be worth and how well your struggles will pay off.

If you’re moving with those who don’t think alongside the way you think. You will grow weak over time and lose guide.

So, it’s important that you have people that resonate with you and it’s true joining their circle.

That’s exactly what Squarespace is trying to achieve for its users here.

They are building a community where serious members can come together and share thoughts.

Normally, if you are using Squarespace and maybe you already have 3 or more websites set up with Squarespace.

It can be difficult to know others who are also like you. Others who are also passionate to grow a successful business like you.

But with what Squarespace provided called Squarespace Circle – it becomes easy to connect with like-minded people like you.

This is how you can increase your net worth and strive more towards achieving greatness.

Also, competition becomes your friend because you will see many others who are far ahead of you.

That will motivate you towards striving hard to attain more success.

This is the number one benefit that you enjoy.


2. Six-month Free Trial:

The Normal trial for registering an account with Squarespace is 14 days Free Trial.

But by joining the Squarespace Circle – you now have more privilege over others.

You have 6months of free trial for yourself and your clients.

This means that if you are a website designer who has a lot of jobs that you create for your clients…

…and Squarespace is your primary tool for creating your websites and other pages.

You now have the chance to even create 6 months of free website trials for your clients.

This is money for you because you can just pocket the 5months and 16day’s gain.

You will show your client the proof of the 14 days Free Trial but deep down – you know that being a Squarespace Circle Member is what you will use to gain more.

So, even aside from the fee your charge for designing websites for clients.

You are earning extra money just from the purchase of a plan on Skillshare.

Just be careful and don’t spend all the money, so that when the time for renewing begins by the 7th month.

You can quickly pay and renew the clients’ accounts.

Or what you can just do is to tell the client to pay 6 months package now for testing.

Then, later pay the rest after 6months. So, all the 6month fee is yours.

This is a very cool benefit that many freelancers and private website designers out there are using to make cool cash even before designing websites.


3. Get Notified Of New Trends:

Another Benefit you enjoy for joining the Squarespace Circle is the notification you get all the time when new things happen on the platform.

Brands like these spend a lot of money on personal development.

And there are some times that they hire some online marketing experts in the field of Internet Marketing at large.

Sometimes it can be on e-commerce, landing pages, email marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and others.

So, being a part of this Circle. You will get notified and Never miss these trends.

These are some things that will cost you a lot of money if you’re to go learn them by yourself.

But the company has already borne the risk and pay because they want their users to get more successful.

There can also be some notes and resources that the Squarespace brand is releasing soon.

You will get notified quickly and stay ahead of not online others who are using Squarespace and not in the circle.

But ahead of others who are not even aware that Squarespace exists.

I believe this is a nice privilege that you will enjoy as a member.


4. Upgraded Portfolio:

Remember when you are in high school and you are given a portfolio to represent other students.

In case you are not given one. That’s because you’re not an attentive student.

Hahaha… Just kidding.

But if you do or you witness those who do. Can you remember the pride?

Because it shows that you’re one of the most serious students among hundreds or thousands of other students.

This is also what Squarespace is trying to achieve for their users by giving their circle members by giving them a badge.

This badge can be placed on their website and other platforms that they engage in.

It will distinguish them from other normal users and show that they are an expert and professional in designing landing pages.

You might have gone to some other Squarespace members’ websites and you see them proudly display their badge.

Oh yes! That’s their portfolio. And with the badge, they are sure to get more clients because it proves that they have been designing websites for a long while.

So, you can also get this badge and gain worldwide recognition ahead of others, and proudly display it on your website.

Just register, create 3 websites, and more with Squarespace, join the Squarespace Circle and your badge will be readily available for you.


5. 20% off from Annual:

I like annual plans a lot because it gives one the chance of getting a lot of discounts from the monthly plan.

Although, compared to other brands or the normal Squarespace plan. You cannot get a discount like this.

But to appreciate their loyal users and fans. Squarespace has gone ahead to give 20% off their annual plans.

This means that as a circle member – if you purchase an annual plan for your brand or your clients.

You stand the chance of enjoying a 20% discount on your first purchase.

Oh yes! I have to state that clearly. The 20% discount only applies to the first purchase on the account you are opening for yourself or your clients.

Immediately the annual plan expires and it’s time to renew for the next plan. You will be charged the normal fee that others pay.

But after all, this is good news for the start. Because it means more money for you.

So, goooooo… After enjoying the 6 monthly payment menu from your clients.

Immediately the 6 months end and you want to buy a plan for them.

You can just tell them to purchase the annual plan and once they purchase. The 20% from the purchase is yours because you are a circle member.

There is a lot of benefit for those who are doing website designing here.

You stand a lot to enjoy many goodies and get more cash even before going ahead to design websites for your clients.

But remember, it is only applicable to the first purchase of your client.

If you want to try and enjoy this again. It has to be another client’s account when they pay their first annual plan.


6. Sophisticated Resources:

Walking alone along a lonely path can become boring and tiring. The best way to stay fit is to have some resources that you can have in your possession.

These resources are what will help you stay far ahead of others and also learn new things.

That’s why when you join the Squarespace Circle Club, you stand the chance to enjoy some sophisticated marketing materials and help that will assist you in getting a fast result.

Oh yes, I know there’s no fast way in business. But how about something fast that won’t make you pass the wrong way.

Instead of going on a long journey. Something already available to keep the journey very short for you.

So, that’s what the Squarespace Circle gives to its members.

And you have to know that these resources are free to get. But because they are free to get doesn’t mean they are not valuable.

They are very valuable because Squarespace wants its members to succeed so that they can keep using their platform.

Also, when you have some resources that help you get clients without finding it difficult.

Selling becomes easy for you and becoming a top earner won’t be hard.


7. Elevated Customer Care:

Squarespace is known for its dedicated customer support.

Well, that’s less compared to what their circle members are truly enjoying from the customer care.

How about elevated customer care that is optimized for your specific need?

Isn’t that amazing?

That means that sometimes if you find something difficult. Customer support can help you fix it unlike directing you on what to do.

This is another benefit that you enjoy when you join the circle club and become a member.

Also, when someone who is a circle member messages the customer care team of a particular issue.

It will quickly trigger the customer support that the person is a top user and an expert.

So, the support that they get become quick that within a few minutes to an hour. The user gets a quick reply.

So, they are already tagged as an experienced user of Squarespace for becoming a Circle member.


8. Novice Gets Expert Guides:

You have to know that not all the users in the Squarespace Circle Member are experts.

Yes, some people are novices but are only opportune to have funds to create some websites with Squarespace.

Also, some are not the ones who created the websites. They might have a website design team that creates their website.

So, as someone who is like that but among the circle. Such a person is a novice and can get expert advice from joining the circle.

He or she can even hire some top designers in the circle to help design some pages that are more than what’s expected.

Also, experts share advice and opinions in the forum. The novice and Intermediates listen and learn from them.

It’s just a win-win situation for the novice because they are opportune to be in an environment filled with like-minded people.


Importance Of Squarespace Circle Badge

Importance Of Squarespace Circle Badge 

Does the square space circle badge have any importance? Maybe Yes Or Maybe No.

We should just quickly look at some available importance that you can derive from also having the Squarespace Circle Badge.

  1. More Profile Accomplishment.
  2. Dynamic Page Builder Proof.
  3. Grab Unplanned Opportunity.


1. More Profile Accomplishment:

The major reason why stuff like this is very much beneficial is that it adds to more of your accomplishments in life.

You can easily place these badges on your website and also on your social media for more exposure.

You also gain more respect from others concerning what you have been capable of doing.

I have to be very frank with you – people always respect accomplishment.

And that is why the top and successful marketers go to get more certification online by enrolling in some classes.

Because they know that it will add to their portfolio which they can use as a valid reference purpose.

Also, this is something that you must display widely on your LinkedIn profile that you have achieved.

LinkedIn is not a platform that you should just joke with maybe because you don’t hear much about the platform.

A lot of stuff is going on there and that’s a platform where you can make a lot of connections with other companies.


2. Dynamic Page Builder Proof:

People always want proof and they can easily lose trust in you – if you don’t have enough proof that can convince them.

That is why the Squarespace Circle Badge is another fantastic opportunity for you to get proof.

This is something that you can easily show to your client that you have achieved just from building pages for others.

It’s proof that can make you stand out from your competitors and make you become a whole person.

It can kinda be a little bit difficult to win over people these days and proof is what will give you the financial breakthrough.

And just because there are many guru page builders these days who are not even experts in the field of the landing page but building nonsense.

It’s making people lose interest in who they should give their landing page work.

So, with this proof of Squarespace Circle Badge which you have – you can easily win over with proof.


3. Grab Unplanned Opportunity:

A lot of opportunities are now flying on the internet and only those who are prepared can take advantage of them.

That is why if you are still waiting for the right time to start anything – you are indirectly shifting your reward time the more.

So, when you have the Squarespace Circle Badge in your possession and you place it anywhere on the internet.

You have access to more opportunities that you can easily grab all by yourself without any setbacks.

Even if someone wants to join Squarespace through your affiliate link – they can be complacent enough to join because you already have the badge of authority.

You can use this to surpass your competitors and come out strong in topping the affiliate sales leaderboard.

It sounds a little bit reasonable, right? That’s just the fact.

The ability to grab opportunities at any time is why you need to have a Squarespace Circle Badge.



It’s been an amazing guide writing about the Squarespace Circle.

If you’re still wondering whether this is the best choice for you.

You should go ahead and accomplish it by buying some plans and creating your websites.

You can decide to use this platform to create client accounts if you are a freelancer and get the chance to open 3 websites.

Once you have 3 or more websites already created, you can start enjoying the 6months free trial and 20% discount as a circle member.

I believe in doing everything it takes to attain success and I expect you to do the same.

Always remember that joining the Squarespace Circle will give you the chance to join the Squarespace Circle Forum and always be able to display the Squarespace Circle Badge on your website.

Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends if you enjoy it.

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