72 hours Freedom Accelerator challenge review (My Honest Thought)

72 hours Freedom Accelerator challenge review

Talking about the “72-Hour Freedom Accelerator” challenge can be a major concern for several people.

However, those of us who have already participated in this program and started implementing it know the real secret behind it.

I have to confess that Jonathan Montoya did a lot of good by creating the program, and I have been able to earn a decent amount from it.

Kindly note that this review is all for your best interest, and I have tried as much as possible to be genuine with everything written here. Without wasting much time, let us delve deep into the details of today.

What’s the 72-Hour Freedom Accelerator Challenge All About?

This challenge is all about teaching struggling online entrepreneurs how to harness the power of YouTube Shorts and TikTok to make money by creating a 5-second silent video.

Here’s an example below that Jonathan himself mentioned:

Listen to what Jonathan has to say here

The 5 Seconds Video Challenge Is Still Open To You By Clicking Here.

I’m sure you’ve seen some silent videos on YouTube Shorts with millions of views or hundreds of thousands of views.

Ever wondered how they make money with it? They monetize the video through ad revenue and affiliate marketing.

That’s the type of business that Jonathan is teaching in this program, and your ability to earn from it is highly promising.

But that’s not all. This challenge also has an affiliate program that you can join and start promoting alongside your silent videos.

So, if you’re wondering how to do affiliate marketing with your silent videos, Jonathan has provided an affiliate program you can join and promote while also earning from ad revenue.

You can read more about the 72-Hour Challenge affiliate program here.

Is the 72-Hour Freedom Accelerator Challenge Profitable?

In case you’re wondering if this challenge is profitable and what can make you money, well, it depends on your dedication to creating your 5-second silent videos.

Some people have a “make money quick” mindset and expect their first video to skyrocket.

Although Jonathan will teach you everything you need to know and the main strategies that top creators use to achieve millions of video views, you still need dedication.

Try to create at least 5 silent videos before aiming for a big boost.

I’m sharing these facts because I want you to succeed and not lose out in the long run.

While it’s possible to hit it big with your first video, dedication and consistent effort are key.

However, the cost to join this challenge is just $9. Optionally, you can choose to add an extra training module for $29.

Inside this additional training are valuable tutorials from top affiliate marketers, individuals whom Jonathan regards as his mentors.

They share their tricks to boost affiliate sales.

Those who opt for the $29 training receive additional insights compared to those who pay only $9 for the 72-hour challenge.

Although this doesn’t imply that you won’t learn enough with the $9 program, I, personally, decided to invest in the extra $29 training, which combined the wisdom of top affiliates with Jonathan’s expertise, and it benefited me greatly.

Now, let’s explore some advantages and disadvantages of the 72-Hour Freedom Accelerator Challenge.

Advantages of this Program

Here are the pros of the program for anyone considering joining:

1. Ability to Earn While Sleeping

You have a high chance of earning without needing to be awake constantly. This program enables you to generate income even when you’re offline.

2. Earning Without Owning a Product:

Unlike many online ventures that require you to have a product, this program teaches you how to earn by promoting other people’s products, allowing you to generate income without product ownership.

3. Earning from Two Sources

The program teaches you how to earn through both affiliate marketing and YouTube AdSense, offering you multiple income streams.

4. Teaching Others and Earning

You can choose to share this knowledge with others and earn by turning it into a high-ticket program. By learning and teaching in your own language and style, you can convert this knowledge into a profitable endeavor.

5. Offering YouTube Services

You can use the skills learned in this program to provide YouTube shorts monetization services, helping others build their YouTube channels and earn from shorts.

6. Offering TikTok Services

Similarly, you can leverage this knowledge to provide TikTok services, assisting others in growing their follower base and employing effective earning strategies.

Disadvantages of This Program

Typically, everything that has its advantages will also have its disadvantages. Here are some we’ll discuss:

1. Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

This program is not a get-rich-quick scheme where you start earning immediately upon joining. It requires action and implementation of the lessons taught.

2. Joining Required to Understand the Affiliate Program

If you decide to promote the affiliate program of this course, you must first join the course and purchase it with your own money before you can earn from it. The method of selling the course is specific and not widely known, so joining the program is the primary path to becoming an affiliate.

About the 72-Hour Freedom Accelerator Challenge Affiliate Program

You can also become an affiliate for Jonathan Montoya and promote the affiliate program of the 72-Hour Challenge.

By doing so, you’ll earn a 50% commission for every sale generated when someone joins this program through your affiliate link.

If you are already familiar with affiliate marketing and have a track record of successful sales, you can join the affiliate program by clicking here.

However, if you’re new to affiliate marketing and haven’t made any sales yet, I would advise you to start by joining the program for $9 or enhancing your knowledge with insights from other affiliates for $29.

Use this knowledge to enter the world of affiliate marketing and begin your journey.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our guide, and I’m confident that you’ve gained valuable insights into this program.

Please be aware that some of the links provided here are my referral links for this program, and they won’t incur any extra costs for your investment.

To your success,



Muslim Millionaires Discord Review (My Honest Thought)

muslim millionaires discord review

As-salamu alaikum, if you have ever come across this Muslim millionaire guy named Tamar with a Discord community claiming to teach you the Halal way.

Then this review will be the best guide for you to understand the right path to take when it comes to this program.

This guy claims that there are several ways to make money that have led many Muslims to engage in Haram activities.

However, he claims his community is filled with Halal ways to make money, and it’s strictly focused on Muslims.

Well, we are going to delve deeper into this, and by the end, you will be able to determine if this is the right path for you.

About the Muslim Millionaire

The Muslim Millionaire is a Discord community with the slogan “Faith plus wealth equals success,” i.e., Faith + Wealth = Success.

That is what Tamar claimed in the video, stating that they provide guidance on Halal money-making ways to create wealth.

This community has over one hundred thousand members on DISCORD.

Among the courses discussed there include Social Media Marketing Agency, Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing, Graphics Designing.

I believe they are adopting the same approach as Hustlers University in their dealings.

Is this community a legitimate one to consider?

Well, the community might be a legitimate one based on your decision to join.

But is there a guarantee that you will make money with this as a Muslim? No!


Well, this is akin to the owner of Quora telling you that you will make money just by joining Quora.

This is simply a Discord community where people ask questions and possibly discuss some money-making opportunities.

There is no guarantee that you can make money with the things shared there because this is not a comprehensive course on any topic.

Perhaps you’ve been in Facebook groups where people share online money-making opportunities.

Oh yes, this is also the same approach. It’s just a group. There is nothing special there that can guarantee you’ll make money as a Muslim.

Additionally, there are even several Christians present in the group who have easy access to it.

Did I forget to mention that you will also be upsold a course by Tamar who will encourage you to buy his program?

So, you see, it’s just a step for him to sell his course(s) more easily, using the Muslim approach as a marketing technique.

Drawbacks of Muslim Millionaire

Let’s discuss the drawbacks of this program and why I don’t see it as the next-level solution for my Muslim readers.

1. Tapping into people’s Faith 

I see it as merely tapping into people’s faith because he knows that many Muslims hold their religion in high regard.

So, he’s using this as a method to make people believe he genuinely cares about Muslims, even though there are several Christians inside, and he’s primarily focused on selling his course.

I mean, why didn’t he make everything inside free, and why does he still have to sell his course after making such claims in his promotional videos?

2. No guaranteed money-making methods online

All the online businesses he promises to teach are not guaranteed as he claims.

Social media marketing requires running paid ads, freelancing is highly competitive and doesn’t yield instant results, graphics designing also involves freelancing, and many others he’s claiming.

So, all his sweet talk about Halal ways of earning and things getting easier is just a marketing tactic to make money easily by selling his courses.

3. Several Christians and other faiths are also inside 

As I implied earlier, if this is strictly for Muslims, as he claims, then Christians shouldn’t have been able to join.

It’s just a community filled with people from different faiths who all believe they can earn.

For me, this is a red flag that made me shy away from it, and I decided to leave the community.

4. Got the Muslim Millionaire suspended on TikTok 

Even the Muslim Millionaire’s TikTok page was once suspended because of the way he’s claiming to be faithful to Muslims.

This suggests that what he’s doing is against social media policies. Many MLM brands have used similar techniques to get people to join their dubious schemes online, claiming to help them.

This is just another strategy. The only difference is that he’s not doing MLM. Instead, he’s bringing people into a community and claiming they are helping Muslims make money the Halal way.

5. Nothing is free, you still have to pay money to learn

As I mentioned earlier, there’s nothing free in this.

While you can easily join the community, after joining, you’ll find that there’s nothing worthwhile inside unless you’re new to internet marketing and don’t know much about how online businesses work.

After everything, you’ll still be pitched to buy a course, which will require a significant payment to join, with no guaranteed way to earn from it.

6. A way for him and his colleagues to also make money

Oh yes, whatever professors he’s claiming will teach you on this platform are all tricks for them to earn money.

I wouldn’t fall for something like this. However, it’s your choice and time to use by joining the community.

But if you’re here because you’re tired of your 9-to-5 job or want to make money online, you can try out my type of business, which involves creating 5-second silent YouTube shorts and affiliate marketing to earn in three ways:

  1. YouTube AdSense Revenue.
  2. Affiliate Marketing.
  3. Providing YouTube short services to businesses.

Final Thought

Well, as a Muslim seeking the Halal way to earn, I would still suggest you explore further and not rely solely on what these guys are promising you.

Alternatively, you can follow my recommendation above and learn from my mentor.

This business I am into is also Halal and not Haram. I truly hope you can enjoy the benefits of making money online while you sleep.

See you at the top.


Samara Michael The Amazon FBA Kickstarter Academy Reviews (My Honest Thought)

samara michael amazon fba reviews

Amazon FBA is another business model that Samara Michael is teaching in her Kickstarter Academy, and this is the review.

Although this course is stated to be targeted towards Muslims residing in the United Kingdom.

However, how legitimate this program is and several other important factors that you should consider are what we will discuss here.

My name is Maverick, and I welcome you to this review where I will provide my best insights based on what I have learned in the internet marketing world.

Also, please know that I am not an affiliate for this program, and whatever I am reviewing here is for your best interest.

About the Amazon FBA Kickstarter Academy

This program is primarily targeted towards Muslim professionals and couples who are seeking a way to make money online.

However, Samara believes that the Halal way for those who fall into her categories to make money is through Amazon FBA.

It’s also important for you to know that this Kickstarter Academy is a 90-day coaching program about Amazon FBA.

And it costs £3500 to join. Does this mean that if you’re not a Muslim professional or couple, then you won’t be able to join?

More details about that below.

Can I join this program reliably?

Yes, you can join this program reliably, as Samara is not a scam, and she also claims to have been in the Amazon FBA business for a long while.

However, is there any guarantee that you will even be able to make money from this program as she claimed?


There is no guarantee because results differ from one person to another, and Amazon FBA is not an easy business to get into.

Aside from the significant capital you will need to get started after paying £3500 to join her program.

You will also have to invest in some tools that you need to get the business up and running.

Drawbacks of Amazon FBA Kickstarter Academy

Well, let me talk about the drawbacks of this program and the business called Amazon FBA.

With this information, you will be able to make the best decision for whatever you want to get into.

1. Product sourcing not guaranteed to sell 

One of the major drawbacks of this program is the fact that Samara has over 900 students who have enrolled in this course.

Now, think about you just learning what 900 others have known and applied.

That tells you automatically that any product she is recommending has fewer chances of succeeding because of competition.

Competition from fellow students who have already enrolled and are applying what’s in this course already.

And competitors from those who didn’t even enroll for the course but learned from other sources.

2. Using Faith to Sell

I believe this to be a strategy to sell to Muslims because she knows how some people value their faith.

It’s similar to what the Tamar guy does, who also owns the Muslim Millionaire and keeps selling to people based on faith.

There are some Muslims who will go the extra mile to join this because it’s dedicated to Muslims.

Well, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s a marketing strategy.

Because what’s the assurance that there aren’t Christians who are also enrolling in the program?

Would Samara object if a Christian wanted to join and pay for her program? Unlikely!

3. Needing to Hire a Team to Handle Tasks

Another thing you need to consider is the extra cost of hiring team members to help you run the business.

Imagine a situation where you haven’t earned much or you’re not even sure if you’re on the right path.

And you’re already required to hire a team to handle tasks in your Amazon FBA business.

4. Only for UK-based

The fact that this program is only available to those in the UK is limiting.

It should ideally be available to people in the United States, Australia, and other countries as well.

5. Requires a Significant Capital to Get Started

Have I mentioned that you need significant capital to get started? Yes, it’s crucial.

You need a substantial amount of capital to begin with Amazon FBA, and it’s not a business you can start for free.

So, apart from paying a substantial amount to Samara to learn what she’s selling.

You still need to invest a lot in the business because Amazon FBA is one of the most expensive online businesses to start.

6. Amazon Bans

Many people are unaware of Amazon bans before they enter this business.

These bans can be frustrating and may cause you to give up earlier than you would have expected.

Amazon bans quite a number of sellers, and they don’t care whether you’ve invested a significant amount of money into this business.

That’s why I always suggest a type of business that requires zero capital to start and is not prone to bans for my readers.

This is a business where you can combine creating 5-second silent YouTube short videos with affiliate marketing to earn over £11k+ monthly online, just like me.

This business allows you to earn through affiliate marketing, YouTube ads revenue, and offering YouTube services to people, including TikTok.


Final Thought

As we reach the end of this guide, you’ve learned what the Kickstarter Academy is all about.

I’m also confident that my guide has led you in the right direction for your online journey.

If you’re interested in my program, just click the link anywhere in this guide to join the training.

See you on the inside.


Aylin Khormali Empire Accelerator Reviews (My Honest Thought)

empire accelerator reviews

Here’s another program review by Aylin Khormali called the Empire Accelerator.

This is a program that promises to teach you how to launch a fully active Amazon FBA Private label business.

There are just many courses out there that are milking money just from selling Amazon FBA ideas.

I wonder what made it so common like this, and this makes Amazon FBA more challenging due to the increasing number of people entering it every day.

However, that shouldn’t be all for this guide. Let us discuss more about what this program is all about.

I am sure you want to learn more about this and also know about how the Amazon FBA business works and if it’s something you can go for.

About Empire Accelerator 

This course by Aylin Khormali is a program that promises to guide you in your Amazon Fulfillment By Amazon business.

Which is also known as Amazon FBA business, and Aylin also offers additional consultation services which involve:

  1. Doing product research for you.
  2. Helping reduce advertising cost of sales on Amazon.

Aside from the coaching itself.

So, no matter where you are in your Amazon FBA business journey, she’s ready to assist.

However, this doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to make huge money from this since Amazon FBA is not as easy as they claim.

Although, I have a business recommendation for you, which is the one I am into.

It’s the usage of YouTube shorts to make affiliate sales.

This business is free to join, and you only have to create 5-second silent videos on YouTube shorts and use them to promote affiliate commissions.

While you are earning from both ad revenue, affiliate marketing, and offering YouTube shorts services to other businesses.

Is the Empire Accelerator Reliable?

Well, if you’re looking to avoid scams, it’s a good one to consider. But if you are all about getting results easily,

I can’t guarantee that you won’t later ask for a refund because there is no assurance that you will make money as easily as she promised.

Amazon FBA requires several investments and time before you can even imagine making progress in it.

Possibly, the drawbacks below can give you more insights into several aspects you may not know about Amazon FBA.

Drawbacks Of This Program

Here are the drawbacks of Aylin’s Amazon FBA course based on my knowledge.

1. Earning mostly from coaching and consulting

One drawback of Aylin’s Amazon FBA course is that it appears to focus more on generating revenue from coaching.

And consulting rather than delivering substantial value through the course content itself.

This might lead to a perception that the course is more geared towards generating income from students rather than providing actionable insights for success on Amazon.

2. Amazon Requires Huge Capital

While this isn’t specific to Aylin’s course, it’s worth noting that Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) often demands a substantial upfront capital investment.

If Aylin’s course doesn’t adequately address this financial aspect or help students explore ways to manage or minimize the capital requirements.

It could be a drawback for aspiring sellers who have limited financial resources.

3. Lack of Amazon-Related Free Tutorials on Aylin’s Page

If Aylin’s website or platform lacks free tutorials or valuable content related to Amazon selling.

It might signal that the course heavily relies on paid content and consultation.

A more comprehensive approach could involve providing some valuable free resources to showcase expertise and build trust before asking students to commit to the course.

4. Booking a Call to Know the Price

Requiring potential students to book a call to learn about the course price might be seen as an unnecessary barrier to accessing basic information.

Transparent pricing information upfront can help potential students make informed decisions without feeling pressured or obligated to commit to a call.

5. Amazon Banning

If Aylin’s course doesn’t thoroughly cover the complexities and risks associated with selling on Amazon.

Such as policy violations that can lead to account suspension or banning, students might find themselves ill-equipped to navigate these challenges.

A comprehensive course should address these potential pitfalls and offer strategies to avoid or address them.

Final Thought

Now that you have been able to understand some major drawbacks of this program and the business.

And you have also been able to use this as a guide to your financial decision, it’s now your choice to make on whether this is the right one for you or not.



Wealth Warriors Elite Income Empire Reviews (My Honest Thought)

wealth warriors elite income empire reviews

If you have come into contact with these individuals known as the Wealth Warriors Elite Income Empires.

Then this guide will likely help you determine whether you should consider joining their program or not.

However, it’s important to know that this program falls among the affiliate marketing ones that promise to teach you how to use social media marketing for promotion.

All the while emphasizing the impact of using free or organic traffic methods and encouraging you to sell their own program.

There’s much more to say about this, so let’s delve deeper into today’s insights.

However, it’s crucial to understand that I am not an affiliate for this program. So, everything I am reviewing here is solely for your benefit and nothing else.

About Wealth Warriors Elite Income Empires

As I mentioned earlier, it’s a program that promises to teach you how to start social media affiliate marketing.

This program is owned by Daniel Chou and Nathan Bokkers, both of whom claim to have earned a substantial amount of money in affiliate commissions.

Now, how legitimate this program is and other relevant factors will be discussed below, with the hope that it can guide you in the right direction.

Is the Wealth Warriors Elite Income Empires Legitimate?

Talking about the legitimacy of this program is something I cannot assure, because in this case, you are the product.

What this means is that you are sold a program and, in the end, you are taught how to promote their program.

The approach is somewhat akin to an MLM approach, where you are required to join a company and recruit more people to join the company.

For me personally, I do not favor programs like this, where the focus is primarily on recruiting others to join someone else’s program.

That’s my perspective on this, and if you still feel it’s worth considering, then you can make your decision.

However, let’s discuss the drawbacks of this program before you make a final decision.

Drawbacks of the Course

Let’s delve into some details regarding the drawbacks of the Wealth Warriors Elite Income Empires program.

1. It’s High Ticket

The first drawback is that this program is high ticket, meaning you have to pay a substantial amount to join.

I mean, there are several affiliate marketing coaching programs, like the one from my mentor, that don’t even cost close to a hundred dollars.

So, this one’s pricing is on the higher side, and even with the high cost, there’s no full guarantee of making money.

2. Utilizing Guru Approach

These individuals also employ the guru approach by showcasing high earnings rates to entice you and get you on board, encouraging you to apply for their program.

3. Social Media Marketing vs. SEO

While social media marketing has its merits, I often prefer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods like YouTube.

This preference stems from the fact that YouTube combines both social media and a search engine.

This means you can attract quality traffic when people search for your content or when they visit YouTube for entertainment.

4. Students Are Often the Product

As I mentioned earlier, in this program, the students are primarily used as a product.

This implies that you learn how to promote the program to others and encourage them to join.

Thus, it has a hint of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) approach to it.

About My Type of Affiliate Marketing

Since we are both involved in affiliate marketing, I’d recommend considering my mentor’s approach.

It involves using YouTube Shorts and Affiliate Marketing. This approach surpasses that of the Wealth Warriors Elite Income Empire for several reasons.

Firstly, it offers diverse income streams. Rather than solely relying on social media to promote affiliate products, you can utilize YouTube Shorts to create 5-second silent videos.

This not only drives affiliate sales but also allows you to earn from YouTube ads revenue.

Given that YouTube was one of the pioneers in paying content creators, the income is relatively stable.

Furthermore, you can provide YouTube services to individuals and brands after learning from my mentor.

This way, you can generate income from multiple sources within a single business model.

That’s why I frequently advocate for the combination of YouTube Shorts and Affiliate Marketing.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can click here to enroll in the free training program provided by my mentor, where you’ll receive comprehensive guidance.

Final Thought

Concluding this review, I hope you’ve gained a clear understanding of what the Wealth Warriors Elite Income Empire entails.

Now, you can make an informed decision about whether to choose their program or mine.

I look forward to seeing you in my mentor’s Freedom Accelerator Group, where you can share your earnings screenshot after completing the training.



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