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15 Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs That The Gurus Don’t Know About

Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

Over $40 Billion is spent on weight-loss products in the United States. That is why many brands have started operating weight loss affiliate programs for their products.

So, in this guide…We will look at the several weight loss affiliate programs that are available for anyone to join.

If you have been thinking of the best way that you can make enough money from the weight loss niche.

Then this is the best bet for you because you can start promoting them and be making money easily.

Below Are The Things That We Will Be Discussing In This Guide;

The process of making money from these affiliate programs should not be underestimated because more people are wishing to lose fats every day.

And because of this… it is important that you sign up for one among them and start promoting their affiliate products.


15 Weight Loss Affiliate Programs That You Can Join

  1. Dirobi.
  2. HealthTrader.
  3. Weight Watchers.
  4. Bluefin Fitness.
  5. Weight Loss Evolved.
  6. Doctor’s Weight Loss.
  7. Designer Protein.
  8. MAXIMUM Slim.
  9. DietToGo.
  10. Elite Weight Loss.
  11. Bistro MD.
  12. Diet Direct.
  13. Nutrition Forest.
  14. Vitauthority.
  15. EarthTurns.


1. Dirobi:

Dirobi Affiliate Program

Dirobi affiliate program is one of the top-performing and rewarding affiliate programs in the weight loss niche.

Another major reason why I like this affiliate program is that they always make sure to value their affiliates.

What I am trying to state here is that – unlike many other affiliate programs where you might not be able to a discount for yourself.

Dirobi has made the feature available for these affiliates to create a discount within their dashboard.

The reason why this feature is very much favorable is because customers or referrals like to collect to discount.

And when you state that they can use your unique coupon code that comes with your brand name.

It will look more professional and unique because it makes them feel safer than others.

It also makes you command more authority when you are doing that kind of promotion.

So, this is a fantastic feature that makes me like the dirobi affiliate program, and also recommended it to you.

  • Commission Rate: 10% – 20%
  • Cookie Duration: 90days
  • Payment Process: PayPal
  • Registration Link: Dirobi 
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Dirobi Affiliate Network

The moment you have made more than $20 on your wallet – then you have the chance to withdraw your money to your bank.


2. HealthTrader:

Health Trader Weight Loss Affiliate Program

One of the top weight loss affiliate programs which I cherish and also recommend to a lot of people is the HealthTrader affiliate program.

They are a health specialist platform that sells a lot of body care products that a lot of people are buying.

But sales wouldn’t be complete without the support of other affiliate marketers who will also help to promote their product.

That is why HealthTrader also found its affiliate program to make their users and also other users earn and they also earn.

So, if you are thinking of any program you should, first of all, consider the weight loss niche.

Then you need to start considering joining the HealthTrader affiliate program because it’s best in this field.

And they value and compensate their affiliates as promised – they don’t slack with their affiliate program.

Also, as a sign of seriousness and support to their affiliates – they have provided promotional tools for you.

These tools include Banners that you can easily put on your website. Big images to use on your social media pages.

Also, a link tracker to help you keep track of where your clicks are coming from.

  • Commission Rate: 40% per sales
  • Cookie Duration: 90days
  • Payment Process: PayPal, Skrill
  • Registration Link: Healthtrader
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Health Trader Affiliate Network

They pay a 40% affiliate commission for any referral you make on their platform.

This is the number one affiliate program in the weight loss niche that we will review and you shouldn’t take it for granted.


3. Weight Watchers:

Weight Watchers Weight Loss Affiliate Program

One is of the most reputable brand in the weight loss niche is the weight watchers firm.

They are the platform that specializes in the aspect of bodybuilders and weight lifters.

So, if anyone thinking or planning to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger who is a legendary bodybuilder can also start surfing this website.

Because they have majorly all that it takes to make one build more muscles and also become a weight lifter in the future.

But that is not where everything ends… where it favors you the more is that you can also promote their affiliate program.

The weight watchers affiliate program also pays a reasonable amount of commission to anyone who refers customers to buy their products or services.

So, if you are a weight lifter or trying to start burying bodies.

Or you are not even interested in all that but you just want to be making money from weight loss because you see the money inside of it.

Then the weight watchers affiliate program is your next bet and it’s a fantastic affiliate program that pays well.

  • Commission Rate: $10
  • Cookie Duration: 45days
  • Payment Process: PayPal
  • Registration Link: Weight Watchers Affiliate Program 
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Commission Junction

You can easily start cashing out your commission once you have an accumulated wealth of $25 in your dashboard wallet.

So, keep calm and promote this affiliate program with your best interest in mind.


4. Bluefin Fitness:

Bluefin Fitness Weight Loss Affiliate Program

Wow! So Bluefin Fitness also has its affiliate program where it pays a lot of affiliates money.

Oh yes, bluefin does have its affiliate program and a lot of people who are also much interested in the weight loss niche are not exceptional in promoting this affiliate program.

Bluefin affiliate program pays its affiliates from 5% to 15% commission depending on the type of service that a referral subscribes to.

  • Commission Rate: 5% – 15%

  • Cookie Duration: 60days

  • Payment Process: Paypal

  • Registration Link: BlueFin Fitness Affiliate Program 

  • Affiliate Program Channel: Awin Affiliate Network

Bluefin Fitness is a fitness brand that coaches people to maintain and achieve a perfect body shape.

So, just like I have explained below this guide on how you can easily promote these weight loss affiliate programs.

You can easily make them feel safe in also taking part in the service that this affiliate program is offering.

So, Don’t slack on this affiliate program if you are mostly interested in the weight loss affiliate niche.

Since many people want to keep fit and stay happy – then this is the best program for them to join.


5. Weight Loss Evolved:

Weight Loss Evolved Affiliate Program


The weight loss evolved affiliate program is a very much high ticket weight loss program that is also very beneficial to affiliate marketers.

The major reason why I like to promote affiliate programs like this is that – even though it is a little bit on the higher price.

You might be thinking maybe people won’t join the program because of one reason or the other.

But the trust is that people will join through your link and later buy whatever they are promoting.

The weight loss niche is something that is just too sweet to earn from because many people want to stay fit.

They are tired of wearing that precious cloth and they look awful inside the dress.

So, the Weight Loss Evolved affiliate program is not what you should run from but instead grab it as a great opportunity to earn money.

The weight loss evolved affiliate program pays 30% commission to their affiliates.

And because the program is on a little bit higher side of $397 – you will always earn a $119 commission from anybody who joins through your affiliate link.

So, this type of affiliate program is the kind that you will just place at the widget area of your website and be making money easily.


6. Doctor’s Weight Loss:

Doctors' Weight Loss Affiliate Program

Doctor’s Weight Loss is a brand that sells weight loss supplements and consumable products to people to achieve better body shape.

And they also have an affiliate program that they so use to recruit more affiliates to earn from them and also help to sell their products.

The reason why I added this affiliate program is because not all people are ready to go through the stress of fitness.

Some will ask whether there is a consumable product they can be using and also be doing a little exercise alongside it.

These people are majorly high-income earners who also want to have the perfect body shape but don’t have the time to keep fit.

So, if you are in contact with this person – it is much more okay and profitable to have another alternative to training.

And that is by promoting an affiliate program that has supplements that people can easily consume.

So, Doctor’s Weight Loss is a fantastic weight loss affiliate program that you should join.

Also, you earn a 12% commission on any referred sales that pass through your affiliate link.

  • Commission Rate: 12%
  • Cookie Duration: 45 Days
  • Payment Process: PayPal
  • Registration Link: Doctor Weight Loss 
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Commission Junction Affiliates Network

So, count yourself lucky to be having access to a weight loss affiliate program like this that sells supplements.

These products have a good satisfaction rate and you can be complacent enough that your referrals will get a good result.

So, start promotion today!


7. Designer Protein:

Designer Wellness Affiliate Program

Designer Protein Wellness affiliate program is another affiliate program in the weight loss Affiliate program which you can join and mint money from.

The designer protein’s products are made with real and no sugar products that are working wonders.

So, you should be relaxed enough to want to promote them on your website or anywhere you want to promote them.

One of the best things about this affiliate program is the fact that they give a lot of incentives to their affiliates.

  • Commission Rate: 10% upwards
  • Cookie Duration: 90days
  • Payment Process: PayPal
  • Registration Link: Designer Protein Affiliate Program 
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Shareasale Affiliate Network

If you are someone who can bring a lot of sales to the table and keep topping your leaderboard.

It will be of great benefit because you can easily be getting a lot of incentives as you like.

Also, you enjoy another fantastic benefit that will help you more even if you are new to affiliate marketing and would just like to promote weight loss products.

And this benefit is that you will have your dedicated affiliate manager that will help coordinate your journey in affiliate marketing.

In case you are new to affiliate marketing and you would need support to do more on affiliate marketing.

This manager can help you out on things that are confusing to you and provide temporary or permanent solutions to them.

So, this is another great thing that the Designer Protein affiliate program offers.


8. MAXIMUM Slim:

Maximum Slim Affiliate Program

Make enough money from the MAXIMUM Slim affiliate program if you are someone who can help people in the weight loss niche.

A lot of people want to lose weight and burn fats easily without the hard work of going to the gym all the time.

And if you can be the solution to their problems by recommending the MAXIMUM Slim products to them.

You will easily earn a 25% commission on any affiliate sales that you send their way.

  • Commission Rate: 25%
  • Cookie Duration: 30days
  • Payment Process: PayPal , Debit and Prepaid cards
  • Registration Link: Maximum Slim Affiliate Program 
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Shareasale Affiliate Network

They are a Trustworthy affiliate program that pays exactly what they promise and this is a golden opportunity for anybody interested in promoting weight loss products.

They also have guides that can direct you on the best way to access their platform and also become a pro.

So, you can also join the MAXIMUM Slim affiliate program today and start making money easily from their weight loss products.


9. DietToGo:

Diet-to-go Affiliate Program

Diet-To-Go is another affiliate program in the weight loss niche that will also make you more money in the affiliate marketing world.

Although, unlike other affiliate programs that might just accept any random people who don’t even have an audience.

Or any newbie that doesn’t have enough recognition on the internet but just getting started.

The Diet-To-Go affiliate program requires partnering with those who have websites or a social media audience.

The reason is that they need people who will promote their links effectively and not just someone that will keep spamming their links anyhow.

I believe they have their reasons for doing that because they have also been in the weight loss Affiliate program niche for a little while.

The more you keep making more sales for this platform – the more they will keep rewarding you with bonuses for a job well done.

The Diet-To-Go affiliate program also supports those who are not even influencer online but be a nutritionist or health experts.

So, even if you are not someone popular on the internet or even own any blog or social media audience.

You can still be accepted to this affiliate program so far you are a professional in the offline field.

They also pay a $40 commission for you when to bring any sale to their platform.

  • Commission Rate: $40
  • Cookie Duration: 45days
  • Payment Process: Bank Transfer
  • Registration Link: Diet-to-go Affiliate Program 
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Impact Radius


10. Elite Weight Loss:

Elite Weight Loss Affiliate Program

Elite Weight Loss affiliate program will offer you a lot of incentives when you join their program.

If you are in the weight loss niche and you have blogs or maybe a YouTube channel for your business.

Then don’t hesitate to miss out on the juice you can enjoy when you join the Elite Weight Loss affiliate program.

You get 20 to 35% commission on any affiliate juice that you bring to their website.

  • Commission Rate: 20-35%
  • Cookie Duration: 30days
  • Payment Process: PayPal
  • Registration Link: Elite Weight Loss Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Elite Weight Loss Affiliate Network

It is no news that affiliate programs only support affiliates who bring sales to their platform.

So, if you have the means to bring affiliate sales to this website – you can join their affiliate program right away.

Also, you will have the benefit of making use of their promotional tools just to derive more affiliate sales.

This is much beneficial for those who are having websites to even put banners on their website.

Also, the required affiliate link that you need which will keep being tracked will be provided by the Elite Weight Loss affiliate program.


11. Bistro MD:

BistroMD Affiliate Program

Bistro MD is a health android nutrition platform that solves the problem of healthy eating for a lot of people.

The thing about losing weight and burning fats is that there is a limit to what one can consume daily.

That is why when you are a weight lifter or a physical trainer who just have a normal body physique.

You will see that you won’t be readily available to consume every food that comes your way.

Somebody trainers don’t even eat salt because of their daily food routine.

The reason is that they just have to eat it that way so as not to lose their body posture.

They just have to eat and not that they are eating to derive pleasure or whatever it is.

They are eating just to eat.

And that is what Bistro MD is offering a lot of people because they are helping them keep a normal body physique.

So, if you are in this type of niche in weight loss and you would like to be helping people become pro in what they should consume.

Then you can start promoting the Bistro MD Affiliate program for people to join and you stand the chance of earning commissions from it.

  • Commission Rate: $45
  • Cookie Duration: 45days
  • Payment Process: PayPal
  • Registration Link: Bistro MD Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Commission Junction Affiliate Network

This is also a fantastic affiliate marketing program to join which will give you a lot of incentives and opportunities.


12. Diet Direct:

Diet Direct Weight Loss Affiliate Program

If you have been thinking of other affiliate programs in the weight loss niche can I join – then I introduce the Diet Direct affiliate program to you.

Their affiliate program is top-notch and they also offer a lot of quality incentives and bonuses to their affiliates.

The diet direct platform is in the weight loss niche that sells products that anyone can use to reduce weight.

I believe the weight loss niche to be a top niche where many people can see a lot of money to earn.

I mean, a lot of marketers have earned a considerable amount of money just from joining and promoting weight loss affiliate products.

So, diet direct is also among the top affiliate programs that are trying to stay high in the weight loss niche.

So, if you have what it takes to promote their products and also earn incentives for yourself.

Go ahead and join their affiliate program today and start promoting a lot of products.

  • Commission Rate:10%
  • Cookie Duration: 30days
  • Payment Process: PayPal
  • Registration Link: Diet Direct 
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Commission Junction Affiliate Network


Also, their Commission rate is quite good because they pay a 10% commission on every affiliate referral.

So, if you can refer people who can also be interested in buying the diet direct Affiliate products.

You are on the enjoyment side of living money-making life on the internet.


13. Nutrition Forest:

Nutrition Forest Weight Loss Affiliate Program

This is another great opportunity for website owners or online stores that have a professional website.

If you have a website that is partially or fully focused on the nutrition aspect. Then you shouldn’t slack on the Nutrition Forest affiliate program.

They also offer some outstanding incentives to their affiliates and reward affiliate marketers that can bring leads to their website.

Although, with the way Nutrition Forest affiliate program stands now – they are only prepared for those with a website.

So, you will be required to input your website link address when you are registering just for them to confirm with you.

The reason is that they need serious people who are into the business of nutrition to be in their program.

Although, if you have a YouTube channel in the nutrition aspect – you can easily add it there and you can get approved.

Or you can message their support system to get more information about what to do.

All that is required is that you are a serious person who is pressing buttons in the nutrition niche.

Aside from getting paid for bringing leads to this platform – you will also earn a 15% commission for any Affiliate sale that you bring to this program.

  • Commission Rate: 15%
  • Cookie Duration: 30days
  • Payment Process: PayPal
  • Registration Link: Nutrition Forest Affiliate Program 
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Nutrition Forest Affiliate Network


14. Vitauthority:

Vitauthority Weight Loss Affiliate Porgram

Vitauthority is another platform or an online marketing firm that also runs health and nutrition services in the weight loss niche.

Vitauthority also sells products that are very much cognizant of the problems that people are facing.

A lot of people want to lose weight just like you know and some people are also looking for more supplements and meals to consume to give them a perfect body state.

Not everyone has the mindset or the knowledge of what they can consume to stay healthy.

So, if you are having a website or a blog in the nutrition niche – then you can easily be showing the Vitauthority products to your audience.

You can put their products in the widget aspect of your website and get people to click and buy

Vitauthority affiliate program is the next-level program in the weight loss affiliate marketing niche.

so, as an affiliate, don’t go dull on this affiliate program and start making sure that you commence promoting their products.

  • Commission Rate: 10%
  • Cookie Duration: 30days
  • Payment Process: Paypal
  • Registration Link: Vitauthority
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Growth Hero

As another way to support their affiliates – each affiliate is given a dedicated account manager to oversee the performance of the affiliate.


15. EarthTurns:

Earth Turns Affiliate Program

EarthTurns affiliate program is another program that is in the weight loss affiliate niche.

They also pay a reasonable amount of commission to any affiliate that brings sales for them.

  • Commission Rate: 10%
  • Cookie Duration: 45days
  • Payment Process: Paypal
  • Registration Link: Earth Turns Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Program Channel: Shareasale Affiliate Network

So, if you are in the weight loss affiliate niche and you want a reliable affiliate program that can pay you for your service.

Then you can rely on the EarthTurns affiliate program to solve the problem for you.

Join their affiliate program easily and start making daily commissions just from the recommendations you are making.


How To Promote These Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

  1. Become A Fitness Coach 
  2. Create A YouTube Channel 
  3. Join Weight loss Groups/Communities 
  4. Hit The Gym Regularly


1. Become A Fitness Coach:

When people ask me how they can make money as fitness coaches – I tell them to promote weight loss affiliate products.

So, if you have not thought of being a fitness coach and you are someone who is a Gym expert.

Then what’s disturbing you from starting to promote affiliate products that are in the weight loss niche.

If you look at some body weight lifters out there – check out their YouTube channel, website, and other channels.

You will be them promoting a weight loss product or the other.

They have also been a brand ambassador for a lot of affiliate marketing programs out there which they earn money from.

Like it’s really funny how some people just want to rely heavily on lifting weights or burning fats without even using it to make money.

Like, the fact that you are one step or one move above many people out there is okay for you to start being a fitness coach.

Although, if this is not something you feel you can do because you are not someone who hits him regularly.

Or maybe you have not even hit the gym before but you just want to promote these affiliate programs because of the money reason.

Then, it’s fine because you still have more recommendations below which you can take advantage of.

But being a fitness coach is the number one way because you are directly relating to a lot of people that want to lose weight.

Most especially Ladies and Women who want to have a flat tummy to look sexier and stay in shape.


2. Create A YouTube Channel:

Okay, Fine! I get it – you don’t have the time to become a fitness coach.

Also, before you can even become a fitness coach – the result has to show in your body for people to trust you with their body shape.

You cannot expect to have a bulgy tummy as a lady or a man and you decide that you want to become a fitness coach just because of the affiliate commissions.

Like, people just won’t take you seriously and you will just be portrayed as a joker who is just flexing around.

So, the best thing you can do is to open a YouTube channel where you discuss the majority about fitness.

Now, one thing about this is that you don’t necessarily have to keep showing your face to this.

There are a lot of free and paid tools on the internet which you can use to Animate your videos and keep providing value.

There are a lot of YouTubers that are making millions of money on the internet and they didn’t show their faces.

Also, these YouTubers have millions of subscribers who are always ready to watch and feel from them.

So, you can easily start a YouTube channel where you will be talking about fitness programs without showing your face.


3. Join Weight loss Groups/Communities:

Okay, another alternative or combination of getting affiliate sales which you can combine with the ones above is using groups.

There are a lot of groups, forums, and communities that you can join to start getting more people interested in what you’re offering.

You just have to be careful when promoting your weight loss affiliate product of whichever one you are promoting.

The reason because mostly all of them don’t accept that you promote any affiliate link on their page.

So, the best thing for you to do is make sure that you create a landing page for all your affiliate promotions.

So, it is this landing page link that you will be sent on these forums and groups to get sales.

Remember to always make sure that you are not just spamming groups anyhow you like.

This is a red flag and can get you evicted from the community as soon as you might easily imagine.

So make sure that you create a landing page and interact in these communities even before promoting.

Always make sure to drop at least 6-7 engagements on the platform before even thinking of promoting your weight loss affiliate products.


4. Hit The Gym Regularly:

I know some people who are just regular gym people that just hit the gym to stay fit and also live a proud life.

But they are also able to be making money from this means because they can connect with more people.

Like, they can just be doing an exercise and also have a stranger doing Alongside with them and they turn friends.

And just from there – the person can tell them about their worries and they will just recommend a product to the person.

They easily send out the product through WhatsApp or Skype because they know that there are no restrictions there.

But this works best for those who have also started building muscles or some ladies who are already achieving success with their body shape.

This is something that brings more money to the table in the weight loss affiliate program niche.

16 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs With Lifetime Income

16 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs With Lifetime Income

Having a source of making money anytime you are not around is one of the best ways to make money online.

That is why Recurring Affiliate Marketing is what the majority of online marketers like to adopt to make money online.

Most times, you don’t have to be available before you should make money online.

You can just decide to do all the stress at once and be rest assured that you can keep making money without your presence.

That is why you will see many entrepreneurs go on vacation and don’t even check on their business.

Why? Because they know that money is surely flowing in from their past activities without any stress.

But what the majority of these online entrepreneurs do is to involve in Recurring income.

They involve in Recurring income as a source of earning passively online without further work.

In this guide, we will discuss in detail what passive income is about and also platforms that offer the best recurring affiliate programs on the internet.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

But before we move further – let us look at what Recurring income implies and why is it important for many affiliate marketers to do.


What is Recurring Income?

What Is Recurring Income?

Recurring income is the money that comes into your account just from the affiliate recommendations you made in the past.

What this means is that – the affiliate recommendations you made in the past (maybe one month ago) and the person who bought the product.

Now, because such product needed to be renewed every month or maybe yearly.

Once the affiliate referrals renew their plan to continue using that product (which is mostly digital products).

You will keep earning money whenever such person keeps renewing their plans and your commission will keep coming into your wallet.

What this means is that you don’t have to stress yourself to make sales all the time.

You can easily find means to get 10 people to purchase a digital product plan through your affiliate link.

And after the people have purchased a plan – you can rest assured that the 5 among them will keep renewing their plans because they enjoy the product.

But you should always make sure that you join recurring affiliate programs that are offering good services.

You don’t have to panic about that because I will talk about the best recurring affiliate programs that you can join in this guide.

But what should stop us from also explaining what Recurring Affiliate Programs mean? Let’s explain it.


What are Recurring Affiliate Programs?

What Are Recurring Affiliate Programs?

Recurring Affiliate Programs are the platforms that offer a commission to affiliate marketers who bring a customer to them by offering them a unique affiliate ID.

But they don’t just stop there – they will keep paying the affiliate marketer a recurring income anytime their referrals keeps renewing their plans.

Let us quickly talk about recurring Affiliate Programs that you can join and start earning money consistently in affiliate marketing.


List of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

List Of The Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

  1. Recurring Affiliate Programs For Email Marketers 
  2. Recurring Affiliate Programs For Landing Page Builders 
  3. Recurring Affiliate Programs For Search Engine Optimization 
  4. Recurring Affiliate Program For Web Hosting 
  5. Recurring Affiliate Commission For Social Media Management 
  6. Recurring Affiliate Program For Website Themes 
  7. Recurring Affiliate Program For Course Hosting 


1. Recurring Affiliate Programs For Email Marketers

Recurring Affiliate Programs For Email Marketers

Below is the list of Recurring Affiliate Programs that offers email marketing services for email marketers which you can join and start promoting to those who are interested in email marketing.


A. Aweber Recurring Affiliate Program:

Aweber is the first Recurring Affiliate Marketing program we will talk about which is in the aspect of email marketing.

You can easily recommend Aweber to newbie email marketers and inform them about the benefit they can enjoy from using Aweber.

When you join the Aweber affiliate program and someone subscribes to one of Aweber’s plans – you will earn 30% per referral.

Joining the Aweber Recurring Affiliate Program is free and you won’t be charged any money to sign up.

In case you have a blogging website or a YouTube channel and you are thinking about monetizing.

Aweber is the best destination to start earning money passively with recurring Commission.

Also, you will be shown the stats of affiliate sales that you have earned from your recommendations.

Aweber will reveal everything to you and show you the clicks and sales which will help you more in your affiliate marketing business.

You will easily see the number of people who have clicked but have not bought any of Aweber’s plans.

Also, you will see those who have bought – this will make it easy for you to motivate yourself the more into working harder.

Aweber affiliate program is your best bet to earn money even while you are not there.

Also, Aweber’s Commission is a monthly payment that you can easily receive on your PayPal or bank.

Join the Aweber Affiliate Program today and begin to earn money easily with recurring income affiliate marketing.


B. ConvertKit Affiliate Program:

ConvertKit is another Recurring Affiliate Marketing program that will make you money easily.

The reason why I love ConvertKit is that their service is too superb and trustworthy.

Almost every email marketer who has used ConvertKit can testify to it as a very good email marketing software.

So, you can easily recommend ConvertKit in one of your content on any channel you are using to get traffic.

The ConvertKit affiliate program also offers a 30% commission to its affiliates every time a referral renews its plans.

You don’t necessarily need to be a ConvertKit user to be able to promote ConvertKit.

You only need to register on their platform as an affiliate and you can commence promoting ConvertKit to your audience.

One thing I like about ConvertKit aside from the fantastic service they offer to their customers is that they support their affiliates.

So, in case you are new and don’t know much about affiliate marketing.

They have created some training that will help you get started with affiliate marketing and how you can earn money with it.

A top affiliate marketer like Pat Flynn was featured to help create tutorial affiliate marketing.

Also, you will have some materials and necessary tools that you will need to earn a good income from ConvertKit.

So, you can register as a ConvertKit affiliate marketer when you join their affiliate program.

You will keep earning 30% anytime the referral keeps renewing their plan.

Even if they upgrade their plan – you will earn double. So, you can continue to follow up with your referrals.

Join the ConvertKit affiliate program today and start making money with Recurring Affiliate Marketing.


C. Active Campaign Affiliate Program:

Another Email Marketing tool that offers services to email marketers is an active campaign.

This is very effective majorly for email marketers who have a lot of subscribers on their email list.

So, you can recommend Active Campaign to them and earn 20% commission from every affiliate referral.

Content creators who are promoting active campaign as an affiliate are earning a lot of commission from promoting this digital product.

Also, signing up on this website is free of charge and you don’t have to panic about paying money to join.

Also, when your referral renews their plan and makes more purchases – you will be earning more than 20% commission from the sale.

You can easily join an active campaign and start earning a lot of commission from every affiliate referral.

Also, you will be provided some marketing tools that you can use to promote an active campaign to your audience.

Active campaign is an effective email marketing tool that marketers use a lot.

So, don’t be concerned about promoting it and your referrals not wanting to purchase a subscription through your affiliate link.

Just go to the active campaign affiliate website and join the affiliate program with your email address and enjoy earning.


D. GetResponse Affiliate Program:

GetResponse affiliate program is another fantastic affiliate recurring program that pays its affiliates very well.

It is the exact affiliate solution for business owners and small email marketers to promote and earns.

Normally, if you are using GetResponse as your email marketing software- they will automatically register you for their affiliate program.

And anytime you send emails through GetResponse – their banner will always be below your emails.

Anytime any of your subscribers click on that banner and land on a page to purchase a plan and purchase.

You will earn a commission from that affiliate referral which you didn’t even have to write any long-form copy about.

Now, another thing is that you can decide not to use GetResponse but just become an affiliate for them.

GetResponse pays a 30% Commission for every affiliate referral made through their affiliate link.

So if you put their affiliate link in your email or on your channels of generating traffic.

You will earn a 30% commission just like that of Aweber and ConvertKit.

GetResponse makes use of cookies to track where an affiliate referral comes from just like other programs.

Also, they help you track your analytics and statistics and show you your progress as you are going.

Also, this is how you know if you are progressing as an affiliate marketing in the GetResponse affiliate program.

Join the GetResponse affiliate program today and start earning enough recurring income from your affiliate practices.


Recurring Affiliate Programs For Landing Page Builders

2. Recurring Affiliate Programs For Landing Page Builders


A. Clickfunnels Affiliate Program:

Clickfunnels is another digital product that offers recurring income for its affiliate on the internet.

A lot of online marketers have raked millions in commission just from the use of Clickfunnels and recommending it to other funnel builders.

Clickfunnels also has an easy affiliate program that will make a marketer keep earning as long as their referrals keep renewing their plan.

The reason why the Clickfunnels affiliate program is a fantastic program to join is that you will not only be promoting the Clickfunnels software alone.

You will be given some other affiliate offers which the Co-founder of Clickfunnels @ Russell Branson Wrote for many internet marketers out there.

The book is called Secret Trilogy which contains “Traffic Secret, Expert Secret & Domain Secret”.

These books are worth a lot in value and you can also promote them to other people alongside the Clickfunnels software.

You will earn a 40% commission just from the sales of all these books.

Clickfunnels is a landing page and funnels builders software that you can promote to your audience and get them on board.

You will earn up to 20% monthly recurring commission once your referrals keep renewing their Clickfunnels plan.

Once you reach $1000 in your affiliate commission for Clickfunnels – you will be upgraded to receive a 30% affiliate commission.

Also, once you can have an active Clickfunnels member of 40 that keeps renewing their Clickfunnels plan every month.

Your commission is going to increase to 40% which you will be earning every month inside your affiliate dashboard.

Also, if you promote the “One Funnel Away” program – you will earn a $100 commission for every sale made.

So, this is just like multiple ways of earning money just from joining a single program.

Join the Clickfunnels affiliate program and start earning commission every time.


B. Leadpages Affiliate Partner Program:

Leadpages is also a landing page builder that offers an affiliate program for publishers and content creators.

Many email marketers and online entrepreneurs make use of Leadpages to get leads for their businesses.

And almost everyone who works on the internet and has been there for a while knows that “The money is always on the list”.

So, you only need to recommend Leadpages to them as a way of generating more email leads and they will acknowledge it.

You will only direct them to pass through your unique Leadpages affiliate link just for you to earn cash.

The impact is the platform that is controlling the Leadpages affiliate program and it’s the one that will send you the verification link which you have to verify yourself before you can be allowed to proceed.

You also enjoy 30 days Cookies period when a person clicks on your affiliate link and you can still earn even if they didn’t purchase immediately.

Although, that is only if they didn’t click on any other Leadpages affiliate link from someone else.

The Leadpages affiliate program offers a 10% commission to its affiliates from every affiliate referral that turns into sales.

Also, you shouldn’t get discouraged because the affiliate commission is a little less compared to others.

You can earn as high as 45% affiliate commission once you keep referring and bringing new people into buying a plan on lead pages.

Your upgrade depends on how many customers or sales you can bring per month.

You can join the Leadpages affiliate program and start earning easily from the comfort of your home.


C. Landingi Affiliate Program:

Landingi is another page builder which is created by Neil Patel who owns

Landingi also has it’s an affiliate program that is open for many affiliate marketers to earn recurring income from their affiliate program.

Joining the Landingi affiliate program is free and won’t cost you any penny. Also, you earn 25% from every affiliate sale you bring to Landingi.

Just from the comfort of your home – you can keep earning your affiliate commission very easily.

Landingi is software that is easy and can be used by newbies in the world of landing page and website designing.

The Landingi recurring affiliate program has offered their affiliate marketer enough affiliate promotional materials which they can use to generate enough sales.

So, this means that you are not left behind when trying to promote Landingi because you will surely make enough commission.

Also, you have a 90 Days Cookie period when you use Landingi which makes it easy for you to earn money many days later even if the referral didn’t make a purchase immediately.

You need to have a minimum balance of $25 before you can withdraw your money from the Landingi affiliate dashboard.

Also, you can withdraw your commission straight into your PayPal account easily without any stress.

If you are okay with that – you can join the Landingi affiliate program immediately and enjoy earning a recurring commission.


Recurring Affiliate Programs For Search Engine Optimization

3. Recurring Affiliate Programs For Search Engine Optimization


A. Berush Recurring Affiliate Program:

Berush is the affiliate program for SemRush and it is also a recurring affiliate commission program.

Impact radius is the affiliate platform that is controlling the BeRush affiliate program for SemRush.

Joining this affiliate program is free of charge and you don’t have to pay any penny before you can join.

You always earn from every process made on the BeRush affiliate program coordinated by SemRush.

You will earn a commission of $200 when you bring a new sale for SemRush through a purchase of SemRush plan by your referral.

Also, if your referral only performs a trial and not a sale. You will earn $10 from every affiliate referral that performs a trial.

Also, when someone signs up through your affiliate link – you will earn $0.01 just from that sign-up.

Although, the $0.01 looks like nothing but it is also something compared to when you have a lot of people who can sign-up.

The sign-up process on SemRush is not something hard because it is free and they are also a reigning SEO tool.

There is nobody you will refer SemRush to and they won’t enjoy the software because it performs many SEO functions.

So, be rest assured that you are promoting the right type of tool to people.

Also, you should be calm enough to know that SemRush offers a $50 minimum withdrawal.

Which means you need to have nothing less than $50 in your BeRush dashboard before you can withdraw your earning.

You can join the BeRush Recurring Affiliate Program today and start earning anytime your referrals keep renewing their subscriptions.


B. Long Tail Pro Affiliate Program:

Long Tail Pro is another SEO tool that you can recommend to website owners out there to rank for long-tail keywords on Google SEO.

You can easily join the long Tail Pro affiliate program and be earning from each referral that joins through your affiliate link.

You are entitled to earn a 30% commission from every affiliate sale that comes from your affiliate link.

You can easily create content and place the long Tail Pro affiliate link on your site and get visitors to come from your site.

Although always make sure that you are careful with the way you link it with the SemRush affiliate program.

Because if you are posting the Long Tail Pro Affiliate Program and BeRush Affiliate Program in the same content – people can get confused.

This will be very effective for people who are just new and thinking of creating content to rank on Google.

Also, the Long Tail Pro affiliate program stands the same as anyone who subscribes through your affiliate link and keeps renewing their plans will keep earning you 30%.

It means that there is no reduction because you will keep earning the same commission from your affiliate sales.

Post Pro Affiliate is the one powering the long Tail Pro affiliate program and your registration is through them.

You also get a dedicated affiliate manager that guides you throughout your affiliate journey in this program.

Join the Long Tail Pro affiliate program and keep earning recurring affiliate commissions freely and easily.


C. Mangools Affiliate Program:

If you are someone who loves SEO a lot and want to rank on Google – you should like this product.

That is also the feature that many people out there need which you can offer to them as a solution.

You can offer this product to them and make them pass through your affiliate link to purchase a plan.

Many people want to rank on Google and all you need is to teach them how they can use this product and start ranking on Google.

The Mangools affiliate program also offers recurring commission to its affiliates and make them earn consistently every month.


D. SpyFu Affiliate Program:

SpyFu is another online software that has its Affiliate program that many affiliate marketers can register for and earn money with.

You will earn a 40% commission from every affiliate referral you direct to SpyFu.

The SpyFu affiliate link is very easy and straightforward as it involves links that are not too spammy.

Just send people straight to SpyFu with your affiliate link and you will get affiliate commissions easily from your affiliate sales.

SpyFu is has a fantastic affiliate program that doesn’t only give you a 40% commission from your affiliate referrals.

It also gives you 1 year cookie period which you can enjoy as an affiliate – that is why SpyFu affiliate marketers earn money even without working.

Because aside from the Recurring commission that they will be making from their online marketing.

They would have recommended it to a customer many months ago and the person will just be making a purchase.

And the thing is that – since the person didn’t pass through another person’s link during that period.

You will still earn money after those several months and you will just wonder where the new commission comes from.

You can cash out your commission twice every month and be rest assured that you will keep earning.

You can easily post the SpyFu affiliate link on your YouTube and websites or use the shortner listed in your dashboard to list on your social media pages.


Recurring Affiliate Program For Web Hosting

4. Recurring Affiliate Program For Web Hosting


A. Kinsta Affiliate Program:

Kinsta is a hosting platform that people launch their websites on.

There over 1 billion websites on the internet and these websites are launched on a hosting platform.

Another thing is that the rate at which new websites are getting launched every day is increasing.

People are joining the league of owning a website every day and all you need to do is to let them know the benefits.

That is why Kinsta is also having its affiliate program for bloggers and content creators to earn money with their affiliate program.

Joining this affiliate program is free for everybody and you are not going to be asked for a dime for joining.

Also, you enjoy a 10% continuous recurring income whenever your affiliate referrals keep coming back to renew their plan.

Also, Kinsta has a 60 days Cookie period for its affiliates to enjoy in case a referral didn’t purchase immediately.

Affiliate income is sent directly to your PayPal account immediately you request for your Affiliate earning.

Also, you will be given some promotional materials which you can use to promote your affiliate link and get sales.

The Kinsta tracking ID is also very accurate in that it will get and know where sales come from, so you don’t have to panic.

You can go straight to join the Kinsta affiliate program today and start earning 10% recurring earnings.

This earning doesn’t need you to keep showing up all the time.

Once your referral keeps renewing their plans – you will continue to earn easily.


Recurring Affiliate Commission For Social Media Management

5. Recurring Affiliate Commission For Social Media Management


A. ContentStudio Affiliate Program:

Becoming a ContentStudio affiliate is another advantage you have as a social media manager or an internet marketer.

When you join the ContentStudio affiliate program today and start bringing more people to subscribe to a plan.

You will earn a 30% commission for every affiliate sale that you bring to the ContentStudio platform.

All you have to do is to join the ContentStudio affiliate program for free without any stress.

And start enjoying 30% commission from every renewing and this 30% is recurring for affiliates.

Also, concerning your pay and how you can receive all the commissions you have earned in a month.

It will be deposited into your PayPal account after 45 days of being requested by you.

Just like I said earlier – you will get your affiliate earnings credited into your PayPal account easily.

So, you can go straight to join the ContentStudio affiliate program today and start earning your recurring affiliate commission.


B. Tailwind Affiliate program:

Tailwind also has its affiliate program for any Pinterest lovers who have been using their service and want to recommend it to others.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be a Pinterest lover or user for you to be able to promote this affiliate program.

You can also be an Instagram user for you to promote Tailwind because they also offer Instagram services.

You can also recommend Tailwind to your Instagram followers and get them to use it for automating their content.

But what is important here is that your target audience for this product is Pinterest users.

Because the tailwind software is meant to automate pins on Pinterest to make life very easy for Pinterest Content Creators.

The Tailwind affiliate program pays a recurring affiliate commission of 25% per referral.

Also, you will keep earning this the more your referral keeps renewing their plan on tailwind.

Although the affiliate commission starts from Silver plan to Platinum membership.

The silver plan is where you keep earning 15% commission up until you get to the Platinum group where you earn 25%.

So, it’s also a gradual process that keeps taking you up just like the Leadpages affiliate program.

Also, if you are a content creator – there are a lot of bonuses that tailwind is offering content creators.

Join the tailwind affiliate program and start helping people easily automate their content and keep earning money for yourself.


Recurring Affiliate Program For Website Themes

6. Recurring Affiliate Program For Website Themes


A. Thrive Themes Affiliate Program:

Another affiliate program that also offers website building services just like Leadpages is Thrive themes.

They are software that serves as a plug-in for website owners to help create a catchy and fantastic website view.

The Thrive Themes also have an affiliate program for website owners and content creators out there.

If you are someone thinking of promoting the thrive themes product by joining their affiliate program.

Then you have to know that your target audience will be website owners and people who would love to have more websites.

The thrive themes affiliate program is free to join for everybody without any extra money.

Also, you will earn a 25% recurring commission from joining the thrive themes affiliate program anytime your referral keeps renewing their subscription.

The thing about this kind of affiliate program is that your referrals will always renew because their website is also like an office.

So the only way they might want to feel like not to renew is if they got another fantastic alternative.

But if they are still cool with the features that thrive themes keeps offering them – they won’t bother but continue using it.

Also, from the first sale that you make for thrive themes – you will earn a 35% commission rate.

This means that when a visitor passes through your affiliate link and make their first purchase – you will earn a 35% commission from or sale.

So, when they now keep renewing their subscription the more – you keep earning 25% commission from the Recurring fee.

You will have to fill a little quiz before you can be accepted to the thrive themes affiliate program.

Once you are eligible – you will be sent a confirmation email that will state your approval.

You are required to have just $20 in your threshold for you to be able to withdraw your earning.

You can easily withdraw into your PayPal account once you reach that amount of money in your dashboard.


Recurring Affiliate Program For Course Hosting

7. Recurring Affiliate Program For Course Hosting


A. Thinkific Affiliate Program:

THINKIFIC is another digital software that offers recurring affiliate commissions to its affiliates.

Thinkific already has the necessary resources that one needs to run a successful affiliate campaign.

You can join the thinking affiliate program and be rest assured that you will earn money from their program.

Thinkific is a course creation platform where coaches and students come together to meet for Learning purposes.

Thinkific pays its affiliate commission based on the number of people and sales you bring to the platform.

If you are to promote the Thinkific affiliate program – you can make use of your website or youtube.

If you have a YouTube channel – it is a nice process to make enough sales for the Thinkific affiliate program.

The commission rate is quite okay and reasonable for any affiliate to get encouraged to continue working harder.

You can join the Thinkific affiliate program today and start enjoying enough affiliate commission in your dashboard.



I believe we have been able to put justice to the best recurring affiliate programs that you can join and earn money.

As an affiliate marketer – things had become very easy for you to make money from because you don’t need any further stress.

Just plug your socket and keep earning money easily from your website or your video content.

If you have been earning from either of the recurring affiliate programs listed in this guide.

Kindly hit the comment below and tell us your best program that you enjoy working with the most

Also, if you are yet to join any recurring affiliate program – tell us your reason for what’s stopping you from joining.

Don’t also forget to share this article with your friends and family on social media through the social media button below.

8 Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs In 2021

8 Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs In 2021

Pay Per Click is the act of getting leads for a website and get paid for every lead that clicks through your website to the advertisers’ website.

Websites that post pay-per-click adverts on their websites are called PUBLISHERS while those who are paying PUBLISHERS to get Clicks are Called ADVERTISERS.

So, if you sign up as an affiliate marketer on any pay-per-click program to publish their ads on your website – you are a PUBLISHER for that company.

Many marketers pay PPC affiliate network money just to advertise their offer on other people’s websites.

But it will be very difficult for one as an advertiser to keep messaging websites from one place to another in search of where they can advertise their offers.

That is why we have the Pay Per Click or PPC network that helps you to do all the necessary things and connect ADVERTISERS with PUBLISHERS.

To start allowing pay per click on your website and start making affiliate commission from every click that comes from your website to the advertisers’ website.

You need to register with an affiliate program that does this Pay Per Click Affiliate system.

Because it is through the registration that will have some details of your site and post their ADVERTISERS ads on your website.

Below Is What Will Be Discussed In This Content;

But let us immediately look at what Pay Per Click Implies.

What is Pay Per Click Affiliate Program?

What Is Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs?

Pay Per Click affiliate programs pays a commission to PUBLISHERS who post or publish their adverts on respective websites and bring visitors for them.

The Pay Per Click Affiliate program is what you will see on some websites where you see many ads when scrolling on a website.

It is because such a website is earning money from pay per click networks when you click on the ads.

Some Pay Per Click networks also pay their affiliate for every view or impression gotten from a website.

So, this means that a visitor on your website does not necessarily need to click on an advert on your website before you get paid.

Such visitors only need to view the advert on your website before you can get paid your commission.

Although the pay cannot be compared to the commission you will get from clicks.

So, when someone clicks on an advert on your website and you will get paid – Let’s say $1 or $2 per click.

When you are doing Pay Per View and someone views your advert – you might only earn $0.05 which is relatively very low.

But if you are someone who has a lot of visitors to your website – you can consider doing the Pay Per View Advert.

But for this Guide – we will only be discussing Pay Per Click Ads.

If you want to read more about Pay Per View Method – in case you want to combine it with the Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs.

You can ⇒ Read This Guide For a More Detailed Understanding and Enlightenment.

Types of Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

There are different types of Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs – but we will review a few of them in this guide.

I will try as much as possible to review the best PPC affiliate program for your safety and not fall prey.

So, make sure that you follow the affiliate program recommendations given in this guide, and be rest assured that they are valid.

Below are some of the Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs that you can join and start earning commissions easily from your website.

  1. Google AdSense Affiliate Program.
  2. AdThrive PPC Affiliate Program.
  3. MintClicks PPC Affiliate Program.
  4. Skimlinks PPC Affiliate Program.
  5. Ezoic PPC Affiliate Program.
  6. PropellerAds PPC Affiliate Program.
  7. PPC Affiliate Program.
  8. RevenueHits PPC Affiliate Program.


1. Google AdSense Affiliate Program:

Google AdSense Affiliate Program

The first type of Pay Per Click Affiliate network that we will be talking about is Google AdSense.

We don’t need to talk much about Google AdSense because you all know Google and you know that they also run adverts.

Advertisers come to Google AdSense to run paid adverts and Google will in turn, run it on other Publishers’ or Bloggers’ websites and pay them a commission.

If you check on some people’s websites – you will see a lot of adverts that are flowing on the website.

Google is part of those sponsoring the website and the website is part of the Google AdSense.

Joining Google AdSense requires certain procedures that your website needs to have.

One of them is the number of traffic that you are having on your website – you cannot just decide to become a publisher without having any traffic.

Google AdSense will not work for someone who owns a new website because such a website has no traffic.

You are supposed to have traffic and also have a theme that will help you customize your website.

Sometimes you will enter some websites and the platform will look awful just because their ads are not well organized.

So, always make sure that you have a good theme that will help you to organize your Google ads.

Because Google will splash many clickable adverts on your website. They have thousands of ad requests every day.

In fact, they need more publishers to help them market their advertisers’ products or services.

But they need to be careful with which kind of website they choose – also if chosen, they will splash ads on your website.

The Google AdSense Commission rate depends on the keyword that your website is ranking for.


2. AdThrive PPC Affiliate Program:

AdThrive PPC Affiliate Program

AdThrive has helped a lot of website owners to make money by spending less time on monetizing their websites.

Before the commencement of ad networks like AdThrive – website owners will need to find advertisers that will advertise on their website.

But with the help of AdThrive – it has not become easy for website owners to easily get customers.

Because AdThrive has been doing all the hard work for them and all the website owner who is also the publisher needs to see is adverts on their website.

AdThrive has been upgrading Publishers’ earnings by 250% from their initial money made from their websites.

AdThrive is just a dream come true for many Ad Publishers who run adverts on their websites.

AdThrive has a very good support system that renders help to their customers at any time.

If you are experiencing difficulty with the AdThrive network and you need any quick response.

Their support system is always ready to help you out and get you an immediate solution to your problems.

AdThrive is a Pay Per Click Affiliate system that has taken many website owners from broke to riches.

AdThrive always cares about the benefit of its publisher over itself because AdThrive knows that the success of the company relies on its publishers.

So, even if an advertiser fails to pay for an advert – AdThrive will settle its publisher or affiliate and concentrate on the advertiser.

AdThrive is a better PPC affiliate platform that has helped people a lot and has supported many Publishers.

So, you can join this platform and start earning from every click that you make on your website.

Another amazing thing about AdThrive is the ability to even earn money from video ads.

So, if any visitor clicks on a video and watch – AdThrive will also remunerate you with commissions.

AdThrve Commission depends on the level of visitors and the quality of the visitors you have on your website.


3. MintClicks PPC Affiliate Program:

MintClicks PPC Affiliate Program

MintClicks is another affiliate advert network that is in the pay per click industry which will pay you for every clicks made on your website.

It is a marketplace that provides text, banners, Pop up ads for publishers to use on their website.

You will enter some website and click on a download button and you will be redirected to another website.

While the automatic download is already going on when you try to go back to the normal page.

It is the work that MintClicks are doing to get their affiliate Or Publishers to earn money at all cost.

Once you create an account as a publisher on MintClicks – you can start getting commissions in as much as you have visitors coming into your website.

MintClicks only need you to paste some shortcode on your website for you to start your monetization processes.

They will also make sure that the advert that you are getting is from the highest bidder of the advertiser.

They do business with high-level advertisers and those who are ready to pay a reasonable amount of money to reach thousands or millions of people.

You have to be careful with using third-party applications to manipulate these websites from making money.

You need legit clicks and not buying fake clicks or using third-party apps to do your clicks manually.

You will only be paid for bringing legitimate clicks from your website to the advertisers’ website.

If you comply well with the principles of MintClicks and bring legitimate clicks – you will earn money

As I said earlier- you will be given all the requirements needed to kickstart making money with MintClicks.

You will also get your commission sent to you by cheque or by PayPal.

If you have a PayPal account – it will be very okay because it will boost your way to quickly receiving your money.

Unlike waiting for weeks before you see your money.


4. Skimlinks PPC Affiliate Program:

Skimlinks PPC Affiliate Program

With over 20,000 advertisers queuing to advertise offers with any website that Skimlinks is sponsoring.

Publishers like you and I shouldn’t miss the goodies that Skimlinks is giving to its publishers.

Skimlinks is one of the trusted PPC affiliate program platforms that you can join and rest assured that you will earn money from every content on your website.

All you need to do is to install the Skimlinks JavaScript on your website and you will automatically be given an affiliate ID for ads popping on your website.

Earning money from your website can now be very easy since you only need to install a piece of code on your website.

They also have a publisher insight that gives your teaches their publishers on how best to maximize their website o conversion.

Also, they show the performing content on your website to know which content you should work towards monetizing.

Skimlinks also has its social media monetizing program that will help you make money from social media.

Also, email newsletters are not exempted. You can easily make money from this platform if you are someone who pens down content.

Publishing on any of your walls on the internet has now been made interesting since you can easily make money from all your writings.

Skimlinks will serve you and make everything easy for you as a blogger or content writer.

This is the platform that most writers visit to monetize their website but they are scared to reveal it out.

You now have the opportunity and chance to monetize your content.

Visit Skimlinks and start earning from every content written on your Website/s.


5. Ezoic PPC Affiliate Program:

Ezoic PPC Affiliate Program

Been existing for over a decade now, Ezoic is a platform that pays its publishers for every click generated from their websites.

It was founded by Dwayne Lafleur who was the owner of Cubics.

Ezoic came to his mind when he saw that publishers should also not be left behind from earning from their content.

Since earning shouldn’t be all about selling on a website before sales can be made.

It will also be okay if content writers can earn from just driving clicks from their websites.

That was the mindset of Dwayne when he founded Ezoic and it’s now an earning platform for many publishers out there.

A lot of effort is being spent every day on Ezoic to create a very good experience for its publishers and also make them earn a lot of revenues even from a few numbers of traffic.

Ezoic helps its publishers to make money by also rendering other services and features to support its publishers.

Many bloggers or content writers only focus more on the value that they want to be giving to their website.

Not everyone has the time to focus on aspects like site speed, time spent on the website, and all that.

So, when some publishers start placing ads on their websites – it makes the website go slow or even have a bad user experience.

This is what Ezoic tries to eliminate for its publishers and make sure that their sites have a good user experience.

They don’t want to stuff people’s websites with unwanted ads because they know it will be a bad conversion for them.

So, they make things perfect for their users or publishers by helping them standardize their websites.

Google has recognized Ezoic as one of the best Pay Per Click ad networks on the internet.

So, you can be rest assured to join them and start earning Commissions when runner ng their ads.


6. PropellerAds PPC Affiliate Program:

PropellerAds PPC Affiliate Program

PropellerAds will give you a more elevated method of monetizing your website without breaking much sweat.

If you are looking to generate money on the internet with your website – this platform is also the right way for you.

I have heard about PropellerAds even before thinking of being a publisher for them.

Because they are a native advert network that runs advert for a lot of advertisers on other people’s websites.

They have a very good monetization strategy that places ads on your website to support mobile versions.

Some Pay per clicks sites will place ads on your website but the experience will be very bad for mobile users.

That is not the case with PropellerAds – they will place ads in a way that will support every visitor coming to your website on mobile.

This will make it easy for your visitors to click without your content breaking or your view breaking into 2 forms.

PropellerAds ads also offer push notifications to tour visitors which makes it easy for you to earn even if a visitor doesn’t come back to your website.

The way it works is that they will input a pug notification method into your website that once a visitor clicks on it and land on an advert.

Such a visitor will keep receiving ad notifications on their phone screen almost all the time even when they are not on your website.

And anytime they click on the ads – you will keep earning your commission forgetting where it is even coming from.

Over 150,000 publishers trusted PropellerAds because of the best way they make their Publishers enjoy site revenue.

You can earn money on autopilot with PropellerAds and can withdraw as low as $5 from your account.

Also, you can easily withdraw your money into your PayPal account every week and enjoy your commissions.

There is no need for a manual payment system – start earning pay per click commissions easily.


7. PPC Affiliate Program: PPC Affiliate Program is the number one go-to place When it comes to the leading Pay Per Click ad network in the world.

Many advertisers make use of to reach a wide range of people with fewer ad disapprovals.

The majority of the adverts you see on websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur are all from

That is because advertisers trust them to give them a very good return on investment due to the websites that feature advert.

So, if you are also looking for a way to earn consistently from a network that has thousands of fresh daily advertisers.

You can consider and start getting your websites to generate money from every visitor that comes into your website.

As stated on their website, supplies adverts on over 500,000 websites on the internet and still counting.

This is because they have a lot of daily requests from advertisers to help them run native adverts. has a lot of publishers and they manage over 70 million traffic’s coming from different websites into their advertisers’ websites each month. is not just a small brand – they operate with hundreds of employees that work for them from several countries.

The media net cares about both its advertisers and publishers in a way that will always favor both parties.

The media doesn’t only do text and image ads. They also do video ads that can display on your website or app.

Just go straight to register your website on and start generating money from every traffic that comes into your website.


8. RevenueHits PPC Affiliate Program:

RevenueHits PPC Affiliate Program

RevenueHits is another pay per click platform that pays publishers for displaying its adverts on their platform.

They have over 20,000 publishers all over the world – although it cannot be compared with some that we stated in this guide.

But they are also worth trying out and working with when it comes to earning money with pay per click.

They try to promote adverts that are relevant and relative to your audience on your website.

If your website is about technology – RevenueHits will show adverts that are technology-related on your website and not another type.

This will boost your conversion and get you a lot of clicks that will profit your website.

RevenueHits is a self-service brand that is on the mission to help content writers like you and me to make money online.

Withdrawal of money is easy on RevenueHits as you don’t have to panic about whether your money will enter your bank account.

They have several methods of paying their affiliates their commissions without any story.

With over 4,000 advertisers on RevenueHits which are lining up to get their ads approved and get conversions.

This is good news for publishers to also leverage and start making money online from their websites.

RevenueHits helps and supports its publishers by using pops and banners on websites.

In case some visitors are making use of ad blocks which can block someones’ access to make money from such visitor.

So, you can just feel comfortable that they will surely see an advert on your website even if they are using an ad blocker.

It is also to protect the visitor from several unwanted ads – but how do they want you to make money?

You need to make money and stay fresh – that is why you should consider using RevenueHits to also make money online.

They also have a good tracking device that they use to track and monitor every click that comes out from your website.

Conclusion On Pay Per Click Affiliate Program


Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs are a fast way to make money for many bloggers and website owners.

So, if you haven’t thought of starting a pay per click commission process on your website you should start.

Also, the platforms recommended above are the available Pay Per Click Affiliate programs that you can join.

They are tested and trusted and will give you a reasonable commission base on where your traffics is coming from.

If you enjoy this guide – Don’t forget to share it with friends on your social media pages by clicking any of the social media buttons below.


AliExpress Affiliate | Make $4000 from AliExpress Affiliate Program

AliExpress Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is the bedroom business that has turned many people from nothing to something and the AliExpress Affiliate Program is not exceptional.

AliExpress is an e-commerce store with over 90 million products displayed on the website.

Many online traders display their products on this store and even top manufacturing firms make use of this platform to get customers for their products.

So, this is a great opportunity for any internet marketer who is wise enough to sell products without having to produce your product.

All you have to do is to grab your Affiliate link from the AliExpress Affiliate Program and send it to friends to buy through your link.

Immediately they purchase through your affiliate link. You will earn a commission which you can later withdraw into your bank account or make an online purchase.

Below Are The Things We Will Be Discussing In This Guide;

Let us look at what AliExpress Affiliate represents.

What Is AliExpress Affiliate?

What Is AliExpress Affiliate?

AliExpress Affiliate is a program that is created to make sales transactions persistent on the platform and for mutual benefit.

This definition might look strange to you because it’s not what you expect me to write or maybe it’s not what you read on other blogs.

But you have to know that the introduction of the Affiliate program by AliExpress has made selling more common.

The reason is that many online marketers are not into trading and those who don’t even have the capital to start their online store…

…are making sales by selling other people’s products. This makes money for the Affiliate marketer. It makes money for the trader who owns the goods sold and it also makes money for AliExpress themselves.

So, you see that everywhere is a sauce and all got served? Right!?

But because you are here maybe as an affiliate who wants to promote the AliExpress Affiliate program.

Let us look at the commission rate of AliExpress Affiliate and how you can join the AliExpress Affiliate program.


How To Register On AliExpress Affiliate Program

How To Register On AliExpress Affiliate Program

AliExpress Affiliate

Registration on the AliExpress Affiliate portal is very straightforward.

You can click here to go straight into their portal and register your account.

It’s pretty straightforward and all you have to do is fill a short form about yourself and get registered.

Also, you have to wait for a while because their approval process does take 10 days and less.

Once you get approved… You can go ahead and start promoting your affiliate links.

Also, you can register your AliExpress Affiliate portal on CJ Affiliates.
It’s straightforward there.

You can decide to have an affiliate tracking ID which AliExpress allows their Affiliates.

These tracking ID will help you know where most of your traffics are coming from.

If you’re someone who uses several multiple channels to drive traffic. It will help you to know the specific one that drives traffic for you.

How To Register AliExpress Affiliate Program

AliExpress Affiliate commission Rate

AliExpress Affiliate commission Rate 

The commission rate of AliExpress Affiliate products ranges from 3% to 9%.

So, if you’re promoting any product on AliExpress, just know that’s within that range that you will be paid.

Why the hot products on AliExpress are 0%. So, if you promote such products. You won’t earn anything.

The Affiliate commission on AliExpress is capped at $50.

So, if you try as much as possible to make a customer purchase goods worth thousands of dollars.

Normally, your commission should be in hundreds of dollars.

AliExpress Affiliate will not pay you anything more than $50. That’s the highest amount you can earn up till now from one customer.

Also, once a customer makes a purchase – the order will get completed after 60 days from when the customer purchase purchased through your affiliate link.

That’s if a customer doesn’t ask for a refund. If they ask for a refund. You won’t get any commission.


AliExpress Affiliate Plugin



You can use the AliExpress Affiliate Program plugin on your website to make product posting very easy for you.

If you’re someone who is doing AliExpress dropshipping. Then, this tool is a must-have for you.

It’s called AliPlugin and it’s a very useful plugin that helps Affiliate import AliExpress products and displays on your website.

AliExpress Affiliate Plugin 

It also makes creating Affiliate links very easy for those using their website to promote AliExpress Affiliate Products.

Although it’s not free… The plugin license costs $69 [One-time fee] on the plugin store.

You can decide to get one for your website and start enjoying the easy AliExpress product display on your website.

Instead of taking 10 days to post 50 products. It can help you do that in 1 day.


Since we are done with that. Let us look at AliExpress Affiliate Vs Amazon Affiliate.


AliExpress Affiliate VS Amazon Affiliate

AliExpress Affiliate VS Amazon Affiliate

  1. Affiliate Approval
  2. Delivery Time
  3. Traffic Limitation
  4. Shipping
  5. Cookies
  6. Trust Level


1. Affiliate Approval:

The affiliate approval process and period for the AliExpress program are different from that of the Amazon program.

It takes 10 days or Less for your Affiliate approval to be accepted on AliExpress.

It shows that AliExpress involves tons of scrutinizing before deciding to accept an affiliate approval.

While Approval on Amazon Associates Program is just within 12/24 hours.

I can say it’s instantly if you have your website or blog already input in the form that you fill.

The Amazon program always requires that its users receive a call from one of their representatives to get their Affiliate ID ready.

Just make sure to fill in all the necessary details being asked and make sure it’s correct.

Also, unlike AliExpress – Amazon always gives their new Affiliates the grace period of 180 days and see if they can bring in 3 sales within that period.

If the Affiliate couldn’t bring in 3 sales within 180 days. The account will be closed and the Affiliate ID won’t function anymore.

I think this is why AliExpress is still more favorable in this aspect because it doesn’t close its Affiliate account.

What about if after one registers his or her Affiliate account and something happens during the 180 days time frame?

That means that the account will be closed by Amazon. Also, some Affiliates might be new to the e-commerce Affiliate niche.

And they don’t know how to get clients and are still in the learning phase. It means they will need to create another account.


2. Delivery Time:

The delivery time of AliExpress merchants is somehow slow when being shipped to other countries.

Even though AliExpress strives towards making sure that they deliver at the best and fastest time to their customers.

It also takes a while the most time when it comes to delivery. You might wonder if it wouldn’t affect you much as an affiliate.

But if a refund is being asked by the customer. You lose money. So, if you’re still happy that you got a sales alert from your AliExpress Affiliate program.

Don’t be surprised when you see a redraw after several days just because the merchant couldn’t deliver on time.

While Amazon’s delivery is very intact and fast. Even with their Amazon Prime feature. It makes Affiliate selling more reliable.

If you make an affiliate sale on Amazon… You are more confident enough to celebrate your win with a beer or burger as you like.

That’s why most e-commerce Affiliate goes for Amazon because they are reliable when it comes to delivery.

Also, customers believe that they will deliver on time. That’s why if you check Amazon reviews.

You will see that most of the customers always give a positive review about their delivery.

The only complaint you might see is if the product got damaged or it’s not up to what they expected.

But it’s rare to see damaged goods when Amazon delivers. They always make sure that their delivery process is superb.


3. Traffic Limitation:

The traffic limitation in Amazon is too much. There is some platform where you cannot just place your Amazon Affiliate links.

You will get your Amazon account blocked and this can get one to discourage you from doing Affiliate Marketing.

Unlike other Affiliate platforms that allow inputting their Affiliate link even in email.

This is for those doing Affiliate Email Marketing. Amazon doesn’t approve of getting link traffic from email.

So, their Affiliate policy is very strict concerning where one can get traffic from.

While AliExpress doesn’t have a strict policy with their Affiliate link.

That’s why they take their time to review your Affiliate approval and do all the necessary things before approving you.

So, you can decide to share your Affiliate link on another platform and drive traffic.

You can decide to use email marketing for your traffic and other traffic source and nobody will block your account.

It doesn’t mean that you should now spam their link anywhere. But their policy is easier than Amazon Associates.


4. Shipping:

AliExpress doesn’t have any boundaries and can ship anywhere in the world.

Their delivery service gets to every part of the world and it’s a worldwide delivery team.

There’s no limitation of whether a product cannot be shipped to your country.

It will be shipped if you can pay for the delivery. So, you enjoy a lot of delivery Benefits.

Because this means that if you promote an AliExpress Affiliate product may be on your website or anywhere.

And someone clicks on it… You’re sure to earn a commission because AliExpress can deliver to that person.

Unlike Amazon, there are some products on Amazon that cannot be delivered to some countries.

Amazon has limitations as to which country they can deliver their product to.

Maybe that is why their delivery service is always very fast while AliExpress might experience some glitches.

But if you promote an affiliate product and after the visitor clicks on the link. The Visitor lands on the product page through your Affiliate link and sees that the product cannot be shipped to his location.

That’s a big loss for you. Most times when the visitor’s country is not supported for that country.

They will be redirected to another page that’s written in another language.

This is a big loss for you. So, the shipping limitation is another reason why Affiliates prefer AliExpress to Amazon.


5. Cookie:

Oh yes… The cookie of AliExpress can last for 30 days. Although sometimes it does change it’s majorly 30 days.

This means that if someone clicks on your Affiliate link and lands on the product page.

But maybe something happens which is normal. The majority of those who click through your Affiliate link will not buy.

So, if they click through it and don’t buy immediately. You rest assured that if they buy within the next 29 days.

You will still earn from their purchase. Some might like to buy but they don’t have cash with them at that time.

So, they decide to buy it a few days later. You will still earn from their purchase.

But unlike Amazon… It’s just a 24 hours cookie.

If the visitor doesn’t buy within 24 hours from when they click through your link.

You lose the Affiliate sale. So, maybe the visitor doesn’t have money instantly and decides to buy 2 days.

You won’t earn anymore because the Amazon Associates cookie has been cleansed from their browser.

So, it’s more like a sales loss.

This is what you should have in mind concerning AliExpress Affiliate Program and Amazon Affiliate program.


6. Trust Level:

People tend to trust Amazon more easily than AliExpress.

If you have a blogging website that reviews AliExpress products. You might find it hard to make enough money because the majority of your Google visitors will be from the USA.

So, if they click on your Affiliate link and land on AliExpress. They won’t trust it and won’t buy it.

The highest percentage will not buy because they have the feeling that Chinese Products are bad.

In which, 95% of the products in the world are China products. So that feeling will make them not to buy except if your visitors are from Asian Countries, Russia.

Compare to Amazon.

You are sure to get and make enough profit from Google traffic because the majority of the USA citizens are aware of Amazon.

And they also trust Amazon as a brand for safe transactions.

In general, the trust Level of Amazon is higher than that of AliExpress.

People trust to transact business on Amazon than AliExpress because the majority of those who trust Amazon are from Tier 1 countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia.


AliExpress Affiliate vs Dropshipping

AliExpress Affiliate vs Dropshipping

Many people have been wondering for a while whether to do the AliExpress dropshipping or the Affiliate aspect.

But we are going to look at the difference between dropshipping and Affiliate in this section.

  1.  Website Requirement
  2.  Customer Complaints
  3.  Commission Rate
  4.  Effort
  5.  Traffic cost
  6.  Transit Issues


1. Website Requirement:

When doing dropshipping, you will need to have a website before you can run a successful AliExpress Dropshipping store.

A website should be the first requirement in your business plan because that is where you will write every possible review about the product niche you are promoting.

Also, when you run adverts… It has to drive people to your product page/s where people will make a purchase and expect delivery.

Since dropshipping is done on your website and all the business transactions are on your website.

You need a website.

While AliExpress Affiliate doesn’t require you to have a website. All you need is to generate your affiliate link and paste it anywhere on the web.

You can decide to open a YouTube channel for FREE and review products in your niche.

Immediately after your review which wouldn’t take you up to 2 hours to record.

You will just direct them to click on the link (Your Affiliate link) below the description to make their purchase.

Also, you can just decide to post a review to your email subscribers and Text-link it in the email.

Can you see that you don’t necessarily need a website for this to work?

And if you require a page for some AliExpress Affiliate products. You can just use to build a landing page.

This is the reason why Affiliate Marketing is very easy.

Because once they click on the link… They will be redirected to the product description that will teach them more about the product.

So, there’s no stress from you than to get customers which is also needed in Dropshipping.


2. Customer Complaints:

If you’re not patient enough. You might have hypertension from the frustration you will experience from some customers.

This happens a lot when the product is not being delivered at the stipulated time.

If the customer is from a far country and not within or around the Asian Continent.

It can take a while before the product will be delivered and just as I said earlier in the difference between AliExpress and Amazon Affiliate Program.

The delivery service of AliExpress does take a while because they deliver to every country around the world.

Unlike Amazon that is limited to some specific countries.

So, some customers will complain to you about not getting their products on time.

And because you’re the one that they paid to. They believe you’re the owner of the product/s.

So, you will also be transferring aggression on the merchant and everything turns difficult.

So, you will have to keep waiting because there is nothing you can do. You don’t control the flow.

You can only bring customers which you have done. But you can’t control what time the product will be delivered.

But Affiliate doesn’t lead to frustration because they will be buying directly from the merchant’s platform.

All you have to do is to send customers and once they pass through your link. You get paid.

Either they deliver on time or not – it’s not your problem. The customers will only be complaining to the merchant and not you.

You only recommended a product and not that you’re the seller. So, you’re on a more relaxed side.


3. Commission Rate:

The money you will earn within 3 months of driving the quantity of traffic to a dropshipping store is far more enormous than an Affiliate link.

What I am trying to say is that, if you run an advert to your dropshipping store with 1000 Visitors.

You’re sure to earn more because you build the website yourself and you write the content based on how best you feel they will enjoy the product.

Although this can be possible only if you have good copywriting skills.

But another reason why you will earn more is because of the commission that you will place on the product.

If a product is worth only $20 on AliExpress. You can decide to resell it for $50/more on your website.

That’s a gain of $30 right?

That’s why marketers are turning millionaires easily with AliExpress dropshipping.

It’s because of the commission and because it’s their website. They are free to increase the price and get the customer to make the purchase.

But in Affiliate. You will only rely on the commission that you will earn from selling a product.

This means if you sold the same $20 AliExpress product and the commission is just 8% at most.

You will only earn $1.6 for the sale of that product.

Compare it to the gain that a dropshipper made from the sale of that same product.

So, you can see that the Commission rate is too enormous that you won’t care about other barriers that made Dropshipping very scare to invest in compared to Affiliate.


4. Effort:

Dropshipping requires a lot of effort from its owner. You will have to take it as a full-time business and not just a regular hustle except if you have a team that helps you to work.

Because you will need to keep uploading and updating more products on your website every day.

You will have to write product copy that will convert your visitors and turn them into buyers.

These are the things that are important for you to know. You need to invest a lot of effort into making it successful.

You also have to see dropshipping as a business. Seeing it as a side hustle will not favor you.

While Affiliate doesn’t require much effort. Although, if you want to go the extra mile and make it a business.

It’s cool and it’s for your Benefit. But you can just do it as a side hustle.

Some Marketers are only sharing daily tips on their social media pages.

Some review products on Amazon just for fun. It doesn’t require much energy.

They can be on their way to the supermarket and just decide to record a video on YouTube… Talking about a certain Affiliate product.

And after talking… They will include their Affiliate link in the description of the video.

Do you see how easy it is? Some people will even sell high ticket products to a retired nurse and all they need is just send their Affiliate link to the nurse.

It’s majorly common with those selling coaching programs.

So, this is how easy Affiliate is.


5. Traffic Cost:

The traffic cost in running a successful dropshipping business is a little bit high.

You need to have a budget to start your dropshipping business and should have expertise in running ads.

If you’re someone who doesn’t know how to run ads. You will need to learn it before you can start our dropshipping store.

Although, you can also do SEO. Like talking about a low competitive keyword in a website and link to your dropshipping store.

But will take a lot of effort to be running two websites at the same time.

Also, even if you’re going to use one website for the content and dropshipping.

It will still become very difficult.

But with Affiliate Marketing, you don’t necessarily need a huge traffic cost.

You can decide to use social media groups and forums to promote your Affiliate link.

It’s just that most groups and forums don’t accept affiliate links directly.

So, you can build a bridge page on Google site and send your traffic to that bridge page containing your Affiliate link.

So, Affiliate Marketing is less expensive to start. Even by providing value on your social media page.

You can get Affiliate sales compared to dropshipping.


6. Transit Issues:

Sometimes, some AliExpress products can have issues in transit.

Something might happen to the product when it’s being conveyed to the buyer who bought it on your dropshipping store or your Affiliate link.

But if you are doing Affiliate Marketing, nothing concerns you about that.

It’s a war between the buyer and the merchant and it’s less of your trouble because you only made a recommendation.

But with Dropshipping store… It’s your concern. Because they bought directly from your store.

So, if the merchant you send the order to and bought from sends the good but has a problem in transit.

It’s on you and if they request a refund… It’s also on you and it’s your concern.

So, that’s about the dropshipping and Affiliate differences in this section.


How To Promote AliExpress Affiliate Products

How To Promote Aliexpress Affiliate Products

This guide will not be complete if we don’t look at some of the ways through which you can promote the AliExpress Affiliate Program.

This way, you can easily flow more and know what to do to also make a lot of money from this affiliate program.

I like something unique and spectacular and because of that – I will give you 4 tips that you can use to promote your AliExpress affiliate Products today.

  1. Blog Content
  2. Pinterest Pins.
  3. Paid Ads.
  4. Social Media.


1. Blog Content:

The first way through which you can promote AliExpress Affiliate products easily is by writing blog content on your website.

Setting up a new website is now easy as there are a lot of tutorials online that will easily teach you how to use WordPress to set up an E-commerce website for you.

And the amazing thing is that – this won’t take you up to 1 week to learn and start implementing.

If you already know WordPress before – then it can take you up to 2 days to set up.

Everything about setting up is not that hard as you might be thinking maybe it is.

So, creating several posts that are reviewing the Affiliate products is one of the best ways that you can promote your AliExpress Affiliate Links.

Now, it might take a little while before this content will start ranking – but once it does – that is huge money for you.

You will start getting juice and favor from Google and they will keep showing you with daily sales.

So, you must have a website where you upload content and optimize it for search engine ranking.


2. Pinterest Pins:

(Let the drum roll) I can’t believe that many people still don’t know the advantages they are missing just from not making use of Pinterest.

Pinterest is more like a Search Engine Optimization platform where many people go to search for keywords.

If you are now focused on selling female products rather than male products – it will also favor your more.

Since the majority of those who are on Pinterest are mostly females that come online to search.

But you need to start considering this platform because it has made a lot of marketers millions.

It has given them traffic just from little effort that they don’t even put the mind into that much.

Unlike Google where you will write content and post – you will need to be creating graphics on Pinterest.

And it is these Graphics that you will Pin on your Pinterest board for people to see and link it for people to click.

You can easily make use of a graphics design tool like CANVA to be designing your graphics.

Mind you – these graphics are called PINS.

Instead of Videos on YouTube and Articles on Google… it is Images that they use on Pinterest.

So you can start promoting your affiliate products on this platform and you will see a lot of positive changes.


3. Paid Ads:

Paid adverts are another awesome way through which you can get more traffic to your AliExpress Affiliate Products.

Many people. are scared of running paid advert to get more traffic to their website or store.

The truth is that paid adverts will continue to work wonders and with just an amount paid – you can easily get quick access to a lot of people.

When you pay a certain platform an amount to just get access to a wide number of their audience – you are easily minting cash.

You don’t have to stress yourself with looking for traffic or where to get visitors from.

A lot of people who are running paid adverts and are also making a lot of daily sales can attest to this.

Although, you will need to have a little bit of budget for you to successfully run this.

But it is always worth it and you can rest assured that you will make a lot of affiliate sales using this method.

You can easily explore a lot of social media and see the ones that have your audience congregating in them.

Look for the platform they are best available online and run your paid advert on that platform.

Pay them to let you have access to their audience and you will be given the “Key To Their Showroom”.


4. Social Media:

The term social media is not new to any online user who makes use of the internet all the time.

You will surely be available on a certain social media platform where you upload new pictures.

Or even if you are someone who doesn’t update new pictures like us – you will be there to consume content.

And this is another way in which you can promote your AliExpress Affiliate Links and Products.

You need to start being a producer of content on these social media platforms or whichever one you are best regular.

You should make sure that you are always posting content that other people will also consume.

And not just be online to read other people’s content all the time.

Even if it is 1 post per day – it will be 365 posts in a year from you.

Although, the consistency might be there – always make sure that you fix up for the days you missed.

So, social media is another way you can promote your affiliate links very well and it’s growing more popular.

So, start making use of social media.

READ MORE: 9 Affiliate Marketing Email Templates That Make Money. 


I believe this guide is helpful and impactful? If you have any questions concerning the AliExpress Affiliate program.

Don’t hesitate to hit the comment box below and also share this guide with friends.

See you around.



Best Top 5 Affiliate Directories | Plus Other Alternatives

Best Top 5 Affiliate Directories

Going online to search for Affiliate products that are profiting others can be tiring. That’s why Affiliate Directories are existing to make life easy Affiliate Programs, Product Launchers, and Affiliate Marketers.

Affiliate Directories make it easy for Affiliate programs to display their expertise and products displayed by several vendors in their niche.

It makes it easy for Product Launchers to quickly detect Affiliate Programs in their niche and sell their products on a particular profit-generating platform.

It also makes life easy for Affiliate publishers to get products they can promote to the audience in their niche without being the owner of the products.

These are exactly the services that Affiliate Directories offers in the Affiliate Marketplace.

It’s like the headquarters of Affiliate activities even before a prospect clicks on an affiliate link.

So, before an affiliate publisher gets access to an affiliate link.

It’s able to come into existence because of the services of AFFILIATE DIRECTORIES.

Now, there’s something you have to know before we go deeper into what you’re here for.

The recommendations I’m making here might not be active in 10 years.

Who knows maybe some of the Affiliate Directories listed might not be active next year or five years.

Because it’s really common. Some Directories have been active in the past before this guide and they’re no more today.

So, aside from listing out the Affiliate Directories you can join and display your Affiliate programs or go in search of promotion.

I will give you another alternative to display your Affiliate programs without ever losing out of options on the best way to promote your new program.

Also, if you’re a product launcher… I will give you an alternative that you can also use to get Affiliate Programs for your new launch.

Before we process, let me explain what Affiliate Directories Means.

What Are Affiliate Directories?

Affiliate Directories are online websites where Affiliate programs can display their services for product launchers to find which niche…

…they can display their products and also for Affiliate marketers to know where they can find products to promote.

List Of Affiliate Program Finders.

There are several Affiliate Program Finders out there that top affiliate marketers are using to grow success in their Affiliate Marketplace.

And today we’re going to talk about the best Affiliate Directory websites.


This Affiliate Directory was Launched as far back as 2004 and they are still in existence the time of me writing this guide.

This makes them trustworthy and can still be relied on for a longer period.

With their over 16 years plus in the field of Affiliate Directories.

It’s easy for any Affiliate Marketer or Product launcher to find and compare the best growing Affiliate programs in

their niche and plug their socket into their system for a business boom.

Some of the business categories you will find in this directory includes

Affiliate Networks, Ad Networks, Datafeeds, Pay Per Lead, Residual Income, And Others.

If you’re also a site owner who owns an affiliate program and you’re looking for a secured platform hat can grow your Affiliate Marketing business even without your presence.

Then you can upload them on this Website because they’re your go-to person in the field of Affiliate Directory.

Also on this website, you will find some helpful articles that can help you in your field and make you learn more about new strategies.

Articles categorized in this Affiliate program Directory includes:

Affiliate Marketing, Business, SEO & Promotion, Ecommerce, Working At Home Marketing, Sales, Web Designing, Webmasters, Hosting, Affiliate Glossary, Other Articles.



I’ve once heard about the existence of this Affiliate Program Directory even before knowing the function of Affiliate Directories.

AWIN had 20 years of experience in their field and they will be categorized 2nd in this listing.

They have a global community that is equipped with technology updates, business intelligence, and people who are professionals and experts in their field of expertise.

If you need different services, tools, and partners for a project you’re just founding or the existing one.

You’re assured to find a helping hand in AWIN and get a solution to your problems.

AWIN is the platform for everyday growth and solutions for your Affiliate business.

They have over 211,000 contributing publishers and 15,200 advertisers as of this day… Who is contributing towards the success of many other Affiliate Businesses on this website?

They connect Business with millions of customers around the world in the telecommunication, finance, travels, and tourist areas.

AWIN is a partner of Axel Springer and United Groups.

Also with ShareASale and Commission Factory.

This tells you how trustworthy this Affiliate Directory is. AWIN has 15 offices worldwide that perform the smooth functioning of this brand.

AWIN publishers and advertisers are generating a lot of revenue that will WOW anybody.

Try them out and see for yourself.



If you’ve been finding it difficult for a long time how you can grow a successful Affiliate Marketing business.

Then, CLICKSURE is your helping hand.

They will make you make the perfect decision in your marketplace.

They are perfect for Newbies or intermediate or expert marketers who are confused as to which Affiliate program can suit them well.

By guiding you through which one can help you scale through.

Clicksure has arranged an explanatory list of the most successful Affiliate Programs on the internet.

From health, Marketing, business, forex, cryptocurrency, betting, entertainment, and others.

The easy browsing interface of Clicksure can make you expand your knowledge in the Affiliate Marketing Industry.

You will also be able to ask some right questions that can help you and

guide you towards your way to earning high Revenue without being charged.

Clicksure is just like other recommendations I made in this article.

They will never make you sign-up for programs that won’t correlate with your needs just to exploit you.

They’re very transparent and trustworthy in their dealings.

Even though it’s kinda a new directory… They’re one of the best Affiliate Directories out there.



Just like other directories listed in this article.

100 best Affiliate programs don’t charge their users any money for having access to their Affiliate Directory and other information on their website.

They have tutorials that will how to do internet marketing even if you’re a newbie or Beginner Affiliate.

This site helps Affiliate management Brand like internet based Businesses to review their Affiliate management software and commence their Affiliate program.

Once you have your website set up and fully ready to earn online.

You can just go to this website and compare and search for Affiliate programs that can make you money in your niche.

You will be placed with a tracking ID that is dedicated to you.

With their 6 years and counting as an internet scholar.

They are uncovering the source of making wealth on the internet.

Also, they are working hard towards making life easy for many Internet marketers by living a financially free life.

There are many resources on this platform that can help new affiliate marketers skyrocket their business.

Also, their platform can help intermediate marketers to launch a successful affiliate program and make the most use of their website.

This directory is what you should check out if you need where to list your program/s.



If you’re looking for one of the oldest and still functioning directories on this planet Earth.

Oh… Lemme say. On this internet planet. Haha…

Well, the Affiliate guide is the one.

They have been in existence since 1998 (Wow!)… And they’re still existing up until the time of writing this article.

This directory is part of the Main Pty Limited Group.

They have become one of the most popular web directories on the internet.

This platform is available for Affiliate programs from countries like Australia, Canada, India, and the UK.

This platform is even suitable for listing an affiliate program because you can easily advertise your program through/on this platform to reach more audiences.

They also provide consulting, management, and marketing services for Affiliate programs for the smooth running of an online business.

Here is the list of Affiliate services and pieces of information that you can catapult from this website directory.

Affiliate Directory, Affiliate Management, Adult, Art, Autos, Bitcoin, Books, Cards, Classifieds, Clothing, Computers, COVID-19
Credit Card, Education, Fitness, Flowers, Food & Wine, Fundraising, Gambling, Games, Health, Herbal, Home Business, Insurance, Internet TV & Video, Jewelry, Legal, Magazines, Marketing, Matchmaking, Miscellaneous, Mobile, Money & Finance, Music, Pay per Install, Pharmacy, Perfume, Poker, Real Estate, Residual Income, Retail & Malls, Search PPC & SEO, Security, Software, Sports, Supplements, Surveys, Telephone, Tickets, Travel, Web, Web Hosting.

Try out the Affiliate Guide Directory and see how good they are in solving your Affiliate marketing problems.

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Many Affiliate Programs out there didn’t bother to join any Affiliate Directories from the onset.

Because what’s the benefit of joining one now and you’re not sure if they will be in existence 5 years later.

Also, why depend on something that’s kinda looking more obsolete.

Why can’t one just find other means to display your Affiliate program and get tons of new and existing product launchers to bombard your newly founded Affiliate program.

Best Top 5 Affiliate Directories

Affiliate Directory. Photo credit: Pixabay

Let’s discuss the ways to promote your affiliate programs even if you can’t find suitable Affiliate Directories in the future.


1. Using Influencers In Your Niche:

The main reason why you are displaying your Affiliate programs on Directories is to get Affiliate Publishers…

… and Launchers to found your platform and promote products on your platform.

But do you think people now have time to go in search of programs or networks to join on directories when they’re easily influenced through their social media?

As an internet marketer in the internet marketing niche… I didn’t bother to go directories to get affiliate programs to join.

Just from the top marketers, I follow in my niche, I was influenced and got exposed to the programs I joined today.

I knew ClickBanks from influencers in my niche.

So, don’t you think this method will favor you a lot?

Whichever niche you are… You can just find an influencer that can help you promote your affiliate programs and you’re sure to have tons of product launchers who will display their products on your platform.

Now, I know the questions you’re asking me now is how you can get them to promote your Affiliate program.

First, if you have a budget – you can pay them to help you promote your program to their Audience.

This is a fast means because money is involved and who doesn’t like money.

Another means/ slow method is working for them (A top influencer around your marketplace).

You have to be their follower and let them notice you.

From there you can assist them and help them solve a problem they are wishing to get.

You have to know that, they have money and can outsource to anybody and pay.

But we all like free things… So, this is the opportunity you have to penetrate their audience.

This will take a while and it’s not easy and fast. But it’s worth it at last.


2. Running Paid Ads:

This also involves money, but it’s very well worth it also.

You can just set aside a budget and run paid ads. It can be social media ads or SEO ads.

Whichever one is cool. But I will advise that you go with SEO ads and

Target Product launchers who are searching for programs like Clickbanks or CJ Affiliates.

So, once they search… Your program can just pop-up and entice them with your ad copy.

This is very much cool, unlike social media ads that might take a while before you start seeing a result.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it… Always TEST! TEST!! & TEST!!!

You can also try other paid ad methods.

But I prefer SEO because it’s more targeted and you can get it straightened to your ideal prospect.

Also, you can outsource this task to someone who can run paid ads so that you can focus your attention on other important tasks.

You only have to give it all it takes to make it successful.

Adding this method to the first method will give you a good and befitting result with your Affiliate Programs.


3. Using YouTube Approach:

There are millions of YouTube channels out there and hundred to thousands of successful ones.

You only have to make parole with them and get them to feel your new idea.

You can partner with them and let them know the quality your new program has over others.

They will even be the ones to become your brand advocate and also introduce it to other YouTube channel owners in your industry.

It’s another means to get a public eye on the internet.


How to Find Affiliate Programs To Launch Your Product As A Product Launcher.


1. Groups & Forums:

You can easily go to groups and forums in your niche and see what people are talking about.

What I do most of the time when I’m in a group. For example Facebook.

I will enter the group and become a member and now go to the search bar inside the group and type a keyword of what I’m looking for.

You can also use this method. What you will notice is that posts related to what you typed in the search bar will be shown to you.

And it will be filtered based on date.

This means you will see suggested posts that are just published 2 hours ago Or 1 day ago.

If you’re asking how to do this.

You will just join a group in your niche.

Go to the search bar of the group and type “{Niche} Affiliate Programs”.

If you’re in the internet marketing niche… You can just type “internet marketing Affiliate Programs” and you will get some suggestions.

Please note: I didn’t approve this… It’s base on the group and forums you join and how people are truly engaging in the group.


2. Google SEO:

Another method you can use is Google SEO.

You can use the search box to find a relevant niche for your product.

But you’re not going to search like the normal way you search.

Instead of putting Internet Making Affiliate Program.

You should put “Internet Marketing Affiliate Program

Put it in quotes so that Google can give you the specific programs for your niche.

It works well.


A Wrap-Up on Best Affiliate Directories.

I believe you’ve been able to get some ideas concerning which directory you can use.

Also, I believe I’ve been able to give you some other ideas that you can use without the need for Affiliate Directories.

If you have any questions that you’d like to ask. Drop them in the comment box.

Also, if there’s any contribution or an affiliate directory that you think I should have included in this article.

Kindly drop the name in the comment box and I will check it out to see if it’s relevant for other readers to enjoy many benefits from.

I will see you around in other articles.