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AliExpress Affiliate | Make $4000 from AliExpress Affiliate Program

AliExpress Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is the bedroom business that has turned many people from nothing to something and the AliExpress Affiliate Program is not exceptional.

AliExpress is an e-commerce store with over 90 million products displayed on the website.

Many online traders display their products on this store and even top manufacturing firms make use of this platform to get customers for their products.

So, this is a great opportunity for any internet marketer who is wise enough to sell products without having to produce your product.

All you have to do is to grab your Affiliate link from the AliExpress Affiliate Program and send it to friends to buy through your link.

Immediately they purchase through your affiliate link. You will earn a commission which you can later withdraw into your bank account or make an online purchase.

Below Are The Things We Will Be Discussing In This Guide;

Let us look at what AliExpress Affiliate represents.

What Is AliExpress Affiliate?

What Is AliExpress Affiliate?

AliExpress Affiliate is a program that is created to make sales transactions persistent on the platform and for mutual benefit.

This definition might look strange to you because it’s not what you expect me to write or maybe it’s not what you read on other blogs.

But you have to know that the introduction of the Affiliate program by AliExpress has made selling more common.

The reason is that many online marketers are not into trading and those who don’t even have the capital to start their online store…

…are making sales by selling other people’s products. This makes money for the Affiliate marketer. It makes money for the trader who owns the goods sold and it also makes money for AliExpress themselves.

So, you see that everywhere is a sauce and all got served? Right!?

But because you are here maybe as an affiliate who wants to promote the AliExpress Affiliate program.

Let us look at the commission rate of AliExpress Affiliate and how you can join the AliExpress Affiliate program.


How To Register On AliExpress Affiliate Program

How To Register On AliExpress Affiliate Program

AliExpress Affiliate

Registration on the AliExpress Affiliate portal is very straightforward.

You can click here to go straight into their portal and register your account.

It’s pretty straightforward and all you have to do is fill a short form about yourself and get registered.

Also, you have to wait for a while because their approval process does take 10 days and less.

Once you get approved… You can go ahead and start promoting your affiliate links.

Also, you can register your AliExpress Affiliate portal on CJ Affiliates.
It’s straightforward there.

You can decide to have an affiliate tracking ID which AliExpress allows their Affiliates.

These tracking ID will help you know where most of your traffics are coming from.

If you’re someone who uses several multiple channels to drive traffic. It will help you to know the specific one that drives traffic for you.

How To Register AliExpress Affiliate Program

AliExpress Affiliate commission Rate

AliExpress Affiliate commission Rate 

The commission rate of AliExpress Affiliate products ranges from 3% to 9%.

So, if you’re promoting any product on AliExpress, just know that’s within that range that you will be paid.

Why the hot products on AliExpress are 0%. So, if you promote such products. You won’t earn anything.

The Affiliate commission on AliExpress is capped at $50.

So, if you try as much as possible to make a customer purchase goods worth thousands of dollars.

Normally, your commission should be in hundreds of dollars.

AliExpress Affiliate will not pay you anything more than $50. That’s the highest amount you can earn up till now from one customer.

Also, once a customer makes a purchase – the order will get completed after 60 days from when the customer purchase purchased through your affiliate link.

That’s if a customer doesn’t ask for a refund. If they ask for a refund. You won’t get any commission.


AliExpress Affiliate Plugin



You can use the AliExpress Affiliate Program plugin on your website to make product posting very easy for you.

If you’re someone who is doing AliExpress dropshipping. Then, this tool is a must-have for you.

It’s called AliPlugin and it’s a very useful plugin that helps Affiliate import AliExpress products and displays on your website.

AliExpress Affiliate Plugin 

It also makes creating Affiliate links very easy for those using their website to promote AliExpress Affiliate Products.

Although it’s not free… The plugin license costs $69 [One-time fee] on the plugin store.

You can decide to get one for your website and start enjoying the easy AliExpress product display on your website.

Instead of taking 10 days to post 50 products. It can help you do that in 1 day.


Since we are done with that. Let us look at AliExpress Affiliate Vs Amazon Affiliate.


AliExpress Affiliate VS Amazon Affiliate

AliExpress Affiliate VS Amazon Affiliate

  1. Affiliate Approval
  2. Delivery Time
  3. Traffic Limitation
  4. Shipping
  5. Cookies
  6. Trust Level


1. Affiliate Approval:

The affiliate approval process and period for the AliExpress program are different from that of the Amazon program.

It takes 10 days or Less for your Affiliate approval to be accepted on AliExpress.

It shows that AliExpress involves tons of scrutinizing before deciding to accept an affiliate approval.

While Approval on Amazon Associates Program is just within 12/24 hours.

I can say it’s instantly if you have your website or blog already input in the form that you fill.

The Amazon program always requires that its users receive a call from one of their representatives to get their Affiliate ID ready.

Just make sure to fill in all the necessary details being asked and make sure it’s correct.

Also, unlike AliExpress – Amazon always gives their new Affiliates the grace period of 180 days and see if they can bring in 3 sales within that period.

If the Affiliate couldn’t bring in 3 sales within 180 days. The account will be closed and the Affiliate ID won’t function anymore.

I think this is why AliExpress is still more favorable in this aspect because it doesn’t close its Affiliate account.

What about if after one registers his or her Affiliate account and something happens during the 180 days time frame?

That means that the account will be closed by Amazon. Also, some Affiliates might be new to the e-commerce Affiliate niche.

And they don’t know how to get clients and are still in the learning phase. It means they will need to create another account.


2. Delivery Time:

The delivery time of AliExpress merchants is somehow slow when being shipped to other countries.

Even though AliExpress strives towards making sure that they deliver at the best and fastest time to their customers.

It also takes a while the most time when it comes to delivery. You might wonder if it wouldn’t affect you much as an affiliate.

But if a refund is being asked by the customer. You lose money. So, if you’re still happy that you got a sales alert from your AliExpress Affiliate program.

Don’t be surprised when you see a redraw after several days just because the merchant couldn’t deliver on time.

While Amazon’s delivery is very intact and fast. Even with their Amazon Prime feature. It makes Affiliate selling more reliable.

If you make an affiliate sale on Amazon… You are more confident enough to celebrate your win with a beer or burger as you like.

That’s why most e-commerce Affiliate goes for Amazon because they are reliable when it comes to delivery.

Also, customers believe that they will deliver on time. That’s why if you check Amazon reviews.

You will see that most of the customers always give a positive review about their delivery.

The only complaint you might see is if the product got damaged or it’s not up to what they expected.

But it’s rare to see damaged goods when Amazon delivers. They always make sure that their delivery process is superb.


3. Traffic Limitation:

The traffic limitation in Amazon is too much. There is some platform where you cannot just place your Amazon Affiliate links.

You will get your Amazon account blocked and this can get one to discourage you from doing Affiliate Marketing.

Unlike other Affiliate platforms that allow inputting their Affiliate link even in email.

This is for those doing Affiliate Email Marketing. Amazon doesn’t approve of getting link traffic from email.

So, their Affiliate policy is very strict concerning where one can get traffic from.

While AliExpress doesn’t have a strict policy with their Affiliate link.

That’s why they take their time to review your Affiliate approval and do all the necessary things before approving you.

So, you can decide to share your Affiliate link on another platform and drive traffic.

You can decide to use email marketing for your traffic and other traffic source and nobody will block your account.

It doesn’t mean that you should now spam their link anywhere. But their policy is easier than Amazon Associates.


4. Shipping:

AliExpress doesn’t have any boundaries and can ship anywhere in the world.

Their delivery service gets to every part of the world and it’s a worldwide delivery team.

There’s no limitation of whether a product cannot be shipped to your country.

It will be shipped if you can pay for the delivery. So, you enjoy a lot of delivery Benefits.

Because this means that if you promote an AliExpress Affiliate product may be on your website or anywhere.

And someone clicks on it… You’re sure to earn a commission because AliExpress can deliver to that person.

Unlike Amazon, there are some products on Amazon that cannot be delivered to some countries.

Amazon has limitations as to which country they can deliver their product to.

Maybe that is why their delivery service is always very fast while AliExpress might experience some glitches.

But if you promote an affiliate product and after the visitor clicks on the link. The Visitor lands on the product page through your Affiliate link and sees that the product cannot be shipped to his location.

That’s a big loss for you. Most times when the visitor’s country is not supported for that country.

They will be redirected to another page that’s written in another language.

This is a big loss for you. So, the shipping limitation is another reason why Affiliates prefer AliExpress to Amazon.


5. Cookie:

Oh yes… The cookie of AliExpress can last for 30 days. Although sometimes it does change it’s majorly 30 days.

This means that if someone clicks on your Affiliate link and lands on the product page.

But maybe something happens which is normal. The majority of those who click through your Affiliate link will not buy.

So, if they click through it and don’t buy immediately. You rest assured that if they buy within the next 29 days.

You will still earn from their purchase. Some might like to buy but they don’t have cash with them at that time.

So, they decide to buy it a few days later. You will still earn from their purchase.

But unlike Amazon… It’s just a 24 hours cookie.

If the visitor doesn’t buy within 24 hours from when they click through your link.

You lose the Affiliate sale. So, maybe the visitor doesn’t have money instantly and decides to buy 2 days.

You won’t earn anymore because the Amazon Associates cookie has been cleansed from their browser.

So, it’s more like a sales loss.

This is what you should have in mind concerning AliExpress Affiliate Program and Amazon Affiliate program.


6. Trust Level:

People tend to trust Amazon more easily than AliExpress.

If you have a blogging website that reviews AliExpress products. You might find it hard to make enough money because the majority of your Google visitors will be from the USA.

So, if they click on your Affiliate link and land on AliExpress. They won’t trust it and won’t buy it.

The highest percentage will not buy because they have the feeling that Chinese Products are bad.

In which, 95% of the products in the world are China products. So that feeling will make them not to buy except if your visitors are from Asian Countries, Russia.

Compare to Amazon.

You are sure to get and make enough profit from Google traffic because the majority of the USA citizens are aware of Amazon.

And they also trust Amazon as a brand for safe transactions.

In general, the trust Level of Amazon is higher than that of AliExpress.

People trust to transact business on Amazon than AliExpress because the majority of those who trust Amazon are from Tier 1 countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia.


AliExpress Affiliate vs Dropshipping

AliExpress Affiliate vs Dropshipping

Many people have been wondering for a while whether to do the AliExpress dropshipping or the Affiliate aspect.

But we are going to look at the difference between dropshipping and Affiliate in this section.

  1.  Website Requirement
  2.  Customer Complaints
  3.  Commission Rate
  4.  Effort
  5.  Traffic cost
  6.  Transit Issues


1. Website Requirement:

When doing dropshipping, you will need to have a website before you can run a successful AliExpress Dropshipping store.

A website should be the first requirement in your business plan because that is where you will write every possible review about the product niche you are promoting.

Also, when you run adverts… It has to drive people to your product page/s where people will make a purchase and expect delivery.

Since dropshipping is done on your website and all the business transactions are on your website.

You need a website.

While AliExpress Affiliate doesn’t require you to have a website. All you need is to generate your affiliate link and paste it anywhere on the web.

You can decide to open a YouTube channel for FREE and review products in your niche.

Immediately after your review which wouldn’t take you up to 2 hours to record.

You will just direct them to click on the link (Your Affiliate link) below the description to make their purchase.

Also, you can just decide to post a review to your email subscribers and Text-link it in the email.

Can you see that you don’t necessarily need a website for this to work?

And if you require a page for some AliExpress Affiliate products. You can just use to build a landing page.

This is the reason why Affiliate Marketing is very easy.

Because once they click on the link… They will be redirected to the product description that will teach them more about the product.

So, there’s no stress from you than to get customers which is also needed in Dropshipping.


2. Customer Complaints:

If you’re not patient enough. You might have hypertension from the frustration you will experience from some customers.

This happens a lot when the product is not being delivered at the stipulated time.

If the customer is from a far country and not within or around the Asian Continent.

It can take a while before the product will be delivered and just as I said earlier in the difference between AliExpress and Amazon Affiliate Program.

The delivery service of AliExpress does take a while because they deliver to every country around the world.

Unlike Amazon that is limited to some specific countries.

So, some customers will complain to you about not getting their products on time.

And because you’re the one that they paid to. They believe you’re the owner of the product/s.

So, you will also be transferring aggression on the merchant and everything turns difficult.

So, you will have to keep waiting because there is nothing you can do. You don’t control the flow.

You can only bring customers which you have done. But you can’t control what time the product will be delivered.

But Affiliate doesn’t lead to frustration because they will be buying directly from the merchant’s platform.

All you have to do is to send customers and once they pass through your link. You get paid.

Either they deliver on time or not – it’s not your problem. The customers will only be complaining to the merchant and not you.

You only recommended a product and not that you’re the seller. So, you’re on a more relaxed side.


3. Commission Rate:

The money you will earn within 3 months of driving the quantity of traffic to a dropshipping store is far more enormous than an Affiliate link.

What I am trying to say is that, if you run an advert to your dropshipping store with 1000 Visitors.

You’re sure to earn more because you build the website yourself and you write the content based on how best you feel they will enjoy the product.

Although this can be possible only if you have good copywriting skills.

But another reason why you will earn more is because of the commission that you will place on the product.

If a product is worth only $20 on AliExpress. You can decide to resell it for $50/more on your website.

That’s a gain of $30 right?

That’s why marketers are turning millionaires easily with AliExpress dropshipping.

It’s because of the commission and because it’s their website. They are free to increase the price and get the customer to make the purchase.

But in Affiliate. You will only rely on the commission that you will earn from selling a product.

This means if you sold the same $20 AliExpress product and the commission is just 8% at most.

You will only earn $1.6 for the sale of that product.

Compare it to the gain that a dropshipper made from the sale of that same product.

So, you can see that the Commission rate is too enormous that you won’t care about other barriers that made Dropshipping very scare to invest in compared to Affiliate.


4. Effort:

Dropshipping requires a lot of effort from its owner. You will have to take it as a full-time business and not just a regular hustle except if you have a team that helps you to work.

Because you will need to keep uploading and updating more products on your website every day.

You will have to write product copy that will convert your visitors and turn them into buyers.

These are the things that are important for you to know. You need to invest a lot of effort into making it successful.

You also have to see dropshipping as a business. Seeing it as a side hustle will not favor you.

While Affiliate doesn’t require much effort. Although, if you want to go the extra mile and make it a business.

It’s cool and it’s for your Benefit. But you can just do it as a side hustle.

Some Marketers are only sharing daily tips on their social media pages.

Some review products on Amazon just for fun. It doesn’t require much energy.

They can be on their way to the supermarket and just decide to record a video on YouTube… Talking about a certain Affiliate product.

And after talking… They will include their Affiliate link in the description of the video.

Do you see how easy it is? Some people will even sell high ticket products to a retired nurse and all they need is just send their Affiliate link to the nurse.

It’s majorly common with those selling coaching programs.

So, this is how easy Affiliate is.


5. Traffic Cost:

The traffic cost in running a successful dropshipping business is a little bit high.

You need to have a budget to start your dropshipping business and should have expertise in running ads.

If you’re someone who doesn’t know how to run ads. You will need to learn it before you can start our dropshipping store.

Although, you can also do SEO. Like talking about a low competitive keyword in a website and link to your dropshipping store.

But will take a lot of effort to be running two websites at the same time.

Also, even if you’re going to use one website for the content and dropshipping.

It will still become very difficult.

But with Affiliate Marketing, you don’t necessarily need a huge traffic cost.

You can decide to use social media groups and forums to promote your Affiliate link.

It’s just that most groups and forums don’t accept affiliate links directly.

So, you can build a bridge page on Google site and send your traffic to that bridge page containing your Affiliate link.

So, Affiliate Marketing is less expensive to start. Even by providing value on your social media page.

You can get Affiliate sales compared to dropshipping.


6. Transit Issues:

Sometimes, some AliExpress products can have issues in transit.

Something might happen to the product when it’s being conveyed to the buyer who bought it on your dropshipping store or your Affiliate link.

But if you are doing Affiliate Marketing, nothing concerns you about that.

It’s a war between the buyer and the merchant and it’s less of your trouble because you only made a recommendation.

But with Dropshipping store… It’s your concern. Because they bought directly from your store.

So, if the merchant you send the order to and bought from sends the good but has a problem in transit.

It’s on you and if they request a refund… It’s also on you and it’s your concern.

So, that’s about the dropshipping and Affiliate differences in this section.


How To Promote AliExpress Affiliate Products

How To Promote Aliexpress Affiliate Products

This guide will not be complete if we don’t look at some of the ways through which you can promote the AliExpress Affiliate Program.

This way, you can easily flow more and know what to do to also make a lot of money from this affiliate program.

I like something unique and spectacular and because of that – I will give you 4 tips that you can use to promote your AliExpress affiliate Products today.

  1. Blog Content
  2. Pinterest Pins.
  3. Paid Ads.
  4. Social Media.


1. Blog Content:

The first way through which you can promote AliExpress Affiliate products easily is by writing blog content on your website.

Setting up a new website is now easy as there are a lot of tutorials online that will easily teach you how to use WordPress to set up an E-commerce website for you.

And the amazing thing is that – this won’t take you up to 1 week to learn and start implementing.

If you already know WordPress before – then it can take you up to 2 days to set up.

Everything about setting up is not that hard as you might be thinking maybe it is.

So, creating several posts that are reviewing the Affiliate products is one of the best ways that you can promote your AliExpress Affiliate Links.

Now, it might take a little while before this content will start ranking – but once it does – that is huge money for you.

You will start getting juice and favor from Google and they will keep showing you with daily sales.

So, you must have a website where you upload content and optimize it for search engine ranking.


2. Pinterest Pins:

(Let the drum roll) I can’t believe that many people still don’t know the advantages they are missing just from not making use of Pinterest.

Pinterest is more like a Search Engine Optimization platform where many people go to search for keywords.

If you are now focused on selling female products rather than male products – it will also favor your more.

Since the majority of those who are on Pinterest are mostly females that come online to search.

But you need to start considering this platform because it has made a lot of marketers millions.

It has given them traffic just from little effort that they don’t even put the mind into that much.

Unlike Google where you will write content and post – you will need to be creating graphics on Pinterest.

And it is these Graphics that you will Pin on your Pinterest board for people to see and link it for people to click.

You can easily make use of a graphics design tool like CANVA to be designing your graphics.

Mind you – these graphics are called PINS.

Instead of Videos on YouTube and Articles on Google… it is Images that they use on Pinterest.

So you can start promoting your affiliate products on this platform and you will see a lot of positive changes.


3. Paid Ads:

Paid adverts are another awesome way through which you can get more traffic to your AliExpress Affiliate Products.

Many people. are scared of running paid advert to get more traffic to their website or store.

The truth is that paid adverts will continue to work wonders and with just an amount paid – you can easily get quick access to a lot of people.

When you pay a certain platform an amount to just get access to a wide number of their audience – you are easily minting cash.

You don’t have to stress yourself with looking for traffic or where to get visitors from.

A lot of people who are running paid adverts and are also making a lot of daily sales can attest to this.

Although, you will need to have a little bit of budget for you to successfully run this.

But it is always worth it and you can rest assured that you will make a lot of affiliate sales using this method.

You can easily explore a lot of social media and see the ones that have your audience congregating in them.

Look for the platform they are best available online and run your paid advert on that platform.

Pay them to let you have access to their audience and you will be given the “Key To Their Showroom”.


4. Social Media:

The term social media is not new to any online user who makes use of the internet all the time.

You will surely be available on a certain social media platform where you upload new pictures.

Or even if you are someone who doesn’t update new pictures like us – you will be there to consume content.

And this is another way in which you can promote your AliExpress Affiliate Links and Products.

You need to start being a producer of content on these social media platforms or whichever one you are best regular.

You should make sure that you are always posting content that other people will also consume.

And not just be online to read other people’s content all the time.

Even if it is 1 post per day – it will be 365 posts in a year from you.

Although, the consistency might be there – always make sure that you fix up for the days you missed.

So, social media is another way you can promote your affiliate links very well and it’s growing more popular.

So, start making use of social media.

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I believe this guide is helpful and impactful? If you have any questions concerning the AliExpress Affiliate program.

Don’t hesitate to hit the comment box below and also share this guide with friends.

See you around.

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