BJK University Review: 7 Unknown Facts

BJK University Review

In this guide, I will give my own BJK University Review Owned by Bashar J. Katou. 

This course is more like several other Amazon FBA adverts that claim to give financial stability without stress.

The main question is, are they really legit and is the business model they are promoting even that easy.

Amazon FBA is one of the business models that requires a little bit of online experience and also high capital.

Because this is you indirectly telling Amazon to take care of everything relating to handling a successful E-commerce store on your behalf.

They will be the ones to store your products, collect your orders, handle the payment,

…send the products, make sure your products are safe, and several others.

So, you need enough capital for you to even start this type of business.

And what you have to know is that the competitive rate of sellers on Amazon is very high.

There are over millions of online merchants on Amazon.

Both include those who are just there to display their products using Amazon as a store.

Those doing Private Label Dropshipping and also those who are doing the Amazon FBA that Bashar claims to teach.

I just feel like I should give you a little bit of the framework on what you are about to get into.

Let us look at some of the things that this course entails and what the dude is up to.

course logo

  • Course Owner: Bashar J. Katou
  • Course Price: $5800
  • Niche: Amazon FBA
  • Recommended: Not Really


Who Is Bashar J. Katou?

Bashar J. Katou

Bashar is an Iraq-born man who is now fully based in the United States with his family.

He claimed to have lost his restaurant to a fire outbreak several years back before venturing into online marketing.

From his claim, it was after this fire outbreak that he realized that he had to hustle more for more.

Because if he doesn’t, then he would have to spend almost the rest of his years settling debts.

Even though we don’t know how Bashar was now able to raise himself and become a success story of others.

But what he is trying to say is the fact of not working 9-5.

But I am sure he would even do that Immediately he lost his restaurant (just like he claimed).

Bashar has millions of followers on his social media pages

…with his Instagram account having 1.7 million followers as at the time of writing this review.

Bashir Instagram Page

He also has a YouTube channel of 56.9k subscribers as of now. I am sure they will have increased when you are reading this.

BJK University Youtube Channel

But Bashar is a hardworking man who has been able to have a way for himself.

He is a value giver on his YouTube page and he earns from different sources even aside from Amazon FBA.


What Is BJK University All About?

Just like you might have noticed from my discussion.

Bashar J. Katou’s University course is focused on selling physical products on Amazon called Amazon FBA.

instagram page - bjk university

He claimed that the course uses a simple-to-follow approach to be able to make a fast gain on Amazon.

Even with the 3 minutes video, he uploaded on the sales page of the course.

He tried to get into people’s minds by showing nice buildings and telling people how many places he has traveled to.

That is another way to get into the mind of naive prospects who are also willing to travel around the world.

He recorded the video in a nice environment and claimed to just move to the place.

Well, based on the look of his followership. He must have been able to acquire such a beautiful place.

But I only see all that as a means to get into the head of people just so that they enroll for his course.

Amazon FBA is what the course is all about and he claims to teach you how to sell Generic and broad products.

He believes that way, you can keep making sales from several angles on Amazon.

And he also said to teach how you can rank your products on the top page of Amazon.

So that means, whenever someone searches for a product which you are selling.

Your product will be at the top for recommendations and also purchase.

Is it that easy? No, my friend. All that are just marketing gimmicks to get you into enrolling with your hard earned money.


Is BJK University A Scam or Legitimate Training

I have seen someone enroll for the course and quickly request a refund just because he doesn’t like the approach.

But I wouldn’t call the program a scam because he delivered the course to anybody who enrolled.

Had it been he didn’t deliver the course. Then we would have tagged the course a scam.

But the fact that he gives out the course after payment. Then, that is enough to be proud of by him.

Although, there are a lot of things to be considered in the sales approval of the course.

The first is the fake count down timer that is on the sales page of the course.

This is not my first, second, and third time checking that sales page, and the timer is always reading.

I will always meet 6 minutes there – I guess that’s what was set for my region.

Again, if I should check back a few days later. I will still meet the 6 minutes counting down again.

And telling me that there is a limited slot left and if I don’t take action – the opportunity will be over.

This is just one among several other marketing tricks to lure people into making a purchase immediately.

If he is not also all about the money. Why must he use such marketing tricks to lure people?

After all, it is their decision and their money. You do not have to control their emotions into making a purchase.

So what I can denote here is that even Bashar himself also relies on selling courses to make money.

In fact, the majority of this money should be coming from his sales funnel.

So, you should be very careful concerning this type of course that is all about giving fake scarcity.

Because they are only interested in your investing money and then use your payment as proof of hard work on their social media.


How Much Does It Cost To Join?

Joining this course or its program is not free and you will first pay $7 to get into the program.

I really don’t know why he does his program that way, but I am certain it is another marketing trick out there.

If you land on the guys’ sales page, you will see two links below the 3 minutes video at the top.

salespage preview of bjk

You click on the first one if you have money to invest in the program and you will be redirected to his sales page.

While you click on the second link if you don’t have money to spend presently and you will be redirected to his YouTube channel playlist.

This is another technique in marketing that this guy has and I rarely see such in my 5years of experience on the internet.


Although, you will be redirected to his sales page if you click on the first link.

Then you will first be welcomed with a checkout page of a $7 offer which you will pay to get into the program.

That is the low ticket offer which will be given to you.

Then after that, you get an upsell of $5800 which you will pay to join the actual program.

That is the price at the time of writing this guide. It might have increased or decreased when you get to know about it.

His technique is very well effective and the fact that he tries to take advantage of almost any prospect who lands on his sales page is cool.

So, that is the amount that is needed for you to join the program.

It is a $5800 high ticket program and you are only eligible for 3 days Monty back guarantee.

I mean, that is weird – so you have to quickly consume the program within 2 days to make your decision.

A course that doesn’t even give chance for students to breathe. Wow.


Is Amazon FBA A Real Opportunity?

The full meaning of Amazon FBA is Amazon Fulfilment By Amazon, just in case you don’t know.

And it is a system whereby you get a supplier for your products. Maybe in China for example.

Because that is where many people get their suppliers at cheap prices.

Let’s say, for example, you want to sell kids’ wears and you find a supplier in China maybe on 1688.

Then you will now register for Amazon FBA which will accept the products from China in Amazon Warehouse.

Then you will now open your store on Amazon and start listing the products.

And when any sales are being realized. Amazon will be the one doing the shipping and everything needed.

They will do all the clearing and forwarding to the customer and all you need do is to get your earning percentage.

Also, Amazon has their percentage which they will deduct from any of the orders.

It is really a great income opportunity and a business which you can focus and rely on.

But there are some things you have to know about the Amazon FBA before you should even consider joining.

These are the things that Amazon FBA courses like Bashar’s will not reveal to you.

All they will focus on is to sell their courses to you and post their new earnings on social media.

Below are the Truths About Amazon FBA. I have revealed Both positive and negative truths about it here.

1. It Entails Physical Products:

Amazon FBA is all about selling physical products on Amazon. This means your products will be displayed just like your E-commerce store.

Several companies make use of this approach to sell their products on Amazon.

And if you are even in a niche where there are several Affiliate Marketing promoting it.

You will be making some and more earnings just from selling that kind of product.

2. Requires High Capital:

Unlike other types of business. It requires a high capital for you to kickstart the business.

The reason is that you have to settle out several things.

It is Amazon that will help you in everything from warehousing, to ordering to delivering.

Also, you have to buy in a little bit of large quantity from the manufacturer (maybe in China or anywhere).

Then the manufacturer will send the products to the Amazon warehouse where proper handling will be in control.

And you know you have to pay Amazon for all these because they will be the ones doing everything for you.

Although there is money in this business but it is not just something that a newbie can do.

As someone who is broke and doesn’t even have the capital to even run paid adverts.

It will be a little difficult to kickstart a business like this.

3. It Has a High Conversion Rate Compared to Other Ecom Websites:

Even though this business can be run by someone rich in investment and expertise required

It converts better than a normal E-commerce store that you launched on WordPress.

The reason is that if your audience is majorly from the United States – which is where you have to target most.

You will realize that United States Residents are just too glued to amazon products.

They believe so much in Amazon products that any other stores that are not Amazon are scams or fake.

They believe Amazon sells the best products. So, if you send people to Amazon.

Your conversion rate will increase very well compared to an ordinary Ecom store.

If you send 200 people to your E-commerce store. You should thank God if you get 6 Sales.

But if you send people to your Amazon store. You can still make 20 sales or more from your adverts.

So, the conversion rate is high.

4. It Is Not Passive:

This type of business is never passive where you keep earning money even while you are sleeping.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean you have to stay up all night before you can make money.

But you have to run adverts for you to keep making sales consistently.

This is not a digital product where you can have a YouTube channel where you provide value.

And at the end of the day, you can see people click on your Udemy link and buy your video course.

These are physical products and you always have to run paid adverts.

You also have to monitor your adverts and see if it is working.

So, it is not a lifetime business that will keep making you millions forever without even working anymore.

Because you have a lot of new and old competitors that are working hard to also sell products.

Among them are Bashar’s students who just bought his expensive course.

5. Majorly 15% Only Make Up To $1million Majority Don’t Make Much:

In Amazon FBA, majorly 15% or even less is making up to $1million every year.

There are a lot of people that are already into this.

People are just out on the internet hustling day and night and even piggybacking their incomes into more adverts.

So, it’s difficult for one man who has been seeing sales to just call himself the boss and relax.

No, because others are also on the entrance looking for ways to get into the money building.

6. It’s Not a Get rich Quick Scheme:

This business is not a get-rich-quick scheme and will never be.

You first have to spend money and make several investments with a lot of ways to drive traffic.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business and it is always needed.

So, before you can even make back the money you have invested. You would have spent several months to years in it.

It doesn’t just work in a way where you register today and you just begin earning tomorrow.

You have to invest in a lot of things for you to start making money.

Also, you have to know that for people who registered for Bashar’s training of $5800.

With the amount, they will still spend to launch their store on Amazon and money for adverts.

They should be having close to $20,000 before they can call themselves profitable.

That is just how this works.


Pros and Cons of BJK University

Let us Immediately look at some of the pros and cons which can also be reasoned as the advantages and disadvantages of this program.


1. Supportive Community:

The program has a very good support system because of the community of others.

If you join the program, you will also be added to a community of people who would have also bought the course.

You can ask questions relating to Amazon FBA and also ask more things that concern you.

What you have to know is that it doesn’t mean that you will always get full answers to your questions.

But at least, you will just be in the same circle and group with Bashar and his team.

2. BJK Is A Value Giver:

Bashar J. Katou is a value giver on almost every platform that he is existing.

If you check his Instagram page and also his YouTube channel. You will always see him providing value.

He is always a value giver that tries as much as possible to find a solution to people’s problems online.

Even though everything still reverses back to his training which he wants people to purchase.

He is also doing something to build a large audience which he has.


1. 3-day Refund Policy (Too short):

The refund policy of this training is just too short for anyone who really cares about the safety of people.

Because I have not seen that kind of refund since I have been doing online business.

That means that the majority of those who bought the course will not be able to get a refund even if they decide to buy.

money back guarantee of bjk review

That’s the fact because it even takes some buyers weeks for them to complete a High Ticket training.

Except for a training that is few hours and people can quickly digest.

But for high ticket training. I feel 3 days money back guarantee is just a way to make people not ask for a refund.

2. Quite Expensive:

The course is quite expensive for a newbie to even survive.

Because you will still need to spend extra money to launch a profitable Amazon store.

So, to even survive in this type of business with the training and everything.

You will need to have a huge capital at hand aside from the money for the training.

So, this is not advantageous for a beginner who is even broke and looking for ways to make money.

3. Fake Timer:

If you check the sales page of the program. You will see a fake timer below the page.

This timer will always reload anytime you get back to the page.

It is just a way to give fake scarcity about the program and why one should join early.

You will see a process of “the program is only limited to a few numbers”.

Making you believe that if you don’t join now, you won’t be able to join again.

Another way to quickly get into the brain of prospects and rip them off their hard earned money.

4. It All Boils Down To Fake Gurus:

Everything still boils down to a fake guru that is also showing flashy things and making people buy their courses.

After all, that is how they also make money on the internet – majorly by selling their courses as products.

It took them several years before they can get success in their internet marketing business.

But they promise quick money for others by using fake scarcity that will compel people into buying.

So, it is important to be careful.


Final Verdict On This Training

I know you might be asking yourself whether is it okay for you to join this Bashar’s training or not.

Anyway, the ball is in your court. But I won’t recommend this course for someone broke.

Someone who is a beginner and is looking for a way to make and multiply their money.

Because you will be surprised that even after paying for the course. You will be left stranded as to what to do.

You need high capital for this and even his course is majorly on generic Amazon selling – which I don’t recommend.

So, be careful – or try and first check out free tutorials about Amazon on YouTube before considering paid programs.

If you enjoy this guide, you might want to read this review on why Affiliate Marketing Has a Negative Reputation and what you should be careful of.

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